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Race the Rain,
Ride the wind &
Chase the sunset

Only a Biker understands.
#leh #lehladkah #khardunglapass #worldshighestmotorableroad #bullet

These roads were the toughest.
#offroad #biking #worldshighestmotorableroad #peace


So the man in middle is the Hero behind our hilarious ride to spiti and laddakh. 👌🏻
He is the specialist who tuned up our machines before we left Noida and you wont believe our machine didn't make us sad for a single moment while we were hitting off roads in Spiti or crossing waterfalls or riding on highest passes in the world ✌🏻
We were thanking zamil bhai all they way from spiti to leh and guess what...?
He met us in leh on the same day we got LEH'D 😀

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