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Let me tell you that these days, the events happening in the city are brave on their part. With almost everything going wrong in the world, from lynching and murdering a journalist to backing a cringe pop 'star' by sending rape threats to another journalist, we are representing what we are labeled by the world.
We are all going crazy over thousands of crazy things, with the absence of logic behind our opinions and actions.
I am writing this out today, but there is a fear of criticism that might or might not turn into violence.
But we still have some sanity left, and for that we write. For that we speak up.
On 10th of September, I attended this event called You Are Not Alone. I was there to share my CSA experiences and perform.
What other people had, were their survival stories of sexual abuse, molestations and what not. It was eye opening, but somewhere alarming that we had more speakers than listeners.
But what was different about it was the fact that someone actually thought of organising a platform where people can just come and talk, let it all out to the world, overcome their fears and disobey the commands like "don't tell anyone".
I am writing after a long time. What made me write was the overwhelming feeling of being alive even when the entire world is burning. The fire is all around, but some of us are still somewhere trying to put as much water as we can, because we know that the skin once burned, comes never back to what it was.

The photograph above is from the same thing, you can see some of us doing a rare task, listening to the other person peacefully.

"Bhai wo dekh uske kitne bade bade hai."
"Bhai dekh uska cleavage dikh raha."
"Bhai ye pakka virgin nahi hai, warna iske itne bade bade nahi hote."
No offence to the guys but few of us have made this the main motive of our life, passing comments on the boobs of every passing girls.

It must be embarrassing to hear such comments everytime you go out on streets. Imagine, Girls commenting about the size of your dick. Won't it be embarrassing?

Us time to apni izzat dikhne lagegi tumhe? But khud wo Kaam karo to kuch fark nahi padta?

Be a man. Its just a part of their body. There is no reason to pass comments.

Its okay if you can't stop others from doing it, atleast do it on your part.

Make them feel safe.
Make sure they don't feel bad about it.

And to Girls, Don't forget to slap if you overhear someone commenting about any part of your body.

Teach them a lesson.

Written By :- @anand_apt

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Dil kuch udaas sa hai aaj mera,

Naino se koi ashq bahaa hoga tera,

Chod toh tum gaye ho, asal mein mujhe,

Mumkin nahi lagta, mera ab bhool Jana tujhe,

Bas bhi karo ab yun yaad aana,

Din ke ujaale mein, andhere sa chaaa jaana,

Log bhi ab puchne lage hain tumhara Naam,

Muskura kar, baat badal dena, yehi ho gaya hai ab mera kaam,

Ab aur sabrr nahi raha mujhmein,

Aa kar bata jao meri khataa,

Leja apni yaadon ko, apne aksss ko mujhse durr,

Band karo yun kishton mein mujhe sataana,

Keh do apni yaadon se,
Kisi aur din aana,

Waise bhi;

Aaj dil udaas hai, isse aaj phir Teri hi pyaas hai.
By @imrajputshikha

#unrequitedlove #writersociety #writersofindia #solaceandthoughts #myspace

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