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new original poem! thank you so much for following { @starsofmind } –– i hope you feel some type of way while reading my poems. i love and appreciate you all.

18 month old today:
Favourite food: dumplings
Favourite word: ball ball
Favourite activity: climbing
Favourite person: His big brother 😍

See? Sometimes she'll actually pose for me 😂

Moms fav color 💕

Out of focus but who cares. Just like Marni moo. Never worried, always happy. Her soul is sweet, her heart is open, she is free just to be. It is our job to protect her and show her that she is perfect as she is forever. As a woman and a mom I want more than anything for Marni to live happy in her own skin. ❤ #zachandmarniontour #therezzolas

For those quiet afternoon breaks while your little one is taking a nap at home, dress in our TORI PANEL NURSING DRESS! Not only is the dress comfy, the pink panels on the side will give you a slimming effect! Who says maternity wear are unflattering?
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Happy Solstice to you all!
I write this little post a wee bit wistfully as we will not celebrate the summer solstice with all of us ~ my preschool girl will celebrate it together with her friends in the kindergarten and will stay overnight there. I am sure she will have a looot of fun (with stick bread, someone is playing the guitar, lots of playing and free and wild minutes...) However it is already the second child who gets more and more independent, who goes somehow her own little steps ~ always a bit further away ~ ahhh it is this mama heart which knows that it is good as it is the time ~ but still so heartbreaking ...every time ...😢
But as I know that there are some people who are waiting for the recipe of our little "summercrumble" I will not let you wait anylonger...
Mix 200 g butter, 200 g sugar, 1 package of vanillin sugar, 5 eggs, 300 g flour, 1 package baking powder
Grease the baking tray, brush the dough on it. On top of the dough you add approximately 1 kg summerfruits (I used a mix of our last rhubarb and red currants). Last but not the least you add crumbles (mix 200 flour, 120g butter, 100 g sugar, 1 package of vanillin sugar) Bake it for 30 minutes with 180°C. Enjoy !

My babes 😁

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