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Today’s #plotterlifechallenge is Meaningful Story Symbols.
Buckle up, kids. There’s quite a few across the #thistlewolf trilogy. Some are self-explanatory (fire, blood, honey) and some have to be looked for. Fun fact: that cross is a real place in Orlando, where I live, and I see it everyday from the Turnpike on my way to work. It’s...ominous, to say the least.
The last slide is some prophecy type stuff I can’t tell you about because, hello, spoilers. Do you use any of these symbols? .
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When you improvise a MacBook stand because you can’t afford a proper one 😂🙈 #writerproblems #shortgirl #healthandsafety #protectingmyback #writersofinstagram #writer

7 hours later and we are DONE. If I had a mic I'd drop it. It's nearly one in the morning and I feel like my fingers are about to fall off. #writerprobs Goodnight instafamily ❤️💤


I usually regret it because of how tired I feel the next day, but do not regret it because out of the plethora of late-night sentences written, I find some good ones. ✨

Going through #writersblock again. I have moments of not wanting to bother. Some days, the words just don’t bleed smoothly. #editing #revising can get #soulcrushing at times. After a month long break, I recently reread my WIP from the start. It made zero sense. I need to find inspiration and get into the groove again.

The one thing I can say is if I ever *do* make it big, I'll have you to thank. Your words have so much power and I am so grateful you've chosen to use that power to support other writers. 💙 This was inspired by the ever amazing @rahsputin_ . If you don't follow him, you should. He has chickens! He tagged me in a #writerschallenge with the word #yield and I took all your advice on my last post and this is what I wrote. Thank you loves! 🖋
M . A . Ryan

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