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You have a blown car, it’s summer and you like drag racing. You want to run fast, consistent and safe.
What do you do?
@fi_interchillers have the answer. Home of Australia’s fastest VF GTS, original 1900 blower, stock block, converter, box and diff. These guys know what works and consistency is key so if you can reduce or remove a variable then you can focus on driving the car and driving it fast.
We have been fitting these for some time now and people often ask us do they work and sometimes how they work.
Do they work? HARD YES!
Kim Smiths Manual VE Maloo S/ST drag car running a 1900 LSA blower had made a consistent 433rwkw on our Mainline dyno and was able to run faster in the cooler months than hotter weather. No surprise there but after we fitted the chiller and no other engine mods aside from replacing the pod filter and some careful recalibration of the IAT tables we finished with 478kw.
We also know that when Kim leaves the line at WSID on a 35 degree day if the IAT reads the same 8 degrees on the line as it does on the dyno then the engine has full potential.
With a previous PB of 11.6@121mph on a winters day we then fitted the Interchiller and hit the track in February on a 35 degree ambient day. Straight away we saw an 11.57@125.6mph which if you know drag racing is MPH enough for a 10 second pass.
Remember we did this in Summer!
A dyno is an essential tuning tool but it doesn’t allow simulation of track conditions. Having the Interchiller allows us to control the previously variable IAT and leave the line at the drag strip the same every single time.
Tuned by Streamline.
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It was free spectator entry for the first round, some of them even ventured out to have a look in the pit area. Smiles all round sitting on and starting the bikes. #suzuki #hayabusa #gen1 #dragbike #dragracing #dragracer #motorcycledragracing #fastbike #yeahbuddy #pickalane #letsrace #aussiegrudgebikes #kawasaki #zx10r #fastkids #forthefans #lol #aturacs #wsid @sydneydragway #shedbuiltracing

Good day yesterday our first 9 sec out off the car hope fully still more to come @shereeclarke @boskoracing_ @jake199o #wsid #foxbody #mustang #9seconds

Mỏi mệt quá!😞 KyungHo, #wsid 🙁

We offer the opportunity for colleges and professional teams to conduct their preparation for the upcoming season in Brazil, Spain, and the United States.
Since every team has different needs and goals in mind, we will listen to your objectives and wishes and will fully customize your tour based on your needs.
A customized itinerary will be created to balance team training, exhibition games, and sightseeing trips.
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In corporation with our clubs partners in Madrid, we offer teams a chance to compete at an international level in Spain.
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The aim of this program is to give teams a chance to compete at an international level while touring cities in Europe and South America. Our most popular and chosen tours are to Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. The program combines intensive training, competition against world renown youth clubs, and sightseeing.
Players benefit by gaining confidence, self-esteem, unforgettable memory, and cultural experience of which they will be proud for the rest of their lives.
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In corporation with partner clubs worldwide, we offer weekly summer training camps.
The International ID camp is an ideal program to prepare for club, high school or college season. Through this program, international players are given once in a lifetime opportunity as the clubs open their doors and allow campers to stay, practice, and play soccer.
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World Soccer ID has created a partnership with Elevation Preparatory Academy and FA Euro Soccer Academy to offer opportunities for international students to come and study at a high school in Florida while participating in a full-time soccer program. The goal of the program is to help student-athletes prepare for studies at a college or university in the United States while competing in soccer at the collegiate level.
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Our College ID Program provides an opportunity for soccer players ages 16-19 to study at a College or University in the United States while playing soccer on a college team.
Through our network of contacts in the world of college soccer, we guide international student-athletes in selecting the right school while securing an athletic scholarship based on playing ability.
If playing college in the U.S. is your dream, contact us www.worldsoccerid.com
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We provide talented players with an assistance to place them with professional clubs around the world.
Through our Complete Guidance Program, we not only secure players with professional try-outs, but we also help them prepare physically and mentally while matching them with our partners and staff worldwide.
We also provide visa, travel, and accommodation guidance.
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We offer variety of programs to help individual players and teams reach their full potential.
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