✨Thursday Portion✨

✨Be bold!✨

✨Nothing escapes Him! ✨

✨Monday quote.✨

✨One of my favorite verses.✨

✨It's no secret that without G-d, we cannot be genuinely happy. Take G-d away and you're left with shallow and temporal "happiness." G-d does not give happiness and joy, G-d IS joy.✨

✨Trust in the Lord with all your heart.✨

✨If we aren't honest with ourselves, someone else will be. I found out early on in my life, that self-reflection was crucial and necessary in order to get right with God.✨

✨In doing good to others, we receive spiritual blessings, always.✨

✨Everything that Abba does is COMPLETE. He wants to give you FULL joy this Monday. So press into His Presence!✨

✨And we live by His example.✨

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✨We celebrate His victory on the cross and the remission of our sins EVERYDAY! ✨

✨Allow us oh, LORD to walk according to your statues with heart surrendered at Your Presence.✨

✨Tuesday Portion✨

✨This culture is saturated with the "finding myself" mentality and we have to spread the message of losing oneself. The good news is that because of Yeshua, we don't need to find ourselves, we must LOSE ourselves to be found by YHWH.✨

✨Happy Sunday!✨

✨{NEW POST} New post is up on the blog where I discuss 7 proofs for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If Jesus had never resurrected we'd have no basis for our faith. But we rejoice that Jesus was VICTORIOUS on that cross and that He rose again! ✝️Praise God! 🔗Link in Bio!🔗

FREE April Journal Prompts are now available on the blog (link in bio). Head on over to the blog to grab yours. This month's theme is "The Grateful Heart."

✨Romans 8:26 says that the Spirit intercedes for us. Whenever you may not have the words to cry out to Abba, do not let that stop you from coming before His presence, the Spirit will make known to God what you need to say.✨

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