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In a world of exploding headlines, there’s a braver world of us who are waging hope.

A world of us who say: The greatest risk to our security happens when fear is our main currency.
Who refuse to become prisoners of hate but dare to be champions of hope.

Who believe that greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world and if God be for us than who can be against us — but if we’re against children made by God, than what does it matter who is for us?
The truth is that your statistical chances of being killed by a refugee in a terrorist attack in the USA is 1 in 3 billion — so the data bears witness: any fear of being attacked by a refugee is not based in fact.

Sin is not doing what God would want —and when would God want us to bar our doors from children fleeing the horrors of war?

And wars are won by winning the battle for hope.
Every refugee is a war survivor — and a hope warrior.

Every child refugee
is a hope prodigy.

And there is a world of us who will stand tonight and our hearts break that people are judged on the lands of their birth and the color of their skin,

that people are seen as worthless because it’s easier for us to care more about our comfort and less about anyone else’s very survival,

that people can be seen as Other instead of Ours, and if any of us think our God cares only about Our people and not about Other people, then we’re not worshiping God but an idol made in our own image.

But there is a world of us who will keep watch through the darkness with our torches of hope, and we will set holy fire to the night with our relentless courage and we will burn up despair with His rising Light.

There is a whole world of us Hope Warriors who don’t hold out mostly for ourselves, but remember how to hold on to each other, how to live given and love large and how to make hope our home — and make our home a beckoning refuge of hope.
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Toleransi Itu Penting 😎


I know that #WorldRefugeeDay was two days ago, but I hope it's OK if I mention it today, and tell you that my heart breaks for refugees, especially for the children. There's a #link in my bio for an amazing music video put out recently, just for refugees. The singer sadly took his own life a few weeks ago. 😔Americans have probably heard of him. #ChrisCornell (RIP) 🙏🏼 Check out the video. Trust me, it will move you. 😭😪🙏🏼

Angelina Jolie marked #WorldRefugeeDay with a visit to the Int'l Peace Support Training Centre in Nairobi, Kenya yesterday. #etalk #angelinajolie (📷: SIMON MAINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Around 19.5 million people on this planet have been forced from their home countries by conflict and persecution. The majority of them being women and children. They have struggled to rebuild their lives after desperate journeys to safety. ❤️ To read the story of three refugees who have fled Syria to Turkey, tap the link in bio. #WorldRefugeeDay

Today is #WorldRefugeeDay . I'm honored to work with and speak on behalf of @supportkind an incredible non profit founded by Angelina Jolie, that provides legal services for young children facing deportation. With the refugee crisis at an all time high, I encourage you to not accept divisiveness because of cultural differences but see that inclusion is what makes this and many countries so great.
As a child of two immigrants that came to this country on political asylum, I stand #withrefugees today and everyday 💛

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For #WorldRefugeeDay, held annually on 20 June, we commemorate the strength & courage of millions refugees across the globe.

Refugees streaming into Europe since 2015 have roiled politics and inflamed debate. Newest arrivals are just the latest of many waves of immigrants since World War II.
Photo: ©️ @Hammond_Robin / @noorimages. Germany, Berlin, 2016. Four generations of Syrian refugees from one family. Three years ago they fled the war in Syria. They arrived in Germany on 15 February 2016. Their family (16 people spanning 4 generations) lived in Turkey for 2 years after fleeing Syria before coming to Germany, they now live in Olympiapark, which has been transformed into an emergency shelter for nearly 1500 refugees.

