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I apologize for being late, here is my entry for @washu_takahashi #wtdance3
Song: The disappearance of Hatsune Miku
theme: change
for the theme of change I decided to go back to one of the first J-idols I started listening to, Hatsune Miku, and do some introspecting on how much my life has changed since. Overall I think I have become more willing to try new things. Back then I was always to shy to try anything because I was so afraid to embarrass myself. I have always been very clumsy and unconfident. Even though it has been a little, idols have really inspired me to change that aspect of myself. Even if I am not too good at something, I want to work hard and not give up on it because of fear of failure. Sometimes it may be tough, and I will cry, but as long as I keep trying I am bound to improve. Although Miku was the first J-idol I got into, I hadn't really tried dancing any Miku songs I really liked. I decided to change that and give it a try for once! Although messy, I really hope you enjoy my performance!
#vocaloid #dancecover #hatsunemiku #thedisappearanceofhatsunemiku

I'm so late😂 Must be the last person to submit my entry. I didn't know what song to do so I was really confused😭 BUT I made it in time and I'm glad! Read the youtube description please❤

Also please watch the youtube video, this is a mini clip, so I prefer you watching the official video, because clear & better quality and more judgment on my dance! Video link in my bio! ⭐DANCE⭐

#wtdance3 #odottemita #odorite #dance #dancecompetition #踊ってみた #躍り手 #hachiojip #vocaloid

I'm so late😂 Must be the last person to submit my entry. I didn't know what song to do so I was really confused😭 BUT I made it in time and I'm glad! Read the youtube description please❤

Video link in my bio!
#wtdance3 #odottemita #odorite #dance #dancecompetition

This dance was the first idol dance that learned which wasn't from love live. Now I'm learning more songs that aren't just love live. There are kpop and jpop along with other idol dances that in wanting to learn. #WTDance3 @washu_takahashi

Song- CHANGE!!!
Series- iDOLM@STER
Character- Hibiki Ganaha
Thank you to @sarawrra for filming and editing!
Here is my last minute entry for #WTDance3 ! I was inspired to make an entry after talking to the host. The theme, however, has been on mind since it was announced, it's change! Change has been happening a lot around me, both bad and good. From my multiple surgeries, to my recent deteriorating health leading to anemia, but good things like graduating high school and moving onto a new part of my life! Nevertheless, it has been stressful and new. A lot of this change has required me to do things new. I can't outright dance for a long time, it takes too much energy and leads to me being in pain and struggling. This has lead to me being unable to keep up with dance contests, but I wasn't going to let it end that way with this one. That doesn't mean I stop being an idol or give up, that's never the answer! Sometimes I want to stop, it becomes too much, but standing back up again makes it worth it. As I've learned to overcome these changes, my idol group has learned to grow with me as well. They know I can't do as much as I could, and they go slow if they need to. They're patient, so kind, so caring. Making sure I'm doing okay, making sure I eat. At one of our most recent lives I couldn't even walk afterwards. My girls helped me walk, got me water, and I couldn't of made it through without them.
Now this song is pretty literal, but it was the song that brought me into the idol world! It was /the/ first song I ever learned and it lead me to forming the group and bringing the /most/ happy change into my life. I got to meet my girls, begin to perform, and be as happy as ever despite the now negative changes. It isn't the most difficult or most "amazing" dance but it definitely means a lot to me!
Thus, change can be both good and bad, but we can overcome the bad and learn from it! It leads to the future which we can change for the better! If anyone struggles like I do, please don't stop, keep going, keep dancing!
Thank you @washu_takahashi for hosting and being so kind, and good luck to everyone! I love how everyone's entries mean something to them.

#wtdance3 🍄
Theme: Change
Song: CHANGE!!! X Skulls In The Stars
Group: The Idolmaster X Necronomidol
This is my "change":
💜 I started liking 2D idols with The Idolmaster, around 2010, and then started listening to real idols ~ like Necronomidol, one of the groups I started following recently!
💜 I have very different tastes ~ i like tons of different things, music genres and I always change my mind, but something will never change: my love for idols (and for my boyfriend, but for this contest it doesn't matter u.u")!
💜 I am very shy for some things and not for others... But when I was a child I hated dancing. I was (am?) chubby and clumsy, and dancing made me feel stupid because I wasn't cute and graceful like other girls... BUT AIDORUS CHANGED MY LIFE. I started dancing caraibic dances with my boyfriend few years before, but i still was scared by the idea of me dancing in front of someone.
When I started liking idols I also started recording dance covers on YT. I don't know why, I just wanted to show my love for idols ~ I didn't care if I wasn't good, I was just having fun! (o^^o)♪
I wrote a looooot... Well, I stopped recording dance covers because of school/university ~ and I restarted this year joining contests like this! I'm very happy! (灬ºωº灬)♩ #chubby #dance #wtdanceentry #dancing #coverdance #jpop #necronomidol #girl #idol #aidoru #masayumeberry #dancecontest #room #video #アイドル #fun #ダンス #change #ネクロ魔 #skullinthestars #idolmaster #imas #imasdance @washu_takahashi @risaki.kakizaki

