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A couple of people loved my shot of what resources I keep on my desk, but one important read that I didnt show was "Characters and Viewpoints" by Orson Scott Card. My copy is a later edition, so when I saw this updated version in the bookstore today, I decided to promote it to all of you. .
I'm without a doubt a "character writer". In fact, most of my story ideas aren't plot related but revolve around inspiration for a personn. One of the reasons is because I was heavy into role playing growing up, but another is because of books like this. Not only does Card (writer of the "Ender's Game" series) go in depth about the importance of building your MC but he gives excellent tips on how to accomplish this. .
If you're a plotter who needs some help writing a character driven story, I say check out Card.

Today I’m marking some of my favorite parts of the #diymfa book by @diymfa and planning some blog posts😁📚👩🏻‍💻 Click the link in my bio to see the posts I’ve already done for the diyMFA book club!

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Maybe I'll finally get around to reading these guys... Do you have any suggestions for #writingresources?

Today’s prompt is a word pool. The rules are: use all the words. That’s all.

Here they are:
• haunches
• dressing
• beer
• shyness
• history
• skin
• nightfall
• cactus
• flowering
• outstretched
These words are mined from the Jane Hirshfield poem “This Was Once a Love Poem” (which you can read on my blog, prompt 42). #wordpool #poem #prompt #janehirshfield #poetrycommunity #instasprompts #impromptuprompts #cactus #palmsprings

I am so stinkin’ excited about this #writingresource I found! 😍 Writing is probably the most difficult subject for me to teach, and I’m so excited for our next unit on opinion now that I have this packet for my students! Thanks @create.teach.share 🎉

Today’s prompt: “ceremony”
Free and open to any interpretation. Inspired by this poem by the late great Richard Wagamese. 🙌🏼
Richard Wagamese is one of my greatest inspirations, and I give him credit for changing the way I think about writing. He’s also one of the reasons I started this blog. I owe him so many thanks. Go to elliesawatzky.com/impromptu (prompt 40) for more on this.

My blogsite's front page has had a BIG makeover! 😊

Take a look:


It reflects much better what I do on CookieBreak, and gives visitors a better idea of what they'll find there ☺️ #writersofbookstagram #writersofinstagram #instawriter #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #writersblog #writerswhoblog #authorswhoblog #authorwebsite #writingresources #writingresource #blogging #blogstagram #blogshare

Found this great resource online from @thisreadingmama . It’s a spelling folder, but we are starting to use it as a morning warmup type of thing. My 5 yr old also uses it as a resource for spelling more difficult words when she’s writing (which is great so she doesn’t have to keep asking me! Lol) .
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Resources for Writers: Looking for help with diversifying your writing? Our new site has a Resources page filled with articles and opportunities! Check it out: https://diversebooks.org/resources/resources-for-writers/
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Start 2018 with a BANG! This writing calendar has 31 creative writing prompts especially for the month of January. Inspire your students ti great writing this new year!

Use as bell ringers or quick writes. They would be a fantastic addition to any writing units covering: description, narrative voice, literary techniques, dialogue, writing comedy, writing action, or any narrative writing unit. See the link in my profile.

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Synonym flip books!! These are so great for getting your students to improve their writing! I hang them up on a bulletin board and when students feel they need a better word in their writing to replace a boring one, they can go and take a synonym flip book. I have been thrilled with how the students have taken ownership of their writing. These flip books have really motivated them to want to use better words in their writing. There are 12 sets in total. Happy to add more on request 😁 Follow the link in my bio to get your hands on your own set! ☺️

This book lays the foundations for the three-act structure and tells writers where and when each plot point should occur. It's a great start, especially when you don't know where to go next. Grab your copy here: http://amzn.to/2B99ft2

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I love this book for its fresh take on quick outlining with an emphasis on pacing. What's your favorite writing resource?

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@airwren11 and I were talking about almosts yesterday, and she showed me this quote, and it inspired day 16 of IMPROMPTU. What are your almosts? elliesawatzky.com, link in bio.
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IMPROMPTU number 11 is a word pool from @delbauchery's book Don't Tell Me What to Do. It includes the word "bitchery". I won't tell you what to do. 💅📝💁(elliesawatzky.com, link in bio)
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🎶 “I’m not a biter. I’m a writer for myself and others...” Cop my “Do the write thing” T-shirt from my site: TaiiaSmartYoung.com.bigcartel.com 🔗 Link in bio. #yeahwrite #ghostwriter #goldenbullbusinessowner

Day 9: Favorite writing resource
I have a few!! I’m always a huge fan of writing books like these two. But during Nano, when there isn’t much time to read, I absolutely love going to the Adoption Society and Character Cafe forums on the Nanowrimo website. I’ve mentioned these before but I will forever talk about them because they are amazing!! I have found so many great ideas through these forums and they help with whatever problem my book/plot is facing.

The crows have been restless in the changing season, ever present. As I walk, I can hear them when I can’t see them, and see them soaring, sitting, satiating whatever hunger drives these brilliant beasts. Cultures on every continent and for millennia have told myths and legends about the many-named bird. Stories about ravens, rooks, and corbies, while as varied as the peoples who have told them, unite us all.
In Norse mythology, the mighty god Odin kept two crows: Hugin, meaning “thought,” and Munin, meaning “desire and emotion.” The Norse believed that we humans comprised of separate parts that could detach from one another, each symbolized by an animal. The clever crows embodied the internal workings of Odin, gathering knowledge and wisdom during daily morning flights around the world. In an Eddic poem, Odin says, “Hugin and Munin / Fly every day / Over all the world; / I worry for Hugin / That he might not return, / But I worry more for Munin.” How human, wanting to fill oneself with all the world has to offer. How human to worry. How very human, falling prey to anxiety, to fear that our thoughts, and more so feelings, might let loose from our fragile control. Crows are wicked smart animals. Leaving would be a choice, a vengeance. What a metaphor: How much more terrifying the thought and the loss, no matter how tight our internal grasp.
Symbolically, Odin lets fly heart and mind, the most human of dichotomies. Take ten minutes and create a mind map with Heart as one beginning, Mind as another. Let loose with your associations and ideas. Look for connections and divisions. Treat this map like one of Hugin’s and Munin’s flights. Create with what you bring back.
It isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems to find humanity in the everyday, the everywhere. But it’s damn near impossible if our hearts and minds land and stay on the barren tree of inevitable differences. No story told about the crow follows the same plot, yet the great plot of us saw fit to write in the story of the crow over all the world. It’s what we mean when we talk about the power of story: The connective tissue that holds our frail humanity together.

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