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I was going to post this with the caption "Getting my #psl on while writing with friends. #fallvibes #starbucks #friendship #writersofinstagram" ... but that's not the story. The REAL story is the girl behind the camera. A girl who is struggling with depression and dealing with life changes, medical issues, and work stress. A girl who broke down in tears before leaving the house because her social anxiety was out of control at just the thought of going out. So as you scroll through Instagram remember that you are not seeing the whole story. The world is bigger than what you see here. And if you're struggling, please know it will be ok. #youllbeok #dothething #writeanyway #endthestigma

*Write what you know, and write what you don’t yet know you know*
I heard something like this recently and it really made me think about the areas I’m afraid of in my writing, the things I’m too afraid to speak about because I’m not an “expert”. But each of us is an expert in our own experience. When I settle into that I trust my own stories more. I find confidence in what I have to share and surprise in what I DO know, when I allow it to be seen.
And this little corner? It is mighty humble but it is mighty mine and I am loving the nights and early mornings alone right here since the babe got his own sleeping space. #findingmyway #writinglife #trustyourinnervoice #humbleabode #youdoyou #writeanyway

If you see a quote you like, write it down! Put it on your bathroom mirror, in your car, on your frig...but write it down. And do it often! Read it out loud and then just read it with your eyes. And then tuck it in your journal! (Whaat?you don’t journal? Seriously start!) there are good things to write on! Props to 🌸livelifehappy.com for the quote #journaling #journal #write #writeon #tellyourstory #thoughtsonpaper #whocareswhatyouwrite #writeanyway #quotes #penandpaper #noyournotsilly #yesyouare #itsok

I’ve got words and phrases
I’ve got emotions and feelings
Sliding down my tummy
Swimming in my throat
Teasing to come out
From my hands
From my mouth
From my heart
But never really making it all the way
Until I stepped out of the line
Out of my age
Out of my language
Out of my habit
In that new space where
stories, languages, and emotions are co-created
That are not just of me
But of all kinds of beings
Then everything started coming out freely. . . .
. .
. .
Going back to writing to exercise the left (or right? Who cares?) side of my brain.
#writeanyway #travelanyway #liveabroad #writersofig #writersofinstagram

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