● theme - change
◎ song - shangri la
* I thought I needed to grow up fast, but I'm told I should also act my age? I always kind of put up this facade that I'm fine, but I boiled up my feelings and decided deal with them alone. I've always had this conflict; "what do I need to change about myself to feel accepted?" Did I need to grow up fast in order to take care of more responsibilities or do I stay behind and feel like I'm lacking something? Towards the end of my KPop phase (I still listen to kpop occasionally, I just don't really keep up and follow groups avidly as I did before.) a group I always admired was Vixx. I loved how they were able to switch from one different concept to another so beautifully. It felt refreshing, you did not have to stick with the same thing forever. Even if it was just a bit, it gave me a little push to go forward. I don't have to settle down with a single resolve to end the rest; no matter how small that step is, I can change as I please and be happy with my choices in the end. Not my best cover, but it's certainly different from other dances I decided to learn.

I ALSO BROKE MY SECOND FAN WHILE TRYING TO OPEN IT AT THE END HAHAHA :') #ionlylipsyncedtoleospartihopethatwasok...hopefully #firstkpopdanceivedecidedtolearnrip #propstoeveryonewhocoverskpop #becauseimsupersweatyandoutofbreath #dancecover

[reuploaded for audio reasons. I tried to sync the music best as I could and hopefully IG won't mess it up again for anyone]
Tsukema Tsukeru cover by Rin Kagamine
Putting on sort of magic
Put on can-do attitude, and the world we can see may change🎶
I was honestly lost for a while on what song to choose but then I remembered this one and it was perfect.
This song is about how putting on false eyelashes helps girls (or anyone imo) to change and see the world in a different way. And while I may not wear falsies (my eyelashes already give me hell hah), for me it's my cosplay and Ren Faire outfits. Thoses the only time I'll wear skirts or long hair, and it's nice to kind of go out with a different persona once and a while. I'm hoping to take it further and get a job at the Renaissance festival this fall and do more cosplay that I really want to. This dance had a lot of fun parts, I almost wished we could do more than 1min haha.
🎶 Wide open eyed girl
Widely putting on falsies
put falsies on to make my eyes wide open
Falsies, falsies, putting on falsies,
Lovely one, I'm putting on falsies🎶

Okay so I looked at the theme and as much as change is a broad theme, picking just one song would also be difficult as well. I chose Like Ooh Ahh by TWICE, but what does that have to do with change?
ONCE (TWICE's Fandom) - When I started dancing I was alone but then I had a friend who would agree to dance with me making it TWICE. That changed my entire dancing experience and honestly made it much better as well. She always liked playing like Ooh ahh.I always went "Ooh ahh" at love live groups wishing I could be in one and dance with a group. TWICE has nine members so I'd like that to represent RainbowMuse (The Love live group I am currently in) and the members. RainbowMuse started abt a year ago and it was a change from "I want to make a love live group" to "I'm in a love live group". From going "Ooh ahh" to having a really great group of people in my life. It introduced me to a bunch of people I Rlly love (even tho I'm bad at expressing it). Rainbowmuse has had a big impact on me and a big change in my life as a Cosplayer/ at cons.
#wtdance3 @washu_takahashi

Smol note I started free styling for fun at like 2:30 So you don't need to count it lol

Okay this is my entry for round 3!!! So sorry for the really hecking bad sound??? I didn't have access to my computer to download the like, file, so if I can get it somehow I will and reupload but? I had to just record it with my phone like mic so rip :,) but anyhow, the theme is change!!! I chose my fave Aqours song to represent change. Why? Because Aqours itself was a change for me. A big one. I was so skeptical, I hated them for awhile. I missed muse, to me they were what tore muse away from us. But just like love live changed from muse to Aqours, I had a change of heart as well. They're not my favorites or anything, but they're keeping love live well, alive! They're working hard to follow after muse, and I think that's brave. They'll never hold that special place in my heart, but Aqours is special in its own way. They're continuing the legacy that muse began. (Ps I'm dancing you's part but I forgot my wig so I threw on a wig that looked like Ruby :3)
#WTDance3 @washu_takahashi

