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Can't fit the can of spray foam where you need it? Use a piece of Romex sheathing (electrician garbage) as a straw extension.

#windows #windowinstallation #sprayfoam