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winter white-ing it | #wovenfolk

New year, new #wip ...
This piece will be heading to @oldquartercoffee once she's done! 😘
#weaving #saori #saoriweaving #northernrivers #wovenfolk

@brightgreys has a sweet wovenfolk collection | love seeing wovenfolk baskets in the wild | #wovenfolk

love the winter sunshine | vintage sweater and denim, @wovenfolk basket available in shop, @loq shoes | #wovenfolk

ready for all the cozy and merry making | #wovenfolk

cable knit sweater and baskets go good together | vinyl coated wicker basket available in shop #wovenfolk

obsessed with these slim military trousers from @_rawson, this sweater jacket is in the etsy shop (I really love it), and this basket is coming in an update tomorrow | #wovenfolk

💕 love this photo by @hdee_tv and her #wovenfolk bag. keep the customer photos coming!

pink wall love | vintage top, @_rawson slim military trousers, @rachelcomey shoes, @wovenfolk basket | #wovenfolk

one of these green guys came home with me | @everlane tee, @_rawson military pants, vintage sweater, @wovenfolk basket available in the shop, @swedishhasbeens boots | #wovenfolk

desert wanderings | vintage top and pants, @graymattersnyc shoes, @wovenfolk natural cane basket available (has a very birkin basket vibe). #wovenfolk

different day, but same jumpsuit, with different sweater and shoes | @wovenfolk basket available in the shop, vintage jumpsuit and sweater, @lottafromstockholm shoes | #wovenfolk

There were some new goods added to @wovenfolk shop this week, but this little guy didn’t make it because I like him too much. #wovenfolk

Winter on Maui is my favorite ❤️🎄🌺🤶🏻🌴

when you find a vintage, white jumpsuit at the thrift, you put it on (after you wash it) and never take it off | #wovenfolk

A basket like this is perfect for picnics and farmers market trips | #wovenfolk

domed basket available in shop | #wovenfolk

@andyishh with her mini @wovenfolk basket | #wovenfolk

this cool thang is coming this afternoon to shopwovenfolk.com | #wovenfolk

baskets with great shadows | vintage top and jeans, @graymattersnyc shoes via @thedreslyn, @wovenfolk basket available in shop | #wovenfolk

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