It’s always good to be back in NYC. Tonight, I’m especially Looking forward to celebrating world refugee day with @genrescue. All the proceeds from this evening will benefit @theirc’s important work in NY and NJ. .
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Repost from @oxfamireland using @RepostRegramApp - ‘Small Shoes’
A really moving piece on the ongoing refugee crisis by two very talented artists:
Director Kate Dolan @caatdolan
Poem by Maggie Smith @maggiesmithpoet #motionpoems #smallshoes #WorldRefugeeDay #RefugeesWelcome #RightToRefuge #StandAsOne #refugeecrisis

Did you know that less than 1% of the world's refugees are ever resettled? #WorldRefugeeDay #RefugeesWelcome #BlessingNotBurden

“On this #worldrefugeeday we have to remember the people who get to carry that title “refugee” with them for the rest of their lives. I myself as a 5 years old did not have the option to pick if I wanted to be a refugee or not. Later on I had the privilege to call America my home. On this worldrefugeeday let’s remember the children in Syria Who have been forgotten Let’s thank the countries who has allowed the refugees to come and share a little bit of their land with these refugees. Let’s also remember that Jesus was also a refugee.” #Greaterchange #UNHCR #Worldrefugeeday2018

USA Book Fairies are partnering with the United Nations Association of the USA to stand #WithRefugees on World Refugee Day June 20. Make an impact in your community – resources on how to get involved are available here:http://www.unausa.org/programs/adopt-a-future

Print and distribute your own #WithRefugee World Refugee Day 2018 Bookmarks

Follow and share the #WorldRefugeeDay posts from a local Book Fairy in your state; Book Fairies will be leaving books in their community on June 20 with the tag #FairiesWithRefugees
Be like the book fairies and leave a book told by a refugee or about refugee stories in your community, with a note from your chapter about World Refugee Day and UNA-USA

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Check out our latest #MeWeSyria collaboration with @georgetownuniversity which features Syrian women voices from our incredible #MeWeSyria teams. SHARE! #withrefugees #worldrefugeeday #meweinternational inc. link in bio and comments.

In spite of the overall slowdown in arrivals, we've been busy at the Knoxville office!
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Last month, the beautiful castle of #egeskov in Denmark welcomed the #Heartland festival. ⠀

Every day, several yoga sessions with @yogaonVestervro and the @danish institute against torture were offered for free to festival goers. ⠀

These sessions are called "Yoga for dignity", a concept that intends to mobilise more people in the fight against torture, with the rehabilitation of torture victims and other traumatised #refugees at the heart of what they do.⠀

Do you know of any other initiatives that can bring us together to help welcome refugees through sport and physical activity? ⠀

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If you haven’t heard by now it’s world refugee week and I am FIERCE in my belief to make more of their voices heard.
I’ve got a fire in me that has been blazing ever since I arrived on this little planet. By the age of 4 I remember being conscious of what I was here to do. I didn’t fully understand how to make it all happen but that knowing has never left me.
Injustice always agitated those flames, so when the refugee crisis hit the headlines back in 2015, it stoked those fires once more.
The way in which not just the media but everyday people, were talking about it was shocking to me. I didn’t understand the reluctance - I assumed there was something I wasn’t aware of, something I didn’t understand or hadn’t done enough research on, which was why we were actively keeping people OUT of our countries. When I made my first trip to Calais however, I realised this couldn’t be further from the truth.
When it comes to the refugee crisis the western world love to throw around words and phrases such as “complicated”, “problematic”, “no easy solution”, and with this being churned out & repeated every day it’s easy to believe that.
When you are faced with the numbers however and realise it would be barely 18 people per constituency if everyone was rehoused, and that back in WW1 we managed to accommodate 64,000 evacuees from Belgium into Dover ALONE* with less resources, money and technology than we have now, you see through the whole game of smokescreens and mirrors.
The level of propaganda surrounding refugees is horrific. The narrative is predominantly negative. The stats blown out of proportion. The stories based on actual lies.
This isn’t something Europe can continue to ignore. There are still people drowning in our seas. Our holiday swims are in fact watery graves. This isn’t something we can continue ignoring.
Take some time this week to educate yourself with some facts. Look up events happening around you and attend one. To be in 2018 with all this knowledge being hidden is heartbreaking, but if we don’t speak up and use our privilege to shine this light, nothing will *ever* change.

