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Proud to fight for individuals who have stood up to unlawful conduct in the workplace.
#WrongfulTermination #Retaliation

Today opposing counsel sent over the discovery I requested in a 📦. It's going to be a long week. There are plenty of documents here to comb through.

A common misconception is that individuals working in an office setting (clerical workers, engineers, Silicon Valley tach gurus...) can not get hurt. People in these settings typically work 100% indoors (seating, and typing or engaged in some other tech behavior),which can lead to commonly seen "office injuries" (back and neck pains, vision strains, pain in the hands and wrists). Actually, falling down is one of the most common office accidents and office workers are 2.5 times more likely to suffer a disabling injury from a fall than non-office workers! Other injuries can result from lifting heavy objects, having stationery objects fall, or getting into an automobile accident when engaged in a work-related activity.
Go to www.ivakeel.com to learn more
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If you work in NY and are being sexually harassed on the job, it’s totally illegal even if you’re the only employee in the entire company. Make sure you document or record your opposition to the unwelcome objectification and don’t quit! Contact a NY-based employee rights lawyer to strategize how to hold your employer accountable. Don’t Quit. #sexualharassment #discrimination #NYSHRL #womensequalityact #dontquit #nyshumanrightslaw #wrongfultermination

Alright #nofilter #sweatysefietime I just finished up a set of #hardcorps22 cardio 1, for our online challenge group.. lol I was grateful it wasn't cardio 2! 🙌😂 Sooo, I'm not typically into taking the sweaty pictures, they are almost always less flattering.. 😏 Get ready to see some extra of these for a bit here though, there's a challenge afoot & I do dig a good challenge! 🙋🏼💪 This is a chance at a free certification class at our upcoming summit and some cool instructor duds. I'm down for the #sweatforsummit #sweepstakes 🤘🏼 @beachbodylive You would like to know my "WHY" & I totally get that. I don't want to waste your time or mine- I'll try to keep it a brief summary today. I can add on more reasons why on my next few submissions. 😊
First and foremost, I'm fierce and all about the follow through! I'm genuinely caring about people and 💗 helping others. To say I'm hard working might be a slight understatement. I'm a single mom of 2 that just uprooted my family to start over after a #wrongfultermination @ corporate job of almost 10 years. It was an extremely painful experience that still resonates. I am sincerely afraid to work for another job that I don't have a certain amount of control in, & I'm ok to struggle a little along the way. We have been working on a fixer upper home keeping the overhead low while I work my buns off to pursue and grow my dreams. I've been an online coach for 2 years now, & it all just started out as a hobby for me. I didn't look at it like a business, just wanted to help people! I knew I was going to keep going with new programs and freaking love what the #Shakeology does for me! 😘💪 I'm certified #proclub in #cizelive and #piyolive and have been a practicing instructor since January. I'm still an amateur at all this really, slowly but surely working towards that pro status though. It sure would be nice for ya'll to throw a gal a bone-us! 🙌😋 I would be grateful for some instructor duds but I would 😍😍😍 to get one more cert under my belt! It's a hard toss up but let's say #countryheatlive today. 🙏


Yep. The coworker falls into the #DACA category and was too scared to speak up. The patron offered cash (on the Bar) to go to his car for sexual favors. As she cried, I walked her over to manager and he did nothing. I had to throw the guys out and got a wine glass thrown at my face all while my manager stood behind and said nothing. I filed a complaint with our corporate office and they decided I had “cultural differences” and fired me. I do NOT have any regrets for standing up for her as I have been sexually assaulted by multiple family members. I was her voice and I am the voice for the voiceless! @thetastingroom it’s about time people know why I’m NOT at work anymore👍🏼 #metoo #wrongfultermination #fired #DACA #voiceforthevoiceless #houstontx #houston #tastingroom #uptown #lasco #boycott

What Is Wrongful Termination in California Anyway? 🤔

What is wrongful termination in California anyway? Today, we’re exploring what the state considers wrongful termination so you’re informed and prepared.💪

Click the link in our bio to learn more!

