Stay present today. Love yourself and your life.
www.mpowerwraps.com. White silk ribbon with Buddha charm worn as a choker.

Empowering girls around the globe.

To be beautiful means to be yourself.

Beauty in everything.

The best medicine: Sunshine and Laughter.

Summer Jewelry!

Throwback to when I was in paradise: Manuel Antonio, CR. #saltypineapplepack

Too much sun yesterday = lounging inside today! These cuties are from the June monthly club. Use code stephaniemoix20 to take 20% off at puravidabracelets.com

Beachside. LotusBlossom charm and sage green. Summer vacation is a mere two weeks away:)

#savethebees and #tinyseedbeads in turquoise with @alexandani today!

Not an arm party pic at all. I’m going to require these anklets for summer!!!

#citrine for prosperity, #garnet for grounding, and a cute, delicate seed bead bracelet 🌸🐚

#sage #garnet and #braided for my arm look today!

#raspberry braided, #teenytiny #seedbeads , and citrine for #abundance today. Happy high-vibe Saturday!

Happy Fri-yay!!!

Summer is coming!

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