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Dorothy Chiarchiaro, 61, and her niece, Dolores Costa, 52, were the best of friends. They went on vacations together, grew up in the same Brooklyn brownstone on Dean Street, were maid of honor at each other's wedding, and both worked for the same company at the World Trade Center.
Dorothy, an organizer at Fred Alger Management, Inc., worked on the 103rd floor of the North Tower. Dolores, who would have turned 54 on September 13th, worked several floors below her aunt and rose to the position of vice president at the company.
Dorothy's husband, Nick, remembers her as a woman of many talents — dancing, knitting, decorating. During their 37 years of marriage, he rarely experienced an hour of boredom. Dorothy managed to perfectly balance her demanding job, caring for two children, and making time for fun. It wasn't an easy task, but she mastered it perfectly. "Kind," Nick said, thinking of words to characterize his beloved wife. "Considerate and cantankerous."
Giving was the trait that defined Dolores, who spent her spare time crocheting colorful afghans for friends and feeding finches, warblers and sparrows that lived in the birdhouses in her backyard in Port Monmouth, New Jersey. "My wife had a heart of gold — she was very soft," said Charles, her husband, who recalled that people were drawn to her blue eyes and her smile. She rose at 5 a.m. every morning to go to work, and was giving from the minute she got up. "She was giving to me, to her home, to strangers in the street," Charles said. "She gave herself. When she was at her job, she was giving 110 percent."
Two years after he lost his wife and niece when American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into their office building on September 11th, 2001, Dorothy's husband visited his ancestral home in the Italian region of Sicily, bringing some family photos of Dorothy and Dolores, neither of whom's remains were found in the rubble of the Twin Towers, along with him. A relative took him into the beautiful family vineyard, dug a hole to represent a grave and placed the photos in the soil, telling the widower, "Your family will be here forever."

É impressionante a energia desse lugar!!!
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Pizza balls are special. It looks good and tastes yummy😁
The risotto is moist
I don't like the taste of wine. Luckily its stewed chicken doesn't have heavy smell of alcohol
I have been to the restaurant twice and haven't found any spoiler
It's better to go with several friends and order its combo. You can try more dishes and would definitely be full😋
🚇台北101/世貿 Taipei 101 / World Trade Center
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"No day shall erase you from the memory of time" - Virgil. For more peace, love and tolerance! ☺️🌹✌🏼️❤️⚜️🏳️🕊️ #worldtradecenter #wtc #memorial #911 #911memorial #peace #love

Wiz Khanasha got that #NYPD status 😎 (s/o to my #DPO girls for getting litty with me in Boston and New York ❤️) #worldtradecenter #ineedacharger #myphoneisdead #MASKS

Neverforget, another extremely badass teammate KIA back in the day. 9/11/2008 I'll never forget the date. #projectwarpath #neverforget #neverforgive #globalwaronterrorism #OEF #NavySEAL #hero #freedom #9/11 #worldtradecenter #groundzero #fallenangels #invincible

Díganme si no soy la más afortunada. Y como logré yo juntar a estos dos dominicanos que me encantan??? 😂😂 #platanopower #worldtradecenter #freedomtower #goldenalbum #romeistas


NYC from way up above. #High #WorldTradeCenter #Amazing

Taken from the top of DiCaprio's building in Manhattan. My boy did the rooftop renovation. Super sick! #worldtradecenter #batteryparkcity #nyc #gorgeous #sunset

De todas as coisas lindas que essa Cidade proporciona essa de longe foi a mais sensacional ! One World Trade Center Station by Santiago Calatrava #santiagocalatrava #worldtradecenter #oneworldtradecenter #ny

Day 3 of the Big Road Trip!
Yesterday was the Skyline today was the Highline ☺️ We started early and drove to New Jersey. After dropping our bags we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get to New York City. People were kind and helped us. We made it to the World Trade Center Memorial, where we retold the story of 911 to Marissa who had not been born yet.

Walking across the full Highline in Chelsea has been on my bucket list for a long while. It was lovely.
In Times Square M bought a sweat shirt. We ate dinner at Grand Central Station.
Tomorrow we move into the city for two more nights… More adventures ahead!
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11 de setembro é uma data triste,oremos pelas pessoas que se foram, mas pra nós é motivo de festa.
Dou gloria ao céu por ser esse meu motivo quanto ha tantos que choram.

Te amo nego ♥
. . .
É impressionante a energia desse lugar!!!
#nyc #manhattan #worldtradecenter

This view 💛@islandoyster

Today I believe it's starting something new 🍀

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