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Long as you're holding me down, down, down 🎶😍 @FifthHarmony @sunriseon7

NEW #Work , "I Approve This Message" in my bio❗️
#FeedbackHere 👇🏾

Só por que criticaram irei postar outro u.u Beijos! #WriteOnMe @fifthharmony @ofcalexia @paollasion

¿Ya vieron la historia de Instagram de Normani? 😂😂😂 Le pone todo el pastel a Dinah en la cara 🎂 #HappyBirthdayDinah

Write on me
Give me some, I'll fly
Love the way your tear me up I'll never change my mind
Write on me, Write on me #writeonme#fifthharmony

" A 22-year-old illegal immigrant who beat a 17-year-old Muslim girl to death has been detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Darwin Martinez Torres, a citizen of El Salvador got into an altercation with Nabra Hassanen on Sunday morning in Virginia in what was reportedly a road rage incident. He assaulted her with a metal baseball bat, killing her and dumped her body in a pond. ICE confirmed Torres is in the country illegally after a delay to say so. Fairfax Co. police have stated it was not a hate crime despite initial speculation." Can you please explain to me why it's not a hate crime? Can you explain to me why the media doesn't define this as a hate crime because I promise you if roles were reversed this would've been all over the news and headlines would read "Terroist Attack" #nabra


Long as you're holding me down, down, down 🎶😍 @FifthHarmony @sunriseon7

She's so cute

Dirty but so clean

— i know the quality isn't good but I wanted to post this bc it's Dinah's birthday today! And I just wanted to say that she's an amazing person and her voice is angelic and she looks like Beyoncé haha and I know she won't see this but happy birthday Dinah!!💓 @dinahjane97 [cr; me]
dt; @stydiaobaby
#dinahjane #fifthharmony #writeonme #missmovinon #mels5h #omgpage #moondustrct2

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