Right now on the sea, on a small boat which can capsize at any time, walking through the desert with its harsh conditions, are millions of refugees.
Right now, millions of them are at the boarders begging to be welcomed. Children are separated from their parents. Families are torn apart. Relatives are missing.
They once had a life, a home, a dream..but, there is still hope for that dream, a future if we let them in and help them start again. No human is illegal.

It's Refugee Week!
We are currently at the Refugee Day Celebration at Islington Assembly Hall.
Tomorrow, for World Refugee Day, we will have a stall at as part of Documenting Refugees,
Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, London.

Drop by for speakers and a screening of the fantastic documentary Another News Story, and pick up a copy of Issue 01: Displacement.

Tomorrow is World Refugee Day...and the news is full of relevant stories.

Over in America, kids are being separated from their parents for crossing an imaginary line, whilst here in Europe...Spain has finally accepted the rescue ship that was turned away by Italy and Malta after saving 630 people from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.
Meanwhile, Germany’s leader Angela Merkel is under pressure to make changes to her more welcoming immigration policy, whilst back in America, President Trump is busy inaccurately tweeting about how it has caused an increase in crime there.

Here in Paris, i’m meeting the thousands of refugees with nowhere to go after their makeshift camps were recently evacuated, whilst Beyonce and Jay-Z have just released their latest music video - shot right here in the world famous Louvre - promoting messages of racial and gender equality.
My head is spinning.
So what do we do with all the information?

I feel like I want to put my fingers in my ears and pretend it isn’t happening?

But we can’t...because it is.
And you know what...we might not have all the answers, or know what steps to take, but we definitely know a good place to start. It involves going right back to basics...right back to one of the first things we ever learnt how to do

To share.

We all live on the world together. No one owns it and no one is more worthy or entitled to any one part of it than anyone else.
There is enough. There is abundance. There is a piece, a place, a chance for everybody..if only we re-learn how to share.

So this World Refugee Day...forget the rhetoric and negativity and tune in to that inner child. Tap back in to what you knew before ever reading the news or forming opinions, and remember that we are all human, all in this together, and all connected.
The Worldwide Tribe <3

전 세계 난민의 제2차세계대전 이후 최대치로, 어느 나라도 외면하기 어려운 지구촌 공통 과제가 되었다.

한국은 난민 협약국으로서 2013년 난민법을 시행하였지만 난민인권에 대한 정책과 문화의 부족으로 열악한 처지는 크게 달라지지 않았다. 난민 인정율은 1.2%(2017년 기준)에 불과할 만큼 난민 인정은 인색하다.

난민 지원 또한 열악하다. 난민 신청 후 6개월이 지나야 취업을 할 수 있게 되어 있는데, 이는 이주노동자의 체류 기간 연장을 목적으로 난민 신청을 하는 것을 막기 위한 방편으로 만들어진 기간이다. 취업이 금지된 기간 동안 생계비를 지원한다는 근거도 마련되었지만, 지급받은 난민 신청자는 10%도 되지 않을 만큼 제대로 이뤄지지 않고 있다.

난민에 대한 시민의 오해와 편견을 확산되고 있는 가운데 예멘 난민 문제를 자치단체에 맡겨두는 소극적인 태도가 아니라 한국의 난민수용 인프라를 정비하고 정부차원의 종합대책을 마련할 시점이다.

2018년, 우리와 난민이 어떻게 살아가야 할지를 고민할 때이다.

#worldrefugeeday #bangladesh #rohingya

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