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Today in the hit factory. Watch out world! #hitsfordays #music #writingmode #howardjones

Peace sign on ya timeline #writingmode #jimmydouglass

Working on new material, check out this outro @aaroneugene is working on! #thecolormorale #writingmode #studio #newmusic

Vista a la pista de aterrizaje #modocreativo #writingmode #modovhs #writersoninstagram

Together with @ranjan.ramdin we are busy writing my new upcoming single.. melody done, lyrics time #Own #composition #upnext #hindi #writingmode

Back at it. #koc #writingmode

Been so many things ive seen alone ... like this view 👀 #Crazy (was hella inspired #WritingMODE ✏📝🎧)


I wish...........
I wish to live in your eyes ,
to show you the beauty of the nature.....
I wish to be a flower in your garden ,
to spread pleasant smell around you.....
I wish to be a gentle breeze,
to make you cool always....
I wish to be the ink in your pen ,
which never stops you from writing.....
I wish to be a romantic song,
which makes you feel loving...
I wish to be a book ,
that always motivates you....
I wish to be the Angel in your prayers,
who always save you from dangers...
And I wish to be with you ,
to give you a positive vibe......
And I know , I will not be.......

Back to writing once more. Enjoy.
My poem inspired by song: "Figure It Out" by Royal Blood.
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100 Days of Writing - Day 7
Feels kind of weird to take a break just to upload the daily report of the challenge, because I still feel all fired up and ready to write some more. Then again, a day which starts with approximately 200 words before I even left my bed should have been an indication. I had this really awesome dream, about this government conspiracies and alien invasion with transparent robots from outer space. I guess it was supposed to be a nightmare, but even as I was busy being nightmared, all I could think of was mostly - onmigosh, this is so cool I should so write a story about this but I better wait 'till I wake up because this is so terrifyingly cool!
I woke up in the morning with a feeling I forgot something. Then it hit me! Omigosh - government conspiracy with transparent alien robots!!! So I took the pen and paper I always try to keep in handy, and put the entire thing to writing before the echoes of the nightmare galloping away would fade.
Then, after work, I had one of the best writing days on my project since I started the challenge. It feels like I made important progress, but as usual, I will only know for sure once I step away from the text and return to it with a fresh mind. But that will come later. For now, it's all about moving forward.

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The only thing I wanna do on a holiday. Is the same thing I did the last two years in a row. On Christmas. When even my own family didn't wanna see me. Just. Be a stripper. Look a girl like me. In this world. Nobody gives a fuck about you. No one. They just wanna use you. That's it. Men just wanna fuck you. Rape you. Abuse you. Women eventually turn jealous on you. And you will always walk alone. I will never celebrate a holiday with my family ever again. Cuz I expect pain & agony from the rapists. The thieves. The murderers. But not from you. You left me to live in my car. Can't even let me sleep on the couch for a night? Thanks mom. Stop saying you miss me. Cuz u brought this on yourself. Anyone in Texas who misses me. Thank the Dallas police. The two men who raped me. Exes who beat me. And my family. Thanks for abandoning me. Thanks for the tears. Thanks for the abuse. For the lies. Haha. Smh. But why am I still even talking? Cuz no one ever listens. The saddest thing about betrayal. IT NEVER COMES FROM UR ENEMIES. I wish I were fuckin dead. #writing #writings #writinglife #writingmode #writingtime #writersunite #writingtherapy #writingissanity #poetry #art #screenplay #adventureswithkelly_screenplay #adventureswithkelly_writing

when she reaches out to you, love her; when she pushes you away, love her harder #lovingmartha #writingcommunity #writingmode

Musicians Curse 101: You never stop writing & you should never stop progressing. #WritingMode #SecondSeason #jacksonguitarsofficial

Entrégale el corazón a la vida
Escrito por: Arkella Granados
Dejarse llevar por los momentos, suena fácil, muchos dicen déjate llevar, deja que fluya, la cuestión es que, no es solo dejar que las cosas sigan su camino, sino que a veces nosotros mismos podemos brindarle una mano a la situación, para que las cosas fluyan creo que lo primero que hay que hacer es entregarle el corazón a la vida, es la que hace que todo siga su cauce, tu corazón es parte de ti y parte de la vida, debemos poner nuestro granito de arena para que el universo escuche los latidos de nuestros deseos y así él estará pendiente de lo que de verdad anhelamos.
Entregarle el corazón a la vida, es mantener los pies en la tierra pero a su vez ser capaz de llegar al cielo las veces que tú desees, porque la vida es un sube y baja, hay momentos buenos y momentos malos, pero si entregas tu corazón, créeme que la vida siempre va a tratar de guiarte por el camino que más te traiga alegría, ten presente tus instintos, pero no guardes tu corazón en una prisión, recuerda que la vida es una sola y se merece tu corazón.
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100 Days of Writing – Day 6

