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Best Week Ever reunion with the GOAT @normmaker backstage at @wendyshow!! Watch me on the show tomorrow, I have an insane jacket on #worthyourtime

Know your worth. Then add tax😉🔝🔱!!! #ootn #dominican #worthyourtime #valueyourself

Just play. It creates a strong foundation for the harder stuff. Day 4 playing before savasana. #laughloud #findyourhappy #worthyourtime @catallenyoga @freshyogact

A New Earth
by Eckhart Tolle
I don't get paid to tell you about this book. I'm just sharing a golden nugget with you cause I love you that much.

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." My friends @kateandbraun are living proof that our greatest challenges are our greatest teachers and our path to some of greatest ministries. I love how they are using their journey with Dwarfism to educate others on the beauty of differences. And now as they struggle with an unexpected injury which left Kate with very little use of her legs on the first night of their Honeymoon He is using them to show others how to face hardship with joy. My husband had the privilege of performing their wedding ceremony and his words ended up being very prophetic for where God would take their story next(hear it on her blog.) Head on over to @kateandbraun and start following these ordinary folks on an extraordinary path! #worthyourtime

In bright and clean environment with this awesome #googlecardboard #worthyourtime

Ultimate #foodporn from @creamandcustard today. Thank you again @yellowdaisypetals for the lovely treat. #worthyourtime

Make your workout worth it. Come to Haleigh's Saturday morning class at UAC Glover Park! 930am. #worthyourtime #thatstomorrow #urbanathlete #gloverpark 🌞💪🏼💦


Roller coasters at the foot of Fuji. #suchageniusidea #富士急 #fuji #worthyourtime

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within ☺️☺️💯#positivethinking #youareimportant #worthyourtime #smilemore #liveforyourself

It's 4:29 am & I have finished reading!! 50 inspiring chapters 💜
8 hustling hours🔥
22 pages note👅 that's what I do .. Imma note taker😅
I am so exhausted yet excited to complete it within a less than half a day!! #firsthustle #bawse #motivational #funny #worthyourtime @iisuperwomanii thanks for such an inspiration!!! ❤

Art Show Thursday 7-10pm

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