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Meet the Mrses. #WrinkleInTime

See the adventure come to life in Disney's A #WrinkleInTime, in theaters March 9! #BookLoversDay

That's a picture wrap on Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who! #wrinkleintime

The press line is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 when @jasonbolden puts you in @chloe and @mylahmorales works her brushes and @kittywedie works that ponytail out. #blessed❤️ #GlamSquad🔥 #WrinkleInTime 🙏🏼 Thank you @disneystudios @brettimprint @management360 MY TEAM is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Good morning! Have a great day ! #WrinkleInTime portrait by Koury Angelo for People mag.

Beautiful week shooting @WrinkleInTime surrounded by Redwoods and our insanely talented cast and crew. Thanks to Humboldt County for having us! #WrinkleinTime

Are you lost? 🙃🔴 Tesser to @disneystudios' Instagram Story for more #WrinkleInTime at #SDCC.

The teaser trailer for Disney's @wrinkleintime is here!! I'm so excited for you all to see this. In theaters March 9, 2018. Click the link in my bio for the full teaser trailer! #WrinkleInTime #D23Expo #MrsWhatsIt

ICYMI First look at #AWrinkleInTime. So honored to have worked with all these amazing women! #kimbleized #FirstLook #wrinkleintime


✨Awaken Your Kindest Humanity, and GO; BeLove, in Action, in Your Life.🎯 ✨'Radiant, Luminous You'✨ Breathe. Move. Sit. Connect. Laugh. Heal. Receive. ✨'Surrender to your Radiance...your Integrity...your Beautiful Human Grace.✨
-yogi bhajan
This, and every Sunday, See, and Be Seen, with Sacred Sunday Community... 💎Nourish YourSelf, Cherish YourSelf with a morning of SelfCare, rooted in SelfLove.🌸 🌸The Sacred Sunday 9-11:15am schedule; 🔺• 9-10; Gentle Yoga for All Abilities 🔺• 10-10:45; the 'Ho'oponopono' practice of Reconciliation, Forgiveness & Healing, & 'I Am' prayers of Love * click here for a miniclip of Ho'oponopono;
https://youtu.be/WNSNLNwRqGI & miniclip of I Am;
https://youtu.be/0ZpwIF46c50 🔺• 10:45-11:15 Meditation; 'Radiance is an Inside Job' Free. All are Welcome. 🙋🏻‍♂️Christopher & Daniela🙋🏻
Yoga🌱Farm Directors
Radiance Course Educators

404 Conlon Rd, Lansing NY
*a few minutes past Rogues Harbor restaurant

We so look forward to Welcome & Greet You! Every week, beautiful new faces, kind new open hearts arrive. Come anytime... ✨🌏✨ YogaFarm is inclusive of all religious and political affiliations, genders, sexual orientations, race and any other way we have come to label ourselves or be labeled.
In the studio, we all breathe as One, together. We stretch as One, together. We meditate as One, together, and we Love as One, together.
May we practice in Unity, together, in the Lansing studio, and then live that out in the greater studio of ✨✨🌏✨✨ 🙏Please Share this Event🙏

PS; EnJoy this 2 min video about the upcoming Sept 2017 RadianceCourse:

Radiance Course intro video
#sacredsunday #yogafarm #kindfulness #bethechange #nourishyourself #cherishyourself #loveyourself #wereallinthistogether #loveinaction #megmurphy #wrinkleintime #loveisunderstanding

Enjoying a Wrinkle in time. Thanks Lainey for the rec on your blog. Excited for the movie! #wrinkleintime #amreading

Is there really a window to the soul? Or are our souls hidden until we choose to express them through words and actions?
Like the kinds of feelings that show us what it can mean to be alive, they can't be seen by a casual passerby.
#elephants #soulful #whatbigeyesyouhave #botswana #amateurphotos #ak_images #livewild #naturephotography #wildlifephotography #whoareyou #wrinkles #wrinkleintime #wildlife_perfection #soul #matriarchy #keepitwild

#TeachersMatter. Mrs Roller read this book aloud in the Third Grade - I'm rereading it aloud now with my boyfriend. I realized that she prepared me to oppose facism all those years ago while re-reading the chapter 'The Happy Medium.' And I realized just now that M. L'Engle may be responsible for kickstarting my deep faith and endless hope. Finally, hearing about the sacrifice of celestial beings like Mrs Whatsit reminded me of the power of light - like #heatherheyer's - and its ability to dismiss the darkness. #wrinkleintime

"Suddenly there was a great burst of light through the darkness. The light spread out and where it touched the darkness, it disappeared. The light spread until the patch of Dark Thing had vanished, and there was only a gentle shining, and through the shining came the stars, clear and pure." -Madeleine L'Engle, a Wrinkle in Time #digitalillustration #illustration #illustrator #penandink #space #wrinkleintime #lunar

#Repost @wrinkleintime (@get_repost)
Meet the Mrses. #WrinkleInTime 😊❤

Meet the Mrses. #WrinkleInTime

#Oprah in #VOGUE speaks on dealing with her film #Beloved not performing well at the box office decades ago and more. Her series #Greenleaf premieres tonight and tomorrow at 10/9c on @owntv #VogueSeptember [RP via @avaduvernayfans]

Good morning! Have a great day ! #WrinkleInTime portrait by Koury Angelo for People mag.

Love it @dericmccabe ! First day of school. #WrinkleInTime #CharlesWallace

Lovely comic by Siobhán Gallagher that perfectly captures the unique joy that is re-reading your favorite childhood books as an adult. See the full comic via link in bio.

My #wrinkleintime spot in my room so excited for this movie. Hoping to inspire other to read the book before the movie comes out on March 9.

Current books im reading. 1984, re-reading "a wrinkle in time" and things they never taught me in school . #read #books #readbooks #booksireadinhighschool
#goodforthesoul #wrinkleintime , i think i heard they were making a movie? #1984 #georgeorwell #educateyourself

Sometimes, children's literature will help you process in the dark times. #wrinkleintime #wtfishappening

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