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Wow people still wear a shirt like this! #worstmayorever #ford#yyz #sad

You did, did you? #GFY - but the #dbag still won...#WorstMayorEver Sorry #NYC but you got the D again.

"Martin, it’s all psychological. You yell, “Barracuda,” everybody says, “huh, what?” You yell “Shark,” we’ve got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.” #PRFail #AlternativeFacts #WorstMayorEver #attemptedspincontrol #allpsychological #greatjacketthough #OneStarForTheBlazer #JulyFourthWeekend

Had to put on all my layers of clothes before heading into work at 10am in the middle of a blizzard/ice storm/snow emergency.. but at least I look majestic. Now let me take this layer off before management decides to discriminate against unicorns. #ganggang #🦄 #worstmayorever


#Repost @son_of_oakland......................
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Hello Supporters. Please Share this Post and Sign this Petition and support the regular people!
Thank you Local 21 make her do the right thing!
We support IFPTE Local 21 Union! And SEIU Local 1021! Stay real with this Action!
Not like that fake Survey being Fake right along with her then saying she is my God sister!

Ken Houston
Born Raised Committed
For the people! With the people! From the people!

#Oakland #TheTown #Oaktown #KenHouston #LibbySchaaf #Disgrace #WorstMayorEVER #SEIU #Local1021 #SupportOurWorkers #CityOfOakland #TimeForAChange #SaveOakland #VoteForKenHouston #WeGonnaBringThisTownBack #OaklandIsHome #ByeLibby #LibbyLies #LibbySchaafIsRunningOaklandIntoTheGround #OaklandWasSchaafted

You did, did you? #GFY - but the #dbag still won...#WorstMayorEver Sorry #NYC but you got the D again.

Fun times these days driving in hoboken. Thanks god mayor Zimmer is not going to be our mayor for to much longer. #hoboken #hobokentrafficsucks #worstmayorever

When you realised you haven't eaten your total daily calorie limit and it's almost midnight #summer2017 #jaws2 #jawesome #gettothechoppa #worstmayorever #summerclassicmovies

5th Ave NYC
Keep up the good work De blasio 🤢#worstmayorever #filth #homelesseverywhere#whywouldyoudothat#arentyouembarrassed

He can't be serious. Why wouldn't he just close the beach?
#jaws #osaka #japan #worstmayorever

Look at Dis fucking clown in Germany at the G20 summit! Get your ass back to city hall and make sure the fucking subways run on time! #nyc #mayor #moron #dopey #subway #whyareyouthere #worstmayorever

Rounding out fourth of july weekend with my favorite person currently watching: 'Jaws' (1975)

#tradition #fourthofjulyweekend #bestboyfriend #jaws #shark #horror #horrormovies #classic #cultclassic #worstmayorever #america #stevenspielberg #hysteria #chum #beach

Happy 4th, ya'll...see you at the Jaws bridge. After all, "Amity" means friendship... #jawsbridge #fourthofjuly #worstmayorever #jerkstuff #amityisland #jaws #america #americansharksforamerica

"Martin, it’s all psychological. You yell, “Barracuda,” everybody says, “huh, what?” You yell “Shark,” we’ve got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.” #PRFail #AlternativeFacts #WorstMayorEver #attemptedspincontrol #allpsychological #greatjacketthough #OneStarForTheBlazer #JulyFourthWeekend

Yes!!! The best ever!#neworleans #robertelee #worstmayorever

In the wake of last fall's elections, we've heard lots of talk of draining the swamp, of corruption and influence peddling, but amid all the heated discourse, you might have missed an important political story that is reverberating across the country.
It's the case of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, who was an up-and-coming Republican star with a squeaky clean image and a record of promoting job growth. But his political career exploded in scandal worthy of a soap opera when he was convicted of public corruption and sentenced to two years in federal prison. He fought the charges all the way to the United States Supreme Court -- wracking up a hefty legal bill of $27 million. It turned out to be worth it. The Supreme Court reversed his conviction in a controversial and far-reaching ruling – but not without a hitch.
This decision gives much greater room for public officials to commit improper acts, to commit bribery in subtle ways, and it gives them that room to do it without worrying about getting prosecuted.
The Supreme Court ruling is shaking things up already. Politicians found guilty of bribery in New York, Pennsylvania, Utah and Louisiana are now using the McDonnell case to fight their convictions.
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NYC 🍎deserves better.
#nyc #nyclife #newyork #corruptgovernment #corruption #nycmayor #corruptmayor #paytoplay #deblasio #billdeblasio #mayordeblasio #stopdeblasio #liberal #notmymayor #nypd #worstmayorever #deblasiosucks #picoftheday #newyorkcity

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday laughed off a New York Post cover that depicts him as a hot-air balloon for releasing a series of short-on-detail proposals — but failed to fill in the missing elements of those plans.
Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” de Blasio insisted his plans to close Rikers Island, create 100,000 new high-paying jobs over 10 years, and expand pre-K to all 3-year-olds in the city by 2021 were all obtainable goals.
The mayor offered no new details on the plan to create 100,000 jobs — saying only that it would include efforts in the tech, film and TV and life-science industries, and feature public subsidies.
He also didn’t mention how he plans to wrangle $700 million annually from the state and feds in order to achieve his nearly $1.1 billion plan to expand pre-K to all 3-year-olds within four years. Haven't we heard empty promises from him before the last election?
NYC 🍎deserves better.
#nyc #nyclife #newyork #corruptgovernment #corruption #nycmayor #corruptmayor #paytoplay #deblasio #billdeblasio #mayordeblasio #stopdeblasio #liberal #notmymayor #nypd #worstmayorever #deblasiosucks #picoftheday #newyorkcity

De Blasio is the king of claiming unflattering news about him is "fake news". That is why he controls how and what questions reporters are allowed to ask him. Here he is producing fake news of his own. NYC 🍎deserves better.
#nyc #nyclife #newyork #corruptgovernment #corruption #nycmayor #corruptmayor #paytoplay #deblasio #billdeblasio #mayordeblasio #stopdeblasio #liberal #notmymayor #nypd #worstmayorever #deblasiosucks #picoftheday #newyorkcity

Mayor de Blasio wants city landlords to do as he says, not as he does.

