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"Nothing is more beautiful than a real smile that has struggled through tears." #riskhappy

At the Jobing.com fair in Scottsdale! Massage Therapy is so high in demand! @cortivainstitutescottsdale @jobingdotcom #massagetherapy #careersfair #workthatmatters #lovewhatyoudo

You know you have great engineers when they’re the inspiration for a Halloween costume!
Meet Dylan, an 11-year-old from California who wanted to dress up as a Pierce engineer for Halloween. His mom reached out to us, wondering what Pierce engineers wear to work. We sent Dylan’s mom a picture to reference of a few of our electrical engineers in their business casual attire.
Nice work, spot on Dylan!
#WorkThatMatters #FeelGoodFriday

Just a selfie with my Google pixel with the CEO of Google Canada.
#google #pixel #workthatmatters #ashwood

MADE TO CHANGE THE WORLD: #Project615’s winter campaign features two exclusive tees, with 100% of profits benefiting local nonprofit, People Loving Nashville, as they work to feed, clothe, serve and build relationships with the homeless in Nashville, Tennessee. You can grab a short-sleeve or long-sleeve tee to support their important mission now at project615.org and in our East and West Nashville retail stores now! #PeopleLovingNashville #SpreadLove #WorkThatMatters

Today I went inside the notorious Graterford prison outside of Philadelphia with the In and Out program. Fellowshipping with the men inside is a humble reminder of why I do the work I do. I never thought I would set foot back inside a prison because the smells and sounds are traumatizing, but the smiles on the brothers faces make it all worth it. It’s also one of the reasons I am so proud of @owntv #releasedown and my @cut50 team. #workthatmatters #writingmywrongs

"Friendship is so weird.. you just pick a human you've met and you’re like “Yep I like this one.” and you just do stuff with them." (video via @heyyybenji) #riskhappy

A weekend away, work, play
#workthatmatters #aec #coronado #latergram


"Nothing is more beautiful than a real smile that has struggled through tears." #riskhappy

Good morning, and cheers with green tea, here we go again💕destination Finland to host Astral TV shows for one week, tomorrow Monday 20th of November my 1st show for this month on Liv & Jim channels starting at 07:30, keep your fingers crossed I've conquered this succer flu by then😪😪😪 #feeling #hopefull #greentea #goodmorning #livelovelaugh #workthatmatters #astraltv #inkeritarot #namaste

"You have the power to say, 'This is not how my story will end.' Don't give up just because of one bad chapter in your life. Keep going." #riskhappy

"Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel." - Eleanor Brownn #riskhappy

"Animals deserve to live free from cruelty! 🐮" (via @attndotcom) #riskhappy

"Face your fear, empty yourself, trust your own voice, let go of control, have faith in outcomes, connect with a larger purpose, derive meaning from the struggle." - Kano Jigoro #riskhappy

"Growth is uncomfortable because you've never been here before, you've never been this version of you. So give yourself a little grace and breathe through it." - Kristin Lohr #riskhappy

"Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme." #riskhappy

"There are people who would love to have your bad days." #riskhappy

Today we had the opportunity to sort and pack food for over 10,000 people in Middle TN today 🙌🏼💕 as part of Ramsey Solutions 12 Days of Giving. Love @2harvestmidtn - they are amazing! #rs12daysofgiving #daveramsey #WorkThatMatters

"Friendship is so weird.. you just pick a human you've met and you’re like “Yep I like this one.” and you just do stuff with them." (video via @heyyybenji) #riskhappy

"The quickest way to take back your power and gain full control over your life is to take responsibility over the things that you've attracted. Instead of blaming others or pointing fingers, ask yourself what lesson is this situation or circumstance here to teach you. Since energy is everything, nothing is a coincidence. Your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are sent out to the environment to attract to yourself what you think and feel.
When a situation presents itself and you're not happy with it, you don't have to blame what's happening. Rather, bless where you're at by being thankful for what it has taught you and be open to ways you can evolve from it. This will automatically empower you to attract better experiences, because you're not a victim.
Everything around you is energy. The alignment you attract in the physical is a match to your mental/inner reality. If you don't like what you've attracted up to this point, don't point fingers at the circumstances. These are just results of your thinking. You should never blame anyone or anything for what you've attracted, that just weakens your personal power to take responsibility for your life.
Instead, focus back on your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas you have about the world. What is that little voice in your head constantly saying? What emotion are you always holding? Your state of being is constantly gravitating everything towards us. You can't keep asking for particular relationship and hold a negative view on love. You can't keep asking for financial freedom and hold a negative view on money.
See, it's not what we say we "want" but the belief we have about it. Everyone desires change, but to become better you have to start doing the "self-work" which is owning your life. You start by letting go of all the resentment, could haves, should haves, or what went wrong in your past.
Once you become detached from the noise and own your power, you now have the opportunity to increase your vibration to attract experience you want. The better you become the better you attract. Everything starts with you!" - via @idillionaire #riskhappy

#teamolc is out representing for good at the #rmhc Golf Day fundraiser 🏌
RMHC is a global non profit organization that was founded more than 43 years ago in the USA and is currently in more than 64 countries and regions. RMHC South Africa was established in 2012 and is part of the global network of Chapters that keep families with sick children close to each other and the medical care they need through programs like the Ronald McDonald House ™ and Ronald McDonald Family Room program. Over 94 percent of leading hospital partners agree that RMHC reduces stress and financial burden for families, and helps their hospitals deliver the best care possible.
OLC is proud to work with such an organization and we are thrilled to show our support today as we tee off for a good cause.
#workthatmatters #weloveourclients #forrmhc

“I literally have to remind myself all the time, that being afraid of things going wrong isn’t the way to make things go right.” - unknown #riskhappy

"Work hard, make good shit, then try to make even better shit, and be nice to people." - Aziz Ansari #riskhappy

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