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Wow what a difference three years makes ....#companydance #worktheprocess #divaintraining👑 #quality #OMGIGI

A BIG THANKS to all who've continued to stand with us in prayer for total health. This wknd was a BIG STEP! I'm so thankful to PREACH THE WORD!! #kidneywhat @bethany_church #worktheprocess

What a #Manhattan. Happy birthday kid....we've come a long way. Keep up the good work. Sometimes......it's about you first. #worktheprocess #sticktotheplan #shangrila

9 year old Rachel Shapiro working in jazz class! #companydance #worktheprocess

I think a very high majority of problems that people face with their horses can be avoided by just doing the groundwork and earning trust respect. Becoming a great leader for your horses starts on the ground. The more ground exercises that you can do the better your horse will respond in the saddle because it will look to you for guidance. Then you can fix any problems that may arise.

To Your Success,
Patrick Bennefield

For the past 7 months I've learned a lot about MYSELF. I learned that I see GOD AS GOOD WHEN MY LIFE IS GOOD! How selfish but so REAL. When I tore my ACL last November, life was NOT good therefore GOD WAS NOT GOOD. I had a choice, to chase God in the midst of my storm or I could run the other way. At first I chased him and thanked him for this season but then I found myself slacking the more rehab got frustrating. But that's God. When there's progress to be made he'll have us doing laps and laps with no signs, no warnings, no nothing. I desperately needed to know my WHY for this happening that I was missing out on the opportunity to be present with HIM. You see I've always struggled with my identity so I found that through volleyball. I let volleyball steal my time with God 🤦🏽‍♀️ Even when I struggled to spend time with God throughout this process, he still remained faithful in my progress towards recovery. Today, I am a little shy of 7 months following my surgery and have been CLEARED to return to volleyball 💃🏽 Mural of the story God should always be good no matter what you're going through. I encourage you all to dig deep and feel Gods presence when your storm approaches. #BLESSED #ComeBackSeason #WORKTHEPROCESS

I woke up this morning thinking about how good the word from Pastor @hippofloat was yesterday! #worktheprocess #bethanychurch

When you're twins you just do everything at the same time 😳#newstudents #thejourneybegins #worktheprocess #girlswhogolf

They caught me with my chest poked out ready to fulfill this amazing meeting. I can't wait to share with you all what's in the works at today's meeting. As I wait, I must encourage you to Silence negativity and all distraction. You have a journey to take and a destiny to fulfill. Complete the mission of your assignment and DON'T put it on pause because it's a timing in the season. So don't let it by pass you. #getitdone #getitright #worktheprocess #workthegift


Our Master Class Series starts next Friday! You must call the studio to reserve your spot in class. Dancers from other studios are welcome to join us! Call 717-641-3419

"If it didn't happen in the CRM it didn't happen" #truth #worktheprocess #automotive @eleadcrm #ISPS2017

Anxiety have cause many talented athletes to under perform despite them being in the best shape of their life. Performance/sport psychology teaches athletes/individuals how to manage and reduce the effect of anxiety on their ability to perform. We help our clients develop a process, build confidence by working the process, and over time, they learn to trust the process. While it's a very simple process, it's not an easy one. It takes effort. 📷cred: @trackalerts
#worktheprocess #itsamindgame #effort #hardwork #anxiety #puma #mentaltoughness #stayfocus #trusttheprocess #believeinyourself #confidence #faceyourfears #goals #mentaltraining #performance #sportpsychology #determination #mindset #london2017 #jamaica #worldchampionship #trackandfield #athlete #development #motivation #TheMindGame

Don't miss out on this great Opportunity! The Quest Intensive rolls into Company Dance Saturday, September 16th! A full day of master classes with some of the Industry's best right here in Central Pa! Now accepting registrations!

Honestly, all I can say is thank you Lord! Thank you for healing me, growing me in ways I never imagined and giving me a story that only You, yourself could've fathomed. If you don't know my Father you should seriously reconsider... there is some suffering along the line, BUT He makes it all worthwhile. Just trust Him to guide you! He wants to bless you in ways you never thought possible! #morethanaconqueror #healed #pcossaywhat #spoonlife #iknowididntlooksick #bleedingdisorder #protected #Hehealedmybody #MyFathermakesmiracleshappen #ihaveastorytotell #trusttheprocess #worktheprocess

When you're twins you just do everything at the same time 😳#newstudents #thejourneybegins #worktheprocess #girlswhogolf

I have always been known to be stubborn. I do not believe this is a negative characteristic or personality trait. In fact, I believe God made me strong-willed and stubborn for a reason or for many reasons. ✝️ 🔸

This week is a great example of why God has made me stubborn. It to sound less negative, God has given me a willingness to persevere! I've been struggling with exhaustion this week, probably due to anemia and perhaps to just a bit of life struggle we all sometimes face. #thestruggleisreal 🔸

I've had such a great experience the past several weeks with intense workouts and a new way of eating where I gave up all sugar (except very small portions of fruit), all grains, carbs except very low carb veggies, and increased fat and protein in my diet. #ketodiet The initial start was rough. I went through sugar withdrawals and was hungry a lot. I believe the hunger was both physical and emotional. In the 3rd week I began to feel better mentally and physically. I kept up the strict way of eating until the 5th week. 🔸

That week I caved and one day ate some cookies. I was surprised and disappointed at how easily I could go back to eating sugar. But not just eating a treat - I started having strong cravings almost immediately! Sugar is some wicked stuff. 🔸

So, I restarted my new WOE, and once again went through some withdrawals. Only not for as long a time. But this week I suffered a setback for some reason. I didn't cheat, or treat myself. I just felt exhausted and run down. But here is what I know about myself.... 🔸

I am NOT a quitter! I will keep pushing myself and keep working on myself to be the best me I can be. For me, that means no sugar and no carbs 95% of the time (or more). I haven't worked out in 4 days, but again, I'm no quitter so I'll get back at it strong tomorrow. My workouts and my WOE (way of eating) are key to my physical and mental health. #theprocessworks #worktheprocess
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WE OUT HERE!!!!! #BlackWomenDoWorkout #fitfriends #worktheprocess #weouthere #Accountability with my patna @hey.anja.gurl and shout out to my cousin @mowettryder !!!

Refinement hurts like a Mother, but his refinement brings healing and victory and direction and Glory to him. #isaiah #theword #worktheprocess 😬😩😭👊

A BIG THANKS to all who've continued to stand with us in prayer for total health. This wknd was a BIG STEP! I'm so thankful to PREACH THE WORD!! #kidneywhat @bethany_church #worktheprocess

Such a beautiful morning for a run/walk. Take advantage of the moments you have at hand... don't take them for granted. Everyday is another opportunity for growth, encouragement, love, joy and peace. What are you giving and looking for today? Is your cup half full or running on empty?🥛 You can't win the race if you don't run it. #lemonsillhavelemomadeplease🍋 #blessedinallcircumstances 🙏 #worktheprocess #runtherace #onestrideatatime

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