Happy World Down Syndrome Day! 💙💛 That extra chromosome looks good on you Alana! 😘😘😘 #theluckyfew #t21 #321 #worlddownsyndromeday2017 @morenos_deep

Who would have thought that we had a “chromosomally enhanced” baby girl across the world, waiting to be our daughter ... and here we are today with this beautiful baby of ours, celebrating World Down Syndrome Day!
Today being 3-21, it’s the day for celebrating DS (having a 3rd 21st chromosome). And the colors that represent Down Syndrome are blue and yellow! 💙💛💙💛
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In celebration of #worlddownsyndromeday2017 Eric and I are wearing our shirts for you, Owen Parker!!! (And all the rest of our inspirational friends ❤️)We love you and are so proud of you and love watching you grow and achieve. Just slow down on that growing part! Plus an extra happy birthday to your dad @deanandrikos. #worlddownsyndromeday #morealikethandifferent #opa #honoraryauntanduncle #familybylovenotblood

We’re celebrating World Down Syndrome Day! Celebrate with us!
10% of every hand teether and matching clip sold today will go to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society! Message for details and to order! >>>>
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#worlddownsyndromeday2017 I'm wearing these socks cause I have a friend I have grown up with who has down syndrome and I have worked with kids too with this they are really amazing talented people

let’s celebrate #worlddownsyndromeday2017 Noonday strives to cherish all children around the world. We offer adoption trunk shows and help provide the artisans with avenues to better their children’s lives.

Hoy es el Día Mundial del Síndrome de Down // Today is World Down Syndrome Day.
The children I work with who have this extra chromosome are some of the most amazing, inspirational and very cheeky people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting ❤️💛💚💙 #worlddownsyndromeday2017 #rockyoursocks

We are same with only +1 different. Down syndrome is not an illness, it is genetic difference. We know it and we are with you. #worlddownsyndromeday #worlddownsyndromeday2017

“Because our differences are what makes us great” We are rocking our mismatched socks this morning to celebrate #worlddownsyndromeday2017 are you?

Today we celebrate those who rock their extra chromosomes #worlddownsyndromeday2017 #inclusion

#TBT to #worlddownsyndromeday2017 Squad GOALS 😎💙💛
Socks: @johnscrazysocks
Shirt: @reevestees


We’re delighted to announce that #MyFeralHeart is now available in 'movie theaters' for the 1st time in the US via @tugginc in celebration of @worlddownsyndromeday & beyond!
HOST NOW/INFO: myferalheart.co.uk

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Hey -- could I ask a favor of you? Especially if you've got a child or a niece/nephew or a young cousin -- I could REALLY use your help. *
Folks often ask us about how they can *help* or be a part of what's going on in the special needs community. I think that's awesome. *
But can I tell you what I think parents like me could really use? *
We could really use people like you showing and teaching your children that people like Zoe are a little different, but mainly regular, and could use friends and support and love and advocacy, just like everybody else. *
If you could find a couple bucks to bring them to this fashion show, that would be a great place to start. You can get tickets here -->> www.ThinkOutBeLight.com. *
I just believe that we all have a responsibility to help shape the way that our children think and believe. And when we normalize differences like Zoe's, we've all got a better shot at love, respect, friendship and a future that's more beautiful for all of us. *
Think Out, Be Light Fashion Show 2018 - DeSoto
World Down Syndrome Day
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
The Manderley Event Center | DeSoto *
PS -- this event will sell out. :-) *

Karen’s fun loving, advice filled and thought provoking blog now has a name, “Abilities with a Twist”!! 👏Now you can find ALL of @karenjp0915 wisdom and advice in one place! (Link in our IG profile today) You can now search every BLOG Karen has done for The Toothbrush Pillow !! 👍👍. Some of the amazing topics Karen has covered:
• facts about Down syndrome • Welcome to Holland
• Down syndrome in Public • Born this Way on A&E
• IEP Prep
Let us know what topics you want to hear about!!

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