This past year alone, 10.3 million people became newly displaced. 51% of those were children, including the children I am with in this photo. Today, on #WorldRefugeeDay, join @theIRC in making real change in the lives of refugees. Learn how by clicking the link in my bio. #StandWithRefugees

#WorldRefugeeDay may be technically over, but for us, every day is refugee day.
All refugees deserve what the Bazara family, pictured here, now thankfully have: safety, freedom, a chance to rebuild their lives and regain control of their futures. That's what we fight for at IRC, every day. We #StandWithRefugees, no matter what. 💛


We are highlighting some of our FY18 grant recipients as a way to get to know and show gratitude for our amazing cultural leaders!
Today we celebrate the Idaho Office for Refugees who brings us #WorldRefugeeDay, an internationally-celebrated cultural event that has become a tradition for thousands of residents in Boise. This event gives Boiseans an opportunity to learn about newcomers to the community, their traditions and where they come from. We are proud to support the agency's efforts and be part of a community that is #OpenToAll. @city_of_boise #ahgrant

We believe the private sector has a powerful incentive to come up with new solutions to the #refugee crisis.

#TentPartners #WithRefugees #ImWithRefugees #TeamRefugees #WeAreRefugees #RefugeeDay #WorldRefugeeDay #RefugeeCrisis #RefugeeVoices #Refugees

We have to move faster, think bigger, and modernize approaches to relief and resettlement that haven't changed since the 1940s.

#TentPartners #WithRefugees #ImWithRefugees #TeamRefugees #WeAreRefugees #RefugeeDay #WorldRefugeeDay #RefugeeCrisis #RefugeeVoices #Refugees

Proud to welcome @WeWork as the newest member of @TentOrg's Partnership for Refugees. Click our bio link to learn more about commitments made by our private sector #TentPartners.

#WeWork #WithRefugees #ImWithRefugees #TeamRefugees #WeAreRefugees #RefugeeDay #WorldRefugeeDay #RefugeeCrisis #RefugeeVoices

What makes Daniel Castro Garcia’s photo so powerful, and distinguishes it from the often stereotypical images of despairing migrants that populate the news cycle? It’s the ground level. It's the freedom on both sides of the camera. It’s the rare, wonderful, and mutual curiosity. It’s the meaning of a pencil. (-Michael Shaw)

Reposting @foreignerdigital:⠀
"To mark world refugee day I will be posting some images from "Foreigner".⠀
This image was taken in the small village of Idomeni which is located in northern Greece and borders Macedonia (FYROM).⠀
These two brothers were with their mother sleeping in a small tent. Their heads were shaved due to a lice outbreak. The conditions at this informal camp were potentially the worst I saw. Little to no food, no lavatories, no warmth.⠀
Deepest respect to all those going through difficult times. •⠀
#WorldRefugeeDay #refugees #idomeni #macedonia #idomenirefugeecamp #greece #syria #foreigner #danielcastrogarcia" #children #portrait #photojournalism #gaze #respect #pencil

This week, we brought together 25 companies, NGOs, government leaders & agencies to discuss #refugee hiring in the United States.
#TentPartners #WithRefugees #ImWithRefugees #TeamRefugees #WeAreRefugees #RefugeeDay #WorldRefugeeDay #RefugeeCrisis #RefugeeVoices

#socent feature: companies working with refugees at the heart of the supply chains @ikeausa @linkedin @ibm @airbnb @starbucks @microsoft @pearson #Repost @tentorg ・・・
Commitments made by our 80+ private sector #TentPartners are supporting #refugees across 34 countries.
#WithRefugees #ImWithRefugees #TeamRefugees #WeAreRefugees #RefugeeDay #WorldRefugeeDay #RefugeeCrisis #RefugeeVoices

Every minute, 20 people are displaced. The refugee crisis is real—but so are solutions. RT if you #StandWithRefugees rescue.org/#WorldRefugeeDay #nobannowall

Did you Know?
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Guided by our own unwavering belief that every child deserves an education, no matter where they live, we are proud to announce that the ELC Foundation donated $100,000 to @theIRC to support education for refugee children, with a special focus on teenage girls. Today on #WorldRefugeeDay we honor these brave young refugees and invite you to learn more about their courage and tenacity and what you can do at @theIRC and at the link in our bio 💛 We stand #WithRefugees #ELCFamily #ELCFutureBeautiful #esteebeautyadvisor #mua #beautyinfluencer

