On the one of my trips to Egypt I met a guy who worked at the hotel with guests as a entertaining person . His name is Thabit, which means "strong" in Egyptian. He always smiled and look like was happy with every person. One evening we talked with him. His parents were killed by military actions when he was eight, his sister and brother were missing. But this situation didn't break him , he even became stronger. He is young man with a great life story full of pain and tiers . And he was the most smiling person of my trip.
This made me stronger and more confident, because there are people who are much worse than me and I need to become as a stone like them.
В одной из моих многочисленных поездок я встретила в Египте молодого парня , который работал аниматором. Однажды вечером мы разговорились с ним, и он поведал мне свою горькую историю : его родители погибли , когда ему было восемь лет , а сестра и брат были потеряны. Этот резкий контраст его достаточно горькой судьбы в столь молодом возрасте и его умение улыбаться и быть радостным каждому человеку поразил меня . Такие люди делают меня сильней с каждым шагом, ведь не всегда бывает легко и просто. #sacramentophotographer #portraitphotographer #nataliabellphotography

#worldguy in Cottonwood ....not something you see everyday, at least I don't

Was awesome meeting the #WorldGuy Erik Bendls today in downtown Phoenix!
Check out his site to learn more about why hes walked over 6,000 miles for Diabetes Awareness at WorldWalkGuy.org

#PayItForward #DiabetesAwareness

No matter how busy we are, or how in a hurry we are, the world just keeps rollin along.
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#worldguy #diabetesawareness #nomad #traveler

This morning while leaving our campsite we saw #worldguy Eric Bendl on 89A. He’s walks this globe around for diabetes awareness. Check out his story at worldguy.org. Right on!

A selva é de pedra
Seus habitantes de matéria estranha
Disseram que somos loucos
Ouviram nossas risadas
Juntos vencemos barreiras
...Tentaram nos vencer mas, a vida não se cansa e nossa vitórias foi mais certa.
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Завершил 23 день на крыше😀 ниже 20 градусов холода❄️ дают о себе знать - пулей улетел домой 😀 1’200 отжиманий 💪 Принимай вызов: засними как отжимаешься на улице с хэштегом: #skymanpushup Таким образом вы поддержите меня и докажем @ruslan_jaguar, что «без булдырабыз» 🔥✅💪 #skyman #worldguy #topman #challenge #winter

Throwback to when the world guy stopped by the school! #worldguy #smhstigeryearbook

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