Let’s make it to the top together.

On the road and of course no road trip is complete without stopping to photograph cows. These ones are Minnie Waters cows...just as lovely as Murwillumbah cows.🍂🍂 Nat and Luke who own the Minnie Waters kiosk asked me to do The Places You’ll Go postcard series for their store after purchasing the Murwillumbah series in @bowerbirdemporium This will be my fourth location in the series.🍂🍂 I still joke with my love about my post card empire... travelling the world (or just Australia) making post cards and other images...which most likely means I would be a poor artist, but rich in adventure and creativity. I’m always toying with that transition from my paid job...how that would look and feel...what it would mean for my family and relationship. He loves to write...so of course we would need to transition together because the guilt would be too much and possibly his protests too.🍂🍂With government cuts I work a lot less now and the strange irony is I have gratitude for the forced nature of having more creative time. And when I embark on even the smallest adventure like this, my heart sings...really sings. I don’t know that us humans are made for the repetitive way we often live in order to earn and create ‘stability’ for our families and ourselves.🍂🍂for now I’m just so happy I have discovered what I love and I will hold to the riches in that alone.

... Just smile your way to the top!!! 🤪

A closer look into artist David Lloyd @david__lloyd

Artist, friend and neighbor Yoomi Kim @yooms.kim

Looking back at 2018 like where did you go 👀

The finished product after I took a #sip 😂 @lonewolfloungesav

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