I wish I hated you
I wish I hadn't met you
I wish you weren't perfect
I wish I could forget

I wish you had said yes
I wish I would have guessed
I wish I didn't like you this much
I wish you were just a crush

I wish I could turn it off
I wish you'd take your clothes off
I wish
I wish

I wish I didn't have this empty slot
I wish someone else could fill it
I wish there was this lot
Of options to fight it

This feeling of emptiness
Where does it come from?
When will I find hapiness
If I can't move on?

Is there a switch
To change my mind ?
A little twitch
Be unconfined?

I wish I met the real you
I wish you'd be disappointing
Off my thoughts I'd cut you
That would be the best damn thing/amazing

I wish I knew you
As much as I want to
So I can adore you
For the real you

In my head you're perfect
I know it's not the whole picture
The fact that I only have driblets
Makes me wanna be with ya

It feels like hell
I wish you'd open yourself
Stop the torture
Let me discover

The mysteries of the tall guy
Stop being shy
Your dirty little secrets
Let's have sex

I wish I could send you this letter
Instead I post it with a picture

Etrafımda kalabalık sevmiyorum
ama oradan çıkan insan seslerinden hoşlanıyorum.
Konuşuyor olmaları hoşuma gidiyor,
kelimeleri midemi bulandırıyor. •
I don’t like crowds around me,
but the human sounds they make.
I enjoy them talking,
their words make me feel like throwing out. •
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Ever since I was young, I always have this crazy imagination of mine. Nag-iimagine ako ng mga bagay bagay para makatulog wherein at that time I thought imagination was just a normal thing as a kid. That is until I was able to carry that healthy habit up to now. I got a lot of plots and thoughts running inside my mind; some I came up with just from listening to a song, some from what I see around me and some... I don't know, maybe it was just really in me.
One time, I was first year in college then, when I decided to tell my friend one of the plots I came up with. We were in S&R Cubao eating a pizza when I told her that and she said, "Chez, ano ba 'yan! Kumakain ako ng pizza pero naiiyak ako. Bakit hindi mo isulat? Hindi kasi siya pangkaraniwan". As if there was a lightbulb that suddenly lit up, it was the time I first thought of ever putting all these colorful imaginations into black and white canvass in the form of words and papers. That's why last year I first started writing the very same story I told my friend four years ago. Scattered thoughts and constant unsatisfied revisions later, bringing myself to finish it was like getting up on a cold monday morning. I have always been the talkative one in the group but putting every image into words was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Video blogging has been a thing in our generation but since non-stop talking has already been my thing since day 1 (sobrang daldal ko even before to the point na sinasabihan ako ng nanay kong magreporter ako pag laki ko lol) and I feel like that's too much work (editing and all other stuffs they do; I want something I can do easily but at the same time pushes me to work hard but not too hard--- get me? lol) plus I'm not good with presenting myself in front of a motion picture, I'm going to do it here every saturday. In that way I would be able to practice my writing "skills" ( I always end up having long captions here anyway) so this could be fun. I hope I would be able to share worthy stories or thoughts here and not just plain blabbering and wasting what's supposed to be a platform I can work on. (cont. in comments)

An important question for all of us.

| lies behind hazel brown eyes

The dents and scratches on you are all there to add up to your beauty. They stand out on you and have their own stories to tell. Don't ever be ashamed. Flaunt your scars. Those who have to cringe away will do so irrespective of how flawless you are and those who have to stay will never let that small hand of yours leave the vicinity of their warm ones.
Don't be afraid to feel. Not just happiness. Revel in your vulnerability. Be sensitive. Fall. Get hurt. Bleed. Learn. Get up. Feel it all. Taste victory but don't break down when failure slaps you.
Give what you've got and fight for what you want.
It's just one life and your days are numbered. The least you can do is try your best to actually live it.
Lots of love to you,
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