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I’m so Thankful to have a wonderful and supportive family, a fulfilling career and and living in the most gorgeous place on earth #utahisrad

- gorgeous millennium park, chicago.
#travelwithme - #mypointofview#worldismyoffice - #chicago

Crazy monkeys ☺

Saturday training recap and catch up #worldismyoffice #attitude #onsitetraining #livelearn

Good morning world! I've got some corporate clients today to take from their busy minds back into their bodies. Wish me luck :) #travel #worldismyoffice #massageeverydamnday #lovemylife


I’m so Thankful to have a wonderful and supportive family, a fulfilling career and and living in the most gorgeous place on earth #utahisrad

#fromwhereistand 💻☕️
We usually work from our own ‘home offices’, but once a week we work from a coffee shop across from each other 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻

Good morning world🌤
How’s your view from #whereyouwork today? 🖼

Sometimes you spend a whole day at the airports killing time (ahem, working) until your flight time. 👩🏻‍💻
This is me just 2 days ago. 🔙
I actually find that I’m productive at airports for tasks like catching up on emails! 💻
Are you also able to get some tasks done or is there too much movement around❓

Big Shout out to a master guide on the Green River @bhosshunt. Solid late season Brown. This guy knows where the fish are.

Remote work would not be possible if technology had not advanced such that solid internet connections, video call platforms etc. These are ok. But it’s also good to catch up regularly with colleagues at the office. 👍 🚀

I have arrived to Luxembourg for business and met my friend and colleague @aga_moleda before the meeting! Remote teams do meet sometimes too! 😄🤗 It’s an interesting experience to get out of the screen and meet in person! 👩🏻‍💻

5 AM. Many people working comfortably in a lounge at the airport. There’s a high chance this guy works in a regular office job, but he’s getting work done remotely too! ✅
#workanywhere is so embedded in our lives these days, it’s hard to ignore it! 👨🏻‍💻

The poster on the wall translates: If you work from a coffee shop, you will only write a report of the gossips at the end of day. 🤣
Hahah, true if you dont have good headphones! 😅💬

Got the flights booked for Hawaii in January. I can’t wait to get out on the flats with @brycedriver_dominate for some more Hawaiian Bones. So lucky to have a job that takes us to amazing locations #freetrip @ampsmart

We’re in #Istanbul this weekend and stopped by a cafe we’ve wanted to visit for some time. 🤗
Music is great, tables are large and comfy for working, and they have a great selection of homemade baked goodies and coffee/tea. 👩🏻‍💻🍰☕️🎶🌼 We highly recommend for working and/or studying! 🤓

Working from @starbucks_tr today and happy to be out! 🤗
We love the space they have at @oasisbodrum but the downside is the music being too loud for calls. Thank god for the mute option on Skype, otherwise my colleagues would have to listen to the loud music in the background all the time! 🙈

Maniac day today. 🙅🏻 But grateful to at least have the chance to start my morning like this. Checking emails with this peaceful sea view 😍

Working from @starbucks_tr a few days back and enjoying the outdoors still in November. 🍂
I’m on a video call with my awesome team and @barishiz enjoying his flat white with my name on it ☕️ We don’t have many cafe options to work from in the city where we live. What’s your favorite cafe to work from? 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻

Who loves chunky fish smashing streamers? #fallfishing

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