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Happy #WorldElephantDay 🐘 I know, I know, this is a wooly mammoth (shot at Bedrock City Amusement Park in Arizona in 2015), but I'm sharing him anyway 'cause last week I read that scientists at Harvard are only 2 years away from creating a hybrid elephant-mammoth embryo - a real life Snuffleupagus! 😍

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Elephants are not only a cultural icon throughout Asia, they also help maintain the integrity of forest habitats. #WorldElephantDay

@200east59 - HAPPY SUNDAY!
Deep terraces, column-free interiors, and friendly neighbors... This calls for a celebration! #WorldElephantDay #200east59 🎈🐘

Yesterday was #worldelephantday and so I decided to sponsor a orphan Ellie... You should try it, it's rad!! So everyone meet Madiba, he was rescued in Botswana and moved up to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya! Thanks to their hard work they have managed to save over 150 orphaned Elephants usually as a result of poaching! Thanks to @captain_potter for the idea and to @dswt for their amazing work.

I love this from @action4ifaw
It's #worldelephantday! Here's a little something to scratch your itch for cuteness! 🐘 #ivorybelongstotheelephants #saceourwildlife #saveourelephants

#worldelephantday bubbles is nicer than most people in this world these days. @docantle @myrtlebeachsafari

This is the only place we should see an elephant's tusk, other than on it!
Today, we came across this tusk lying in the grass next to the channel bank while moving through the Mombo area of the Okavango Delta, and thinking how perfect it looks here, weathering away and reintegrating with the land that built it, rather than carved into a unnatural form and gathering dust as a forgotten artifact.
Let's think about the true value of these incredible beings to us all!
Photo/text by @christurtleboyes on Expedition #okavango17

🐘 #WorldElephantDay 💕


#Repost @richardsymondsartist ・・・
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It's 'World Elephant Day' today where we celebrate and bring awareness to this awesome and unique animal. I wholeheartedly adore these beautiful, sensitive and highly intelligent animals and spending time in their company. I've had the privilege to watch them for hours and hours in the wild, paint and draw life sized ones, small ones and helped raise many tens of thousands of pounds to help protect them. Do I love elephants? You bet 👍👍👍#worldelephantday #elephant #oilpainting #painting #pencil #pencildrawing #art #wildlife #africa #protect#lifesize #arts_support #artsupport

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Our beloved Habiba! As part of our build up to World Elephant Day we are honouring some of our favourite elephants which of course includes one very sweet and resilient elephant, Habiba. In Arabic, Habiba means darling or beloved which is apt considering she is one of the most popular elephants in Samburu National Reserve. Habiba has survived all odds including the devastating loss of her mother and aunts to become a matriarch and a mother herself. In fact when all the older Swahili females were killed during the poaching crisis, Habiba took the remaining orphans into her care at the tender age of 12, long before she had a calf of her own. Just another shining example of how compassionate elephants can be to one another…. #worldelephantday 📷 STE
#amazinganimals #monkeys #elephantselfie #instaelephant

Worth reading! .
@Regranned from @kirstenalana - I'm borrowing words from @mariselerm to share with you what we learned about the #Maasai while in Africa with @amarula_official because the way she summarized it is better than anything I've been able to write and I've been trying, so from her: "The Maasai of Kenya carry a heavy responsibility as part of their culture and heritage. They believe they are the custodians of wildlife and nature, living to protect our natural heritage. Elephants are their forefathers- beings to aspire to and to respect. The Maasai believe we should strive to be more like elephants - peaceful, strong and wise with strong family connections." As #WorldElephantDay approaches on August 12, and in the news the world seems to be spinning rapidly out of control, I'm thinking of that last sentence in particular. I wish we as human beings would be more peaceful and would be more driven to choose wisdom over emotion. I wish we would stop getting in our own way placing profit and fear over all other concerns. 🐘 I'll be in NYC on World Elephant Day showing my support for @paula_kahumbu & @wildlifedirect as they continue the fight to end illegal poaching and if you're interested in joining in, keep an eye on the #Amarula feed for information about their public events. 🐘 #DontLetThemDisappear #MadeFromAfrica - #regrann .
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Meet our very own Houdini! As part of our celebration of individual elephants this week, we want to introduce you to Matt. Matt is one of the oldest bulls in the reserve and is both extremely elusive and very clever. Clever enough to have taken off his collar more than three times! We have a number of theories as to how he’s removing it but what Matt doesn’t realise is that every time he drops his collar, the STE monitoring team get an immobility alert and we or Jeremy from @elephants.beautifull scramble to make sure he’s okay. Elephants are super intelligent and pick up things very easily so we are now exploring new collaring techniques to ensure they are Matt-proof!
📷 Edelmond Williams
#loveelephants #wildlifevet #amazinganimals #instaelephant #elephantlovers

