You look so cool

Wait!? It's Monday?....Nope, I am gonna stay right here.

When you spend Sunday playing at #beach with friends - you nap on Monday 😊❤️🐶 #mondaymood #mondayvibes #busyweekend #tiredboy #wakemewhenitsfriday #lovemyhedgehog

Mommy couldn’t wait, but I’ll be 9 months tomorrow. 🐶

Mom, please no more pictures.

Woke up to go to work only to see this little baby sleeping all fancy and what not. Paws propped up and everythang. 💕

Look what came in the mail! We are so excited to experience nature’s gifts of wellness using @younglivingeo! So far we are loving the allergy blend recipe we found on @pinterest! 3 drops of lemon, 2 drops lavender & 3 drops of peppermint!

Mom was a little extra with me for my 1st Birthday.

Rewind to Sunday Funday please! 🍺🧡🙎🏼‍♂️#watchyourbackbeer #iseeyou #sundayfunday #jackrose @jackroselg

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