The mayor — who moonlights as a landlord on two properties in Park Slope — has raised rents even as he’s urged the Rent Guidelines Board to freeze prices for rent-stabilized apartments, Politico reported Monday.

Great commentary by Will Rahn on how lucky and terrible our corrupt mayor is. Link in profile.

De Blasio jacked up the rent on two of his Brooklyn properties even while successfully pushing for rent freezes on about 1 million apartments that fall under the rent-stabilization program.
The rent in one unit of a two-family home owned by de Blasio and First Lady Chirlane McCray jumped from $2,400 in 2009 to $2,850 last year, said a City Hall source, who confirmed figures first reported by Politico.
The annual hikes came in $50 and $75 increments.
Another unit in the wood-frame home, where de Blasio’s mother once lived, saw its rent go up by $25 to $1,825 in June 2015.
The first couple is also collecting $4,500 a month renting out their own home while they live in Gracie Mansion.
“It’s hypocritical and embarrassing to freeze rents in regulated units, but not his own,” said Jack Freund, executive vice president of the Rent Stabilization Association, which represents landlords.
The mayor isn’t eager to discuss the situation.
After disclosing the data for the past two years, his office decided this year that his apartment rentals are “private.”
City Hall spokesman Eric Phillips refused to comment “on the mayor’s modest personal rental income,” explaining that the rentals are a “private income source.”
“We’re not covered by the rent-stabilization law, as you know, but our attitude has been if there isn’t a specific reason to raise the rent, we don’t raise it,” he said. “And if there is a specific repair we have to make, then we do.”
But when asked about making the figures public, the mayor suggested reporters talk to his wife.
“The press office can talk to Chirlane McCray and see how she feels about answering that,” he said.
In each of the past two years, the Rent Guidelines Board — whose members are all appointed by the mayor — froze rents on new one-year leases for rent-stabilized units.
According to the board’s price index of landlord operating costs — including taxes, fuel, utilities and maintenance — expenses for owning a rent-stabilized building increased 6.2 percent last year.
But it’s a re-election year for the mayor, and landlords are bracing for a third straight rent freeze.
De Blasio has taken pride in picking and telling the board what to do.

Remember this... people always wonder what original idea has this guy ever brought to the city. This was it.

Mayor de Blasio is to blame for the huge backlog of criminal cases and defendants stuck on Rikers (who can't make bail) waiting for court. It seems obvious he isn't serious about reforming our criminal system and reducing the population on Rikers Island so it can be closed, or whether it's just all election year talk. He is oddly refusing to appoint eight judges who could be immediately assigned to criminal court.
In 2015, the last full year for which data is available, it took misdemeanor and other low-level defendants on average 564 days to get before an actual jury, or 474 days if the case was tried by a judge.
That is, for those defendants, prosecutors, victims and witnesses with the stamina to go the distance.
The chronic delay creates a culture where surrender seems to everyone the most rational option, particularly to defendants stuck on Rikers because they can’t make bail. Many take pleas just to get out and get on with their lives — regardless of the long-term impact on their job, educational and housing prospects, or even their immigration status.
Victims and witnesses, too, get tired of being ready to tell their story and putting their lives on hold while the system grinds on, making prosecutors unable to bring real perpetrators to real justice.
This is largely why few of the approximately quarter of a million non-felony cases brought yearly in New York City actually go to trial — only 161 jury trials and 315 bench trials in all of 2015. This is a system, but not a justice system.
So where are the judges?
Ask the mayor. He hasn’t merely neglected to appoint eight new judges who would be instantly available to help clear this tremendous backlog of cases — he is outright refusing to do so.

Gotham Gazette: Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance recently concluded his investigation into the effort by Mayor Bill de Blasio and his aides to funnel campaign funds to Democratic state Senate candidates in 2014. Vance did not bring any charges in the case, writing that “the parties involved cannot be appropriately prosecuted, given their reliance on the advice of counsel.”
But, Vance’s decision did not entirely vindicate the mayor. He criticized de Blasio and his team for their actions that “appear contrary to the intent and spirit of the laws,” and also wrote that his decision “does not foreclose the BOE or others from pursuing any civil or regulatory action that they determine might be warranted by these facts; such a remedy might well provide guidance to those involved in the electoral process.”
Vance’s office could not make a case for prosecution beyond a reasonable doubt, in part because of the legal advice de Blasio and his team had received that gave them the go-ahead for their maneuvers. But the BOE has a lower burden of proof for its own enforcement actions, which include civil penalties reaching thousands of dollars.

@nypost: A self-confessed white racist’s murder of Timothy Caughman, an elderly black man, so shocked “even the most jaded New Yorkers” that the alleged killer was charged with “murder as an act of terror.” Mayor de Blasio even said he couldn’t remember another such incident “in recent history.” Yet, as Seth Barron at City Journal points out, something very similar happened weeks earlier, when a white woman in Queens was killed, allegedly by a black woman who also gave police racist motives. But in that case, “the admission of racial animus was reported and quickly forgotten” — no elevating the slaying “beyond a hate crime to the realm of domestic terrorism.” Why the difference? In the Caughman case, it was “to satisfy a political agenda of black victimhood, for which white perpetrators are in short supply.” He politically benefits from dividing the city.

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