For real? 6 days of writing in a row! It may not sound like much, but you have to start somewhere, right? Anyway, the daily yield is two edited and proofread articles, a new edited story of mine ready and scheduled for publication in a Sci-Fi magazine, and around approximately 300 words in my major project.

Feeling extremely thankful for having the opportunity to experience both being on the editing side and the edited side. I honestly and truly do love editing and proofreading. I guess I'm weird like that. Then again, being edited is an entirely different experience, and very educational one at that. Also, having a new story coming out… I like that!
(And in case you were wondering, yes, the feathers ARE a hint related to the story that's coming out, if all goes well)

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Found my favorite spot in Strasbourg, with the loveliest service in town! Piping hot outside. 🔥
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Back at it. #koc #writingmode

Un sentimiento más
Escrito por: Arkella Granados La tristeza, se puede aferrar a nuestra alma, quien no ha sentido este sentimiento no es humano, la cuestión está en dejarla pasar un rato, que tome su tiempo para curar y dejar que se vaya de a poco, no tengo idea cuanto puede demorar en irse, solo sé que el sentirla te demuestra el lado más sensible de ti, aquel que te hace ver las cosas desde otra perspectiva, deja que este el tiempo necesario para curar las heridas, pero cuando se vaya dale gracias por hacerte más fuerte y poder entender algunas cosas de la vida, la imperfección de la vida hace que la vida sea perfecta y nos de ese motor de seguir viviendo y encontrar la felicidad en nuestros corazones.
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My patience is up. I'm tired of feeling raped. Every Fucking day. I don't give a fuck about you. I don't wanna see 69 photos of ur kids u lost custody of. Cuz u fucked up. I don't wanna see photos of ur ex wife before the divorce. Back when she was thin. Do u kno how much energy it takes? How many tears fall to the floor in the locker room bathroom at a stripclub? Just to tolerate comments like that? I saw my mom sleep in the hallway for a year. Just from abuse. But you can't talk about that at work. You gotta be all "hey. How's ur day baby?" Like I give a fuck. It's not a sex industry. It's a therapy industry. You have to listen to people problems. When really. U just wanna say ya so. Let me grind on ur leg. And give me your FUCKING WALLET. IF YOU WANT ME TO LISTEN TO YOUR BEYOND HORRIBLE BORING STORY. FIRST YOU HAVE TO PAY. I HAVE TOO MUCH TALENT TO WASTE MY TIME WITH THIS SHIT. My family already left me on the side of the road. Let me sleep in my car. Didn't wanna see me on xmas 3 years in a row. Oh the fuck well. Nobody gives a fuck about yo problems. How many times can I say it? In this world. With misogyny. Racism. Abuse. Violence. Nobody gives a FUCK ABOUT YOU. Not even ur brother. Neither one. Cuz they both hurt me. Just like my parents. And the police. And abusive ex boyfriends. But like I said. One day. You finally realize. Ur life. Is not that important. Nobody gives a fuck if u live or die. What do u do when everybody fucks with you? And ur family don't even wanna see u on xmas? U do whatever it takes to survive. No matter what u do. No one gives a fuck about you. You go home & cry for 3 hours. Your family are the worst ones. Cuz u expect hate from ur enemies. Not from them. But my family nearly killed me. What do u do when U have nothing left? When u see so much abuse & get abused growing up u get used to it so much it becomes normal? And u have nothing left, & nobody gives a fuck about you anymore? Move to California. Be a stripper. Find a way to stop crying. #truth #adventureswithkelly_stripper #adventureswithkelly_barcelona #adventureswithkelly_cali2017 💃🏻💦💦☔️💰💰👩🏻🌹😝💋🖕🏼📝 #finaldraft #writing #writings #writinglife #writingmode #writ

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