Ora riposano. Eppure il loro silenzio nasconde miriadi di storie, battute dal ticchettio forsennato di lettere colte nel più alto momento di creazione.

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You know I've done many things in this life I'm not proud of. I've lied. I've cheated. I've hurt people that have loved me a great deal. Wasn't always my intention, but I have. I've also matured a lot and am able to admit to my wrongs. I do not see the things I've done as a character flaw. I see them as mistakes I made and try to learn from them and live a life I'm proud of. I've also had a lot of people hurt me. I try to remember before I jump on my moral high hoarse my own short comings and that nobody is below redemption. Nobody. None of us are perfect. All the decisions I've made have lead me to where I am today. Its just a question of what you do with it. Do you become bitter and hold everything ever done to you against every person that comes in to your life. Or do you embrace the lessons and grow. Those are the questions that we need to ask ourselves.
Then there are others that I believe lack compassion and empathy. Are they evil? No. Are they bad people? Not necessarily. I believe they lack the ability to be honest. Not only with themselves, but with others.
We are not the broken. We may walk with a limp but we are not broken my friends. Ask yourself the hard questions and don't be afraid of the hard answers.
The past brought you to where you are. Embrace the suffering. Look fondly upon all the love you have received. There is no tomorrow. There is only the present. Are you the person you want to be?
Random thoughts. Be kind to yourself. You are most likely the only one that can't forgive yourself.

I can quote Poe to Hemingway but you know where my favorite quote comes from? My very good friend Jamie who said, "Love doesn't hurt. People hurt." Keep loving and embrace the hurt. It will make you a better human.

Much love.

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