Am I at a #concert or am I at work? I can barely tell! 我在演唱會還是在工作? 傻傻分不清楚!
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🇬🇧are you tired about searchin' for a job??look at us and what we do! Ask me more in private you can be our next revolutioner!! 🇮🇹 Stufo del mondo del lavoro? Guarda cosa facciamo noi e chiedimi info in privato...potresti essere il prossimo revolutioner!! Be Revolutioner!!! #newopportunity #jobopportunity #mypassion #lovemyjob #iwantyou #worldwidesearch #workaroundtheworld #worldismyoffice #workwhereveriwant #askmemore #money #energy #makemoney #freetime #passion #beauty #fit #lifestyle #italy #europe #turin

Today I was supposed to start my cycling trip from Prague towards Ljubljana. Well, not yet, as it seems. Change of plans again. 😂 This time due to a more pleasant reason: joining the bachelorette party of my sis in Barca in 10 days. Well, for a reason like this cycling trip can wait a tiny bit longer, right?
So instead I am further exploring parks of Prague and Prague for the days to come . If yesterday one had a brewery, today one is surrounded with a wine-yard and has a winery 🍷😄
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After a quick hop to London, I ended up for 2 days back in Brussels. Despite all the traveling lately, I am keep on being amazed about how it is possible to be in Prague just like 5 days ago, then in London for 2 days, in Brussels for 2 days and tomorrow I am gonna be in Prague again. Really truly amazing. Sometimes I hardly follow even myself. 🤗#spontanuoustravels
@to everyone in Brussels: was too short to reach out to you guys, but will do so next time when here. I promise. 😊

Bali I am in love with you. Best place ever as a digital nomad. 😁
The world is my office... #balilife #digitalnomad #worldismyoffice #barrista #coffee #adventure #passion #freedom #love #ontheroad #justme

“Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.” ~ Walt Whitman

I love Monday’s and I hope you get to them love them as well. A lot of experimentation will be going down in this account as I apply different digital marketing strategies. I’ll playing with the different aspects. 🧘🏽‍♂️ You’ll appreciate some and you won’t like others while is exactly what I want to happen! Especially when someone unfollows. Why would an unfollow excite me so much? Simple. I only want people whom are in alignment with me today. I am working on how convey the journey I have chosen thankfully Gary Vee says it best! 🏃🏽‍♂️ Excerpt from “Crushing It” by Gary Vaynerchuk
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Don't wait for the 'perfect time'. You'll wait forever😕

Always take advantage of the time you're given!!! I like to dream about a life less complicated and more freedom. With freedom I am talking about the means to do what I like whenever I like.

Living in Bali for the last two years has been a dream come true. But I like to keep on dreaming🙏🌞 What dream are you following?
📷 unknown: dm for credits
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We were born to run... We have this ridge in the back of the head that keeps it attached so our heads don’t bobble like a bobble doll when we run.. like dogs and horses.
We as humans have a built in air conditioned system where we sweat and can go long distances without stopping versus other animals who would need to stop and pant to cool off.
There is still a group of people left who have lived with their old traditions where they would run in packs to chase down ONE specific animal- whenever it was “game on”. The chase could last over 100 miles.. the animals would dart off and go hide in shades or would try to blend in with the rest of the pact.. but the hunters would know how to follow a specific track and the dung of that animal.
When losing track, this is where meta games come in and the hunters predict where the animal is going to go rather than just trying to know where they are now.
Having the best runner in the back, they let him loose after they can feel the animal giving up after so long.
They literally track the animal down until it falls from exhaustion... “Born to Run” Christopher McDougall ———————————————————————What is your Dream?? •My old paradigm was that I need to do certain things before to attain it.. My new paradigm is to go after the big audacious passion goals and dreams NOW. •You have to clearly define what it is.. be able to relentlessly track it down even if it were able to get out of your sights a handful of times. •To know it so deeply that you know where it will be rather than where it is now.. (being able to predict where the puck is going to be rather than just chasing it)

and to be able to put in the work.. not knowing how long this will take. and to be able to play it like it was life or death.. Hunt down your Dreams.. let it feel you coming. No matter what obstacles thrown your way, you know you will overcome them because you will not stop until it drops dead from exhaustion from you chasing it relentlessly and persistently.
That’s the kind of mentality you need to achieve your dreams.
Most people don’t live up to their full potential. Only to the level they are willing to accept.

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