Do you think you have been wrongfully terminated from your employment?
Call the attorneys at SK Law for a free consultation! 📞 818-696-1330


You owe it to yourself and your coworkers to pay attention to wrongful termination cases. #wrongful #laborlaw #wrongfultermination #attorney #knowyourrights #dontsitby #worker #workerlaw #bademployer #coworker

Highlighted on the @chainlaw homepage are six current cases handled by Chain | Cohn | Stiles, including several high-profile cases that have received national attention. Learn more about these cases, and see even more, at chainlaw.com.
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The infinite loop is always there to learn from if you take the time out of your life to use the acquired skill of "understanding", engaging all sides of the presented information at every moment.⠀

That thought process enriches your life and creates more of a sense of enlightenment that just agreeing with a popular consensus will ever bestow.⠀

Never stop learning.⠀

Never stop exploring every truth or lie.⠀

Be the best you always, regardless those opinions around you attempting to push you in any direction. ..Even mine.⠀

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Reposting @realdlhughley:⠀⠀

... Peep this. #TeamDL #Repost @17thsoulja5 "You see the flag 🇺🇸is its drenched with our blood. Because, you see, so many of our Ancestors was killed because we have never accepted slavery. We’ve had to live under it, but we’ve never wanted it!..." - Fannie Lou Hamer"

If you are an at-will employee, you could be terminated based on what you do outside of work. Continue reading on our blog or Facebook page for more information. ⚖️

Something new meaningful and disappointed to wear on Sunday's shout outs to @madstrange for printing these logos for me. & @tmack_designs created the 1 on the right . Dope shit peace out @chargers thanks for nothing but a bunch of memories that are meaningless now . You really fucked us bad . & u too @bagbybeer for firing me for freedom of speech you're just like the @chargers if not worse. Bunch of backstabbing nonsense it u ask me . It's fine though because #ARkARma (#Karma) is a bitch and u all know it . I expect an apology of some sort asap @bagbybeer for wasting 3 years of my life and terminating me so unprofessionally (not to mention didn't show up to the unemployment hearing on July 5th because you're out of town" (hungover & unprofessional) (if you actually read the packet you could've appeared by phone. If I don't get some sort of common courtesy from you asap @bagbybeer I'm warning you . I have dirt on the whole place that I will report to the BBB /the labor board. I have a lawsuit I can file for all the stuff I went through there. (Injuries, injuries off the clock while directed by manager) Trust me I have TONS more where this comes from . I can ruin several "marriages" as well if you'd like to take it that far I know a lot more than you think and I am far from stupid. So what's it gonna be? The hard way or the easy way #FuckDeanSpanos #OsideOrNoside #MakeOsideLocalAgain #KooksOut #NoMercy #ARktober #Justice #INeedJustice #WrongFulTermination #BBB #LaborBoard #YoureGonnaSee 🔜

If you work in NY and are being sexually harassed on the job, it’s totally illegal even if you’re the only employee in the entire company. Make sure you document or record your opposition to the unwelcome objectification and don’t quit! Contact a NY-based employee rights lawyer to strategize how to hold your employer accountable. Don’t Quit. #sexualharassment #discrimination #NYSHRL #womensequalityact #dontquit #nyshumanrightslaw #wrongfultermination

You lost a great employee, I was a hard worker and extremely guest oriented. I never left a table wondering or upset. I worked very hard for you and even referred several outstanding employees your way, which you never compensated me for. I am sorry that I made your company look bad, but everyone misconstrued that post that cost me my job. They did it out of boredom and something to do that day. I have two children to provide for, and rent to pay and all of the essentials that come along with being an adult. I didn't mention #buffalowildwings in my post, I didn't even mention a specific guest in my post. I may have talked poorly about the guests that treated your staff terrible and tipped your staff terrible, the behavior that you condone from your customers, but I never once mentioned a specific group of people like you say and like the people took it that called to complain on me. I mentioned the fundraiser because #bdubs was doing a favor by hosting that fundraiser, not to bash the people that were involved. How was I to know that every single person I waited on that night was from #meridian ? Well I wouldn't know that information, I'd have to be psychic. I was called and fired over the phone and told I wasn't even allowed back on the premises. When I was fired I had $40 on hand to work with, with bills due shortly after that. What happened to privacy? What happened to write ups? Not only did you fire me and bar me from coming back, you also made it really hard for me to get a job elsewhere, believe me, word of mouth travels really fast in #midlandmichigan - so not only can I not find a serving job, but you're also fighting my #unemployment and as if I wasn't #publicly #humiliated enough, you post my termination on your #corporate #facebook page for everyone to constantly be reminded of that. A big round of applause goes out to @luvcoaching2 for egging this situation on and the public #slander. I need a #lawyer #needalawyer #attorney #financialhelp I should sue for slander and #wrongfultermination @wiselaw #employeerights #unlawful #firedoverthephone #michiganlaw

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