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This is our best friend, Chris. He is leaving Utah and moving back east to Missouri. Chris has been on some of the radest trips with us, and we have seriously loved having him here. He is the kind of person that will make you laugh until you cry and he is always down for some crazy, impromptu adventure. 🤙🏻Oftentimes, it really isn’t about the destination, but the people that you meet along the way! So here’s to Chris, our faithful tour guide.😉 Have a great summer bro, see you soon!

shooters gonna shoot

People go on, expecting the days to keep coming... Never anticipating that one day, maybe a little sooner than expected, it would be their last. They then might wish to breathe in the sunshine, to dig their toes in the sand, and to laugh with all of their being, just one last time... I don’t want to come to the end of my life and realize that I never took the chance to truly LIVE. To feel, to have passion, to appreciate, to love and to give back. I want to spend every breath within me, loving the world and the people around me. Use your strong body to climb that mountain and accomplish the goals you have set. Use your eyes to take pleasure in and to treasure this Earth, which is your home. Use your hands to give and to comfort others, and use your heart to speak kind words. Life is fleeting and nothing is guaranteed. Take the precious time that you are given to LIVE & to LOVE.

Step by step.

king overdosed

kids on drugs

Overlooking the valley on a peaceful evening 🌻

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