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Anwar the car-loving pachyderm! This week we have been honouring some of our most beloved and notorious elephants as part of our World Elephant Day celebrations. And today we are celebrating the unusual antics of Anwar the bull elephant who has developed an unrequited and rather odd affection for STE and Elephant Watch cars. He will walk over to them, start sniffing around with his enormous trunk and then rest his head on the roof. We don’t mind, we love him as much as he loves our cars! #worldelephantday
#elephantselfie #monkeys #instaelephant #noriding #loveelephants #wildlifevet #elephantlovers #amazinganimals

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Samburu’s highest climber! A few years ago, Monsoon, the leader of one half of the Clouds family, proved scientists wrong by leading her family up one of the biggest hills in Samburu National Reserve called Koitogor. Before this amazing feat, scientists didn't believe elephants could climb hills of such gradients because of the sheer physical energy that must be expelled in order to do so. At 56, Monsoon is one of the oldest elephants in the reserve and is still going strong. We salute her courageous hill trek and hope you’ll celebrate her amazing spirit of adventure with us this World Elephant Day tomorrow! #worldelephantday
#amazinganimals #wildlifevet #elephantlovers #elephantselfie #loveelephants #noriding #instaelephant #monkeys

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Happy #WorldElephantDay!
Here’s to all those incredible elephants who surprise and amaze us every day. We are amazed by their resilience, courage, loyalty, wisdom, love and many other attributes.
These gentle giants are what the human race should aspire to be.
📷 Nic Nichols
#elephantselfie #wildlifevet #instaelephant #monkeys #amazinganimals #elephantlovers

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On this day, #WorldElephantDay we would like to show our deep appreciation to @elephants.beautifull and their spokes-elephant #ErnietheElephant for their generous donation of $100,000 to Save The Elephants. 100% of the funds will be used to support anti-poaching efforts in Africa managed by the @elephants.beautifull , an initiative of Save The Elephants and the @elephants.beautifull in partnership with the @elephants.beautifull The ECF supports projects across Africa, in ivory consuming countries which aim to stop the killing of elephants, prevent the trafficking, and put an end to the buying of ivory.
Thank you #ErnietheElephant for helping to save your family!
#noriding #monkeys #instaelephant #loveelephants #elephantlovers #amazinganimals #elephantselfie

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On this day, we would like to appreciate one of our partners and sponsors for all their support in helping us secure a future for elephants. Thank you @elephants.beautifull

#Repost @elephants.beautifull (@elephants.beautifull
On #WorldElephantDay, we extend deepest gratitude to our amazing friends and staff of Save The Elephants for their brave work and leadership who champion every day their mission to secure a future for elephants in harmony with people.🐘🐘🐘 #mission #coexistence #Savetheelephants
#noriding #monkeys #instaelephant #amazinganimals #wildlifevet

"A forest bird never wants a cage."
Kingfisher catching a prey on a hot summer afternoon.
Filmed at Kumbhalgarh wildlife Sanctuary
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Crossing the soft river sand in Kumbhalgarh Forest.
This species is threatened and endangered due to illegal exotic pets trade.
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#travellerngirit Fasten your shoelaces 'cause..
((Monday is comin))
..It's World Elephant Day 🐘🐘 and we're gonna save those Indonesian biggest mammals! They're such cute enormous creatures so let's stop illegal poaching and ivory trading.

Sungguh, ini bukan gajah sungguhan. Andai gajah ngga langka, andai gajah bisa digendong, sampe puncak~

from @hauranabila
📷: @icanfa 👟: @cotrek_adventure
#gajah #worldelephantday
#2750mdpl #suryakencana
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