Il calore di una tastiera in grado di trasformare i pensieri in opere... 😍💻🖋
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HELLO 👋🏻 👋🏻
I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve posted on Instagram. Hopefully you missed me and have been waiting with bated breath for my return 😜

It has been a bit of a roller coaster of change, both with the blog and personally, but I’m finally ready to get back at it.
There will be some cool stuff coming your way this week, so stay tuned and please be patient as I get back into the swing of things.
Tell me, what have you been up to?
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[☆•☆•☆•] Un fugace sguardo oltre la finestra e ho visto un cielo
proiettare emozioni,
dipingere canzoni e scrivere profondi silenzi... 🌬
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I forgot to post this yesterday, but I finished my revision!!! From 35K words to 89K, I think I wrote a much better nook this time around. 🤞🤞🤞 Hoping this is gonna be my year. #fictiondreams #writingthings

I offer writing tips on Tumblr. People seem to like them. Follow me on there as scribbledwriting (one word) for advice and stupid writing/book memes.

On choisit ses combats, et j'ai décidé de me battre pour ceux que j'aime
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Sometimes stillness looks like settling into that quiet corner, sliding your back down the wall, closing your eyes, and being honest.
Sometimes it looks like hiking seven miles through a windy river gorge, feeling your heart pound along your neck to your temples and letting out a wild yawp at the highest point.
Simply this: are you at rest in the godness and goodness of God?

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This season of life.
Man, I feel like a seed that got plunged into the dirt by tender fingers and has been sleeping: out like a light. I barely remember the last months. Only feelings and shapes.
And now the ground is warming around me, cupped by the sun, and I’m waking up, reaching up.
It’s my self—my life—but I think I have the least idea of any of us what I’m about to be. Part of me is still in the dark; I could shout and not be heard; what I can see is just a green stalk with leaves.
Maybe I think I want more sun than I already have—no more shadows—and more water than I’ve been given—till I’m sopping—but to bloom is a delicate and miraculous thing. The point is to keep stretching and reaching, not to see the whole picture.
The point is to trust the Gardener—that He knows how to tend me to fruition. That He’s good. That He’s more invested than even I am in the shape and color of my life.

Parce que personne n'a jamais gagné en essayant d'être quelqu'un qu'il n'est pas. .
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Dear heart.
You do not have to do everything, or do more, to be loved.
You do not have to be “okay” today or even this society’s version of “strong” to be loved.
You do not have to be quieter, or louder, or more interesting.
You do not have to be wildly good or perfectly presentable or trend-bucking or trend-following.
You do not have to prove you’re unique. (You are, by definition.)
You do not have to be purely competent or mistake-less or a finished product to entice love.
You do not have to kill off your desire for love before it is yours.
You need love. You’re made for it: emotionally, spiritually, physically, existentially.
You are enough for real love. In fact, you’ve never been unloved a day in your life: today the air trembles with the song the Lover sings. (Do you hear it?)
Whether you feel ready or enough for it, it is yours. (To the same degree you step from behind filtering screens, you will realize love’s fullness.)
Yes, you are loved. You can receive it, lean on it, let it lift your head. It’s wilder and fuller than your current understanding of what love is. It goes out of its way, lays down all things to give you life. It is patient and kind; it rejoices when the truth breaks out. It doesn’t simply move on; it does not fail or fade; it has your complete good in mind.
You don’t have to track it down. You’ve been found. See it unfold.
You are loved.

For years, my way in deepest gladness has been to sing - while I think, while I clean, while I encounter people throughout the day. Softly, maybe, under my breath. Sometimes aloud, very loudly. Sometimes only in my heart of hearts—sometimes it's a choice.
The Lord tells us in Zephaniah that He does the same: over us, because of us, on our behalf. Not because we've never failed Him—far from it—but because He explodes with joy to rescue and redeem and call us His own. (Whoa.)
He is GLAD and SINGS for His people. For me, for you. Then and today.
Pause. Don't skip past that.
You're a source of real delight to Him.

We belong to a singing God. A victorious God. A God whose heart can be trusted, who crushed the power of death already, who runs all the way down the road to embrace us, who flings arms open wide and says, "Seek Me. You'll find Me."
He's good. No matter what.

[most words from three years ago; understanding now even truer]

From one can-be-serious-hearted individual to the next, if you’re gonna set your mind on something, let this be the first.
Real joy is a game changer.

"I'm just a soul, whose intentions are good, oh lord! Please don't let me be misunderstood."~ Ms Nina Simone
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Focus with my new babies #writingthings 🌵🌿🌾

"the charcoal glaze glistened like pearls in the sun, Morale's slandering fantasy kills her slowly because the only thing she wished was for him to peep through the rabbit hole and blow and blow until she shudders in release." #writingthings #writerslife #writingmoments #amwriting #shortstories

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