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We are happy to announce... πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ #babywaddy #babywadsworth #freshlypicked #wtejuly2016 @freshlypicked

Be still my heart πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™ #LexKava #LincolnKatoa #wtejuly2013 #wtejuly2016

Can't wait to have a proper run again, but fresh air is always amazing πŸ˜‰#fitpregnancy #rockinthebump #runrestrepeat #wtejuly2016

Livvy is finally enjoying her swing! #LivvySue #LoveLiv #baby #wtejuly2016 #phillies

18 1/2 weeks with baby #4. It would look a bit smaller if I didn't have some extra pounds leftover from the twin pregnancy lol 😜 #18weekspregnant #wtejuly2016 #babybump #babynumber4

My mister sweet face makes all the late nights and early mornings worth it!πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™ #LincolnKatoa #wtejuly2016 #julybabies #6daysold

My amazing mom inlaw does so much for all of us. Baby B is very lucky to be coming into so much love❀️
#wtejuly2016 #babyshower

Babydolls 1/2 birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ#6months #dollbaby #perryrose #wtejuly2016 #littlelove πŸ’• @waddy351

Made it through my first night of taking care of Austin by myself. We stayed in the overnight suite in the Nicu. It also has a private bathroom/shower, and a tv & fridge. Also....my milk finally came in!!! I was pumping in the dark & watching Greys Anatomy, and all of a sudden my pump bottles were full! This mama is happy 😁 #nicu #momlife #baby #wtejuly2016 #breastmilk


Day 3 of our reading challenge and were reading Horton Hatches the Egg ☺️ While I love readying to my boys together, it's always nice having these kinds of one on one times with them. Time to bond and have Mommy and me time. Time where they don't have to share my attention and get me all to themselves πŸ’šπŸ“š #21dayreadaloud @read_aloud_15 #LincolnKatoa #julybabies2016 #wtejuly2016 #mommyandme #boymama

{Throwback Thursday}
I had a hard time nursing my oldest so this time I was determined to do whatever I needed to have this work for us. With the help and support of a lactation consultant, my husband and the Milky Mommas support group, I have SURPASSED my goal.
We nursed through a tongue tie that was revised but not until weeks later, having to supplement, changing my diet so my son could thrive. I've learned so much about the power of breastmilk over this past year and to see it work is truly amazing. I'm amazed at how G_d created us to be a nuturing creature AND provide our offspring with the absolute BEST. Everything our child needs nutritionally wise is in our MILK!
As I sit here and look back on these beautiful pictures that I was blessed to have done when Toa was 3 months old, I am so proud. These pictures also couldnt have come at a better time. This week (today being the last day) of national #blackbreastfeedingweek. I know some may wonder WHY we have a black breastfeeding week and why is sounds "devisive" but it isn't inteded for that reason at all!
This week was created to provide support and encourage other black women to breastfeed. Why, you make ask?! Reason being for that is, our race among ALL other races has THE LOWEST successful breastfeeding rates. HALF of our black babies are dying around the world! A lot see formula as the first and sometimes only option, but this week is to encourage and inspire others, to use what G_d gave you, if you can and NURSE YOUR BABIES! ❀️ Although we are in the midsts of weaning, I can't help but continue to be so thankful for each additional day. So many before me we're not able to do this very simple thing that we were meant to do!!! #happyblackbreastfeedingweek #13monthsstong #bbw #blackbreastfeedingweek #throwbackthursday #tbt #LincolnKatoa #JulyBabies2016 #wtejuly2016

In other news, how absolutely adorable is this little coconut of mine ☺️ #LincolnKatoa #ToaBear #wtejuly2016 #julybabies2016

How lucky am I that I get stare into these big, brown, beautiful peepers 😍 it's one of the many reasons I have loved our nursing journey so much. That one on one time. It's priceless.
I'm going to miss that when our journey comes to an end but I will always have these memories...... ......and the many pictures that I have taken β˜ΊοΈπŸ’š

Today these pix of me hapai with my boys both popped up on my timeline. I was about the same weeks along with my July babies and I just remember feeling so amazing in my skin. I LOVED being pregnant.
Every second of it was beautiful and now we have these 2 beautiful souls who in just 2 short weeks will be turning 4 and 1.

My heart is so full.

#mashaallah #boymama #fullheart #LexKava #LincolnKatoa #tbt #throwbackthursday #julybabies #wtejuly2013 #wtejuly2016

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