{New} A very (un)Happy Birthday. The week that was. Possibly the worst 6th birthday, ever. http://mommalikeme.co.za/a-very-un-happy-birthday/
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can you tell I had the best birthday ever


This birthday has definitely beat last year’s! #throwback #worstbirthdayever

He's not gonna be smiling like this on his first day of school 😁☝️ @anamaria_rmz01 #worstbirthdayever 😂

My cat had the worst 1st birthday ever first the power went out then he almost got burned🙁


I wish I was back already. 💔 #NYC #manhattan #bestbirthdayever

Got called fat on my birthday & it's raining outside, I've had better birthdays but here are some pictures. #worstbirthdayever

I’ve started and deleted a bunch of posts about the #worstbirthdayever because all my raging about how tired I am is getting boring FOR ME so I can now empathise with how the rest of you felt in May.
This is the most socially acceptable thing I have to show for a birthday-weekend where I switched off my phone and the wifi in order to hang out with myself to ✨feel✨ all the ✨feelings✨ so I can remind myself (AGAIN) that feeling rubbish is bearable and “this too will pass”. The process was kinda forced on me, TBQH; I didn’t plan a “party” as I don’t have the gall to force people I love to see me when I am so unwell that I can’t fake being happy, I can’t afford a getaway to a cute beachside apartment, and I don’t have the energy to distract myself with anything else I could have done to escape the shitness in my soul (random sex, going out partying, whatever). My eyes hurt so much from the EMDR that I can’t even binge on Netflix. It was seriously the epitome of #boringselfcare.

And also TBQH I still feel INCREDIBLY SHIT so I haven’t got to the “this too will pass” lesson. But I do know it’s there.
Something I am quite proud of though is that yesterday I FINALLY got to the point in @daniellelaporte’s #desiremap where I figured out my “core desired feelings”. I started this process in January, so yup...that is definitely SOMETHING.
Anyway Frida has been amazing with jumping on me as I sobbed at how shit everything feels even though she knows she’s not allowed on my bed, where I have been for 87% of the last 4 days. And when she decided to meditate with me this morning as I set my timer for the first time in a significant while, I knew that everything is gonna be just as it needs to be for as long as it needs to be, and I can suck it up and wait it out...even though I can’t stop crying most of the time.

So here’s to being 34 and still looking like a teenager since I keep having to start over (and over, and over) but at least by the time I’ve figured out how to ✨live✨ I will still be kinda cute 💁🏾‍♀️

Pretty birthday flowers #thisis40 #redroses #worstbirthdayever

Well, got fired today. #worstbirthdayever

Today is just another damn year on this earth yay #worstbirthdayever. #420

Worst birthday ever. 😭 Still not out of the woods yet. Can it rain please so we can go back to living our lives? Please? I want cake 😭😭 #birthdayweek #worstbirthdayever #fire #californiaburning #smoke #lakecountysucks #movingsoon #stopit #fml #fireseverywhere

Print this out. Cut out the space in the middle. Paste in a loved one's photo. Then give it to them as a present when you've forgotten to get them a real one.
Take a pic of your shitty present and tag me in it!

Does anyone want to deliver me birthday lunch or dinner? #worstbirthdayever

Happy 4th Birthday Roo! For your birthday I got you a baby sister and now you hate me #worstbirthdayever #RooneyandMessi

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