Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your expectations. Your disappointments. Your ambitions. Your dreams. Your fears. Your tears.
I've lived them all zillion times in my head. And I can bet you doubt that. And no, I don't wonder why. Because I know everything; including your excuses.

Journey starts, it stops; temporarily, it restarts, again stops --- and I laugh at the thought of me giving in to this life .

I see life as a well scheduled time period. I can't just go with the flow. No, not because I'm rigid like that. But because, I'm coward like that.
I get scared when I see things moving on their own. I get scared when I don't have the remote to control my life.
It's a feeling you can't explain. It's a feeling you understand.
And I don't expect you to know that.

You're like those things. You move on your own; you fly, high in the sky. And I constantly feel hopeless holding the string down here, on my land; hoping you to be a kite when I know you're a bird.

But I've come to terms with all this. Maybe this is what they call bravery. You get scared till death, but you dare not put a string out there, you just don't do that. You let your life pass through death's way. You get mad like that, you don't let yourself be the coward you were, you are always on the edge. You might slip off the cliff the very next moment, but you know as you fall down, you'll be smiling. Maybe that's what it is. Love.

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Art. In all forms and every skill level, you don’t have to be professional, you can be starting, learning, just for fun, and also professional.
That is life!

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Being solitary isn’t always bad. You can create art out of it to express your feelings. Someone will thank you for it!
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Got them pre-Monday Blues, y'all. But my to do list is all ready to go, so I feel optimistic about taking on a new week. How about you?

The good boy who fell for the bad bitch, the innocent girl who fell for the douchebag, even when they know that this was never gonna end well, the fantasies we have about changing the sinner into a saint and the bully into an angel are all illusions, that keeps going on and on and on in a vicious cycle, that's because broken people always push themselves to know if they can be even more broken. Differently this time, they fall for the same shit every time and act shocked at the end as if they didn't know, don't dwell on the bad decisions you made when you've taken them so many times that they became choice. #ThePoet
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