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Time for the fifth (fifth!) annual #wrestlemania t shirt reveal! I know these aren't t shirts, but this isn't a normal year. I had a whole post planned out where I would turn heel on @ryan_eamon because he wasn't coming to #thegrandaddyofthemall . I was going to talk about how much I hated him, and how I needed to buy gloves this year because my fingers are covered in sores after all the years of dragging his dead weight around. I was going to talk about how he's skipping #wrestlingssuperbowl in Orlando because all the sun screen in the world couldn't protect him from those Florida rays. I was going to talk about how I didn't need him because I formed an army, a DX army. But then he managed a way to come and I'm very excited about it. We're half way there to our #decadeofdecadence man. Were going to be the only five time (5x) #showcaseoftheimmortals attendees (statistically highly inaccurate) but I'm excited to have some, quite literally, #goodbrothers @cjoyce19892 @joyceb92 @pat_joyce with us for their first time.

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