Love Novels - BiBi 💫 I picked Love Novels for the theme of change not really because of the song but because of the person who introduced me to idols all together! @king_sakura_princess introduced me and my sister to Love Live back in January 11th 2016 and suggested we all learn this song together making it the first dance I ever learned. I truly believe it was fate that I met them because of all the joy and happiness they bring to my life and the wonderful things they've introduced me to! If I never met them I'd probably never have come back to Instagram, I wouldn't have ever heard of Ensemble Stars and I wouldn't even be in this contest! So thank you @king_sakura_princess for coming into my life and giving me so many things to be happy about, including you! I love you and happy birthday! 🎉 #wtdance3 @cagedgalaxy is dancing with me again too. (I'm on the right dressed as Maki)

heres my entry for #wtdance3 !! i chose koi ni naritai aquarium because this rounds theme is change. this song has inspired a lot of change in my life! ive become a lot happier person ever since i started watching and playing love live, and this song was the first dance cover i ever posted! it took a lot of courage, but ever since i started dancing my life has changed for the better! this song is really special to me and i really love the dance (even if i almost fell a few times!), so to go full circle with the theme i wore the dress i wore when i first danced to it! here's hoping to getting into round 4, and good luck to everyone!! thank you for this wonderful opportunity! 💕💕(also sorry about the angle, it was the only place i could film outside!)

Here's "Kokoro no Tamago" by Buono! for #wtdance3 (had to pitch the audio cause of copyright 🙄)
The theme of this round was 💫Change💫 so I chose this dance since it's the first Shugo Chara op, an anime where people's innermost characteristics anthropomorphize, giving them the ability to change and be their true selves.
tbh though, Shugo Chara sort of marks the point in my life when I became invested in anime. It was around grade 5, and my older friends got me to read manga and watch anime. before then I was really just a bookworm and Pokemon nerd, but after their involvement I... well I was still those things but I also became that weird kid reading those "backwards books" and streaming crunchyroll during computer class. Like, I hope I'm not quite as cringey now, but without Shugo Chara and other series' that got me hooked at that time, I probably wouldn't have become who I am or made any of the friends I have today.
On a less sappy note, I tried to change some things presentation-wise. I threw on a pink wig I forgot I had to use for a casual Amu cosplay I guess?? (which I haven't really done yet in the competition) Also, until now in this contest I've just been recording in my house, so I dared into the outdoors, where the weather kept deciding to match the theme by alternating between rain and sunshine
#buono #dancecover #shugochara

💖Nico Puri!~💖
I had to get this done a little earlier for round 3 of @washu_takahashi 's contest #wtdance3 ! I know it's a little dark at first but,, just wait 👀
So I kinda went a little wild with the theme so I actually have 3 reasons for why I made this video lol! The theme was change, so first of all I chose a love Live song because so far I've only done kpop for this contest (which is weird for me bc I almost never do kpop)! I also chose to change outfits in the video just simply because I thought it was a cute addition to the theme of change! Plus who can resist Nico in a little bunny outfit singing "pyon pyoko pyon pyon" 😂🐰 The overall all reason for this choice of song though is because it was the song I used for the last time I got into round 3 of a contest! And that may sound like the opposite of the theme since I'm not changing the dance, but I think I personally have changed a lot since that first cover I did of Nico puri! I practice a lot more than I used to now and I feel like I've at least improved a little bit! I unfortunately don't have that older video but I wish I did so I could compare what has changed since then, but I at least wanted to hint at that video, so the bunny outfit in the second half of the video is the same exact outfit I wore in that first cover 💕 I didn't get through round 3 in that contest, and I might not for this contest either, but the important thing is that with each cover I record, I change! Maybe I just figure out that when I move a certain way it looks awkward, or I find a facial expression that looks cuter. It doesn't have to be a huge difference, improvement is improvement ❤️ Best of luck to all of the others who have made it to round 3, you're all going to do amazing and I can't wait to see how you bring this theme to life!
#cosplay #lovelive #nicoyazawa #cosplayer #llsif #nico #dancecover #nicopuri #nicoyazawacosplay #lovelivedance #nicocosplay #llsifcosplay #lovelivecosplay

Here is my entry for #wtdance3
I had a little trouble with the theme but my change for this is that I usually only learn dances doing full muse group songs but this is a sub unit song (the only sub unit song that I know by heart tbh❤️) Binetsu means a lot to me and so does Lily White so this song really inspires me too✨⭐️
I feel really confident dancing to this song as it is really upbeat and the dance is super cute💕🌸✨
Song- Binetsu Kara Mystery
Artist- Lily White (Rin, Nozomi, Umi)
#lovelive #lovelivecosplay #lilywhite #rinhoshizora #rinhoshizoracosplay #colorado #coloradocosplay #dance #cosplay

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