This is a blast. Though I was late a while ago because of systemized trip (you really must know what I am pertaining for). But still, it’s worth it. Worth the wait. Thanks for everything and to the bonding that became short for me, but still it’s a major bonding. To @edwardmaalihan, @jessekimg, @davidbrianne (please send me the photos if they’re done already, thanks!) and to all my colleagues (correct me if I’m wrong) a while ago. This day is so memorable to me. Thank you so much. 😘😘😘 #GroupDate #WorthTheWait #Bonding #Friendship 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😇😇😇

And here's the dress....my last selfie before becoming Mrs. Pearman. It was a beautiful evening with amazing people. Perfect in every way. I am so happy and grateful. #mrspearman #worththewait

Boulder wrestling in the Garden of the Gods. Better than I'd imagined. It's been a while. #snakepit #gardenofthegods #bouldering #optoutside #worththewait #roadtrippin #problemsolving

What an amazing day at our “Clear the Shelter” event yesterday! Big thanks to all of our adopters who opened up their homes and their hearts to give these kitties and dogs a second chance! Huge thanks to our staff and volunteers who helped make this happen, it wouldn’t be possible without you! Check out these action shots and then take a look at some happy family photos in our next post! ❤️
#cleartheshelters #cacc #animalcare #adoptdontshop #homesweethome #bff #happydog #happycat #newhome #newlife #worththewait #happyfamily #shelter #chicago #volunteer #saturdayvibes #telemundo #nbc

I love that @tinshedgardencafe has special Fido food, but I can’t stand waiting for my food to cool down! #worththewait #dogfight #spoiled #kosmosworld #beefdinner #nomnom #f1labradoodle

happy birth to my birth father.
there is nothing in a greeting card that can capture that complexity.
happy birthday to my birth father.
I feel for him, for his lack of choice about what he didn’t know. it pains him; it pains me. he calls it missing out. he calls it loss time. lets start this year as the new beginning without mourning the ones behind us?
happy birthday to my birth father.
we say, it was meant to be; we call upon God himself: this is what God wanted.
happy birthday to my birth father.
to the man who gave me life, who has spent his entire life unknowing about me, who professes unconditional love, who wants to spend the rest of his life making up for lost time.
for the first time in thirty four years, I have the privilege say to you, happy birthday! || today is brooklyn’s birthday party... today is his... isn’t it lame that there are two parties today, two different states, but one family?

Finally don’t now time to cut it up lol #brisket #itsready #mmmm @the__bassist #cuttingtime #worththewait next time I’m starting early @velozjessica21

t w e n t y f i v e
weeks with this hunnybunz💘
ps. notice the bag of Doritos close by 😝

Divine Turkish breakfast #wheninrome #worththewait

Nagkita rin ang ating landas, wala ng iba
akong hinihiling kundi ika'y pagmasdan
Mundo ko ay 'yong niyanig
Oh anong ligayang ika'y sumama sa akin
Nais ko lang humimbing
Sa saliw ng iyong tinig 🎶 🎶 🎶
#worththewait #finallyhome #homesicknomore

Almost 2 hrs n pila kinaya nmin @alias_rioski para sayo @mangofloatsuprememanila 😂 Pawis, init at ngalay ng binti ay aming tiniis 😂 Thank you for our free little cute pens 😘
#Mango #Ph #NgitingTagumpay (c) @haloskim

My default answer these days whenever anyone asks me how I'm feeling. Husband is literally rolling me out of bed. #likeawhale

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