#ThrowbackThursday: Am Weltflüchtlingstag 2016 stellte UNHCR im Irak im Zuge des Projektes "Hoffnungen und Träume" neben bunten Stiften auch Drachen zum Ausmalen für vertriebene Kinder bereit. 🖍 So sollte den Kindern geholfen werden, die eigenen Träume für die Zukunft auszudrücken.| 📸 ©UNHCR/ Rasheed Hussein Rasheed

By 17, Zaynab was a refugee of three wars. When she resettled in Minnesota, Zaynab was thrilled to discover that not only could she continue her education, but she could also play on a soccer team — something women were not permitted to do in the other countries where she lived. Now she is the captain of her soccer team and is redefining the image of refugees, one tournament at a time. #WorldRefugeeDay
Read more: blog.malala.org - via @malalafund.

20 June 2016
@official.huhudanpopo had the honour to perform with Ezzat Rafii, a talented young rapper from Afghanistan on World Refugee Day.
📸: @caron_toshi

#huhudanpopo #worldrefugeeday #folkmusic

Get to know her. Y/W #Repost @alaamurabit (@get_repost)
In our lifetime over 65 million people have no place to call home - what does that say about us? Based on that fact alone it is clear that our global system of governance is simply not fit for purpose. #WorldRefugeeDay

More than 20 million men, women, and children have been forcibly displaced from their homes & homelands.
#TentPartners #WithRefugees #ImWithRefugees #TeamRefugees #WeAreRefugees #RefugeeDay #WorldRefugeeDay #RefugeeCrisis #RefugeeVoices

Thanks you @italiafilm.me for a wonderful screening this evening.. Today, we were reminded that we are all one; that we are all Human. ‘I hold in my mind each face, each story, every bit of humanity I have encountered along the way’ - Ai Weiwei #WorldRefugeeDay #HUMANFLOW #italiafilmme @carlo.vincenti @elieghamica

Day 39: 1 Peter 2:13-14
"Be subject for the Lord's sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him..."
#FBF to #worldrefugeeday on Capital Hill. We pray for ways to be pro-refugee and simultaneously pro-security, upholding our nation's laws and our leaders in prayer, but advocating for the vulnerable when their well-being is jeopardized. We are grateful for Tennessee pastors who went to Washington in June on behalf of refugees and immigration reform. Let's continue to pray for our nation's leaders.
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No #inktober for today unfortunately, buuuuut here's a spread I did for @philanthropyage Magazine, laying out the statistics of refugee struggles around the world.
Amazing art direction by Matt Walker ( @mw___net )
Thanks to @illozoo for the opportunity!

The early morning walk to Nyhavn in Copenhagen was well worth the alarm. This is the Kunsthal Charlottenborg museum where the windows were barricaded with more than 3,500 salvaged life jackets worn by refugees arriving at the Greek Island of Lesbos

The artwork by Ai Weiwei is named “Soleil Levant” — French for “Sunrise” — and was inaugurated on World Refugee Day. #nyhavn #copenhagen #soleillevant #aiweiwei #aiweiweiexhibition #worldrefugeeday #streetart #stenderadventure #Copenhagen #denmark #wanderlusting #instaphoto #nikon #nikonphotography #nikonlove #adventureisoutthere #adventureawaits #wanderlust #stayrad #endlessadventures #travelmore #exploremore #daydream

Congratulations Rainer Weiss! He joins a growing list of #refugees to win the prestigious @NobelPrize_org. [Photo Credit: @vickmark]

#NobelPrize2017 #WithRefugees #ImWithRefugees #TeamRefugees #WeAreRefugees #RefugeeDay #WorldRefugeeDay #RefugeeCrisis #RefugeeVoices

“You have to understand,
that no one puts their children in a boat
unless the water is safer than the land”


Ryan & Debi Kaplan are the proud owners of this one of a kind #chriscornell @lancemphoto #offthewall proceeds to #lancemercer
#WorldRefugeeDay #keepthepromise

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