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I used to care about having an office but once I started to travel ✈️I realized that I worked so much better from a plane or a tea house. Suggestions to the most productive work place? 👩🏽‍💻 = 🏰🛤🎢? #workspace #tea #productivity #entrepreneurlife #business #entrepreneur #work

A messy (but always a productive) desk situation. 😉

i fixed my desk 4 this pic LOL its always a mess ok dont JUDG me. my wall stuff arent actually slanted btw idk why it looks slanted in d pic but it's straight irl I SWER ‼️‼️ anyway dis is my desk ~kaisdesk~ i hate my username but its ok yolo

Photo by: @martinsoft

Don't have time? Meh. Get up earlier 😉.
5am-7am=time for personal projects. 👊🏼

We take a peek into Canadian artist and designer @zoepawlak's studio today! Head over to designmilk.com to check out her dreamy, vibrant #workspace and learn more about her creative process.

One habit that I started applying recently is to learn something new every day.
Reading Warren Buffett I learnt that time is the most valuable asset (obviously) but I never treated it that way.
There's a 100% certainty that time will go by.
Why not use this.

I applied it to all areas I'm focusing on at the moment and no I started teaching myself one new thing every day.
It never has to be a full 'thing'.
I remember a big one was 'flatMaps' in swift. I kinda New what they did but never really. I took time and read about them, searched for examples and wrote some demo code. Now they make complete sense. And that in one day.
Isn't it crazy once we realize that we could make that sort of progress 365 days. And that's just a single year.

So development wise I'm finally tapping into AR development. I've never even touched it but I definitely want to play an active role in the AR future.
For my introduction I'll be doing the course @devslopes offers in the iOS 11 series.

I'll keep you all posted :) Is there anything you're working on at the moment?

The aluminum wireless charge bin from Apple that will come with the new iPhone! Tag somebody that has to see this in the comments down below!
Source: @ignitarie

Good morning with another picture from @studiohearhear 's beautiful workspace. She and her boyfriend are really living my green dream (and theirs of course, too) on the countryside. Working in a serene, bright and beautiful studio, a lovely and picturesque backyard garden with a little creek on which's other side cows and sheeps are living a happy life. It was a pleasure again to meet you, dear talented Rena. 🌾🌳🌿🍃• • •

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How much of your self do you share online?
I rarely show up in FB, with not more that two posts in a month, or if I post any at all. Sometime ago I decided to go retro and keep the ins and outs of my life private because I simply don't want to be fodder for someone's mindless entertainment. It's actually quite liberating, that people don't know what I had for lunch, where I am or if I'm feeling under the weather. If I have something I want to discuss, something personal, I bug friends online, call someone (yes we can still do that!) or meet up in person over a good meal and spill whatever's on our minds. That's me being social sans the media. Whenever I open FB, it's as if I can hear everyone shouting over the din..
I'm really grateful for the positivity and inspiration I stumbled upon here in IG, a wide window to a vast world where, for the most part, like-minded souls connect in the spirit of creativity and empowerment 🌈
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UMMMM how did I not notice how crazy long my hair used to be?! #mermaidhair

Working from the cafe #afternoontea #workspace #cafe #teaching

This build is colorfull as it gets! And Corsair stuff all the way. 😉 Credits for the build go to @aaronwillie_ for doing an outstanding build. 👍 It's nice, clean, custom sleeved cables would always do the trick but love nevertheless. Good work man! 📸😉
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Još jedan setup domaće "proizvodnje"... 🤤🤤 @itsm8mario je stvarno napravio čudo od builda, ali i od setupa. Dva AOC AGON 24" 1440p monitora upogonjeno s dvije EVGA GeForce GTX 1080Ti FTW3 iCX3. Vrhunski! 🔝👌
Pratite nas na @instar_informatika i podijelite s nama vaše buildove ili setupe. ☺️

Lo que tiene que ser, nadie puede hacer que no sea. -Dicho por alguien
Ph. @edmundoml

Starting a new gig styling at @amartfurniture, here a little peek of something that's happened so far 🤘🏻#stylist #interiors #styledshoot #studio #amart #furniture 🌸

When you're tired of dealing with all the same nonsense every day
Nonsense- DJ Wheelchair Mafia (feat. G Foe) available now on @itunes @googleplaymusic @spotify and more 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏻First Blade Entertainment®
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A great way to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace is by integrating plants into the workspace design. The introduction of greenery within workspaces is proven to reduce stress levels and encourage creativity. Pictured is the Schiavello storage Tambour unit with integrated planter boxes. Functional and stylish!

Landing pages - keeping it simple! 👨🏽‍💻💯🤙🏽

Everything is hand painted at Innocent Bystander by @ryanmeta & @ajmuru 💕 We are currently painting a jacket of @badgalriri 💕 swipe across to see the process! Also DM is if you're feeling low and want to talk x

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