90 degrees inside and out. Erica Baum's Dog Ears. #bookoftheday #angelangle #writerightrite.

Let’s do this @claracornelia @saraulrikasoderstrom and other GRASCA peeps not on instagram 🤓⌨️🤔#phdlife #writerightrite #shreyadoodles

Writing this story has been a TRIP, can't wait to take the same trip as a character I breathed life into #WriteRightRite #TalithaCumi #GoldenGirl #16AndaHalf

Write/Right/Rite. Handwriting and zine making workshops coming up, that’s right! #smallworkshops #handwriting #cursive #script #zinemaking #writerightrite #zine #art #troppusprojects

Thumb erect in 1 2 3!!!!!!

One down, two to go. Finished that sum bitch Bible Dictionary up last week, was pretty dry reading at some points but was necessary research as I've never been baptized and the only time I spent in church was weddings and stealing ice cream after boy scout meetings in the church basement when I was a dumb kid. The dull bits were out weighed by the moments of bliss when something as simple as "Travel" (pg. 565) sparked my big dumb brain and ideas emerged that will take the story in multiple new directions and add much deeper layers to theme, characters and plot. I can't complain, it filled a notebook and a half and resulted in a name change for the main character, I was never happy with 'Janice'. It felt contrived and too obviously close to 'Jesus'. Looking forward to some epic #poetry after reading a god damn dictionary, see you soon, Ms. Bible. Happy writing
#HolyTrinity #WriteRightRite #TeenageCrime #ParadiseLost #HolyBible #JesusHaroldChrist

Just finished lunch in the holy of holies (😏) and came home to this package on my doorstep from an old friend. Coincidences (?) big and small..
#OpenYourEyes #LostAndFound
The universe sure is something☄
⚡⚡⚡#WriteRightRite ⚡⚡⚡

Circle them P's, girl.
"Op, I missed one."
This girl too much
My lil writer writing thangs

Trick or Treat feats
H A L L O W E E N--
20 - 17
On the scene
For the meaning!

Means justify the ends
Call it tag teaming--
My reality is what these wannabes be
D R E A M I N' --(Ain't no schemin')
MY Homies, my G's, my Family- Alligence

Raised by the Ol Heads
Thorobred Seasonin'
Spread like buttered bread
Blue Strip Season!
In all seasons...No matter the reasons
Mask off-- blast off--
From hundreds to thousands...
Thousands to Millions...
Building reasonin...
I wrote this like a script but, they still aint
R E. A. D. I. N G--
Damn heathens!

Call it: Offense Defense
Where I been you can't RIDE THE FENCE!!! Suckin they teeth when--
They know not the difference!

This why I move in silence...
Call it beautiful violence;
Or unusual nonsense?
They want you to keep silent
So they can rape your environment & take with no consciousness!
Why the fuck they trying to make us hostages in our own houses!?
I know you've heard the remakes about Walmart & shit...&, if you didn't you need to research it... I call em monsters in plain sight
Find your own facts
Just don't TAKE my advice!

Everyday is like Halloween
Ain't it a fright?!
So frightening when you in between
The Dark & the light


New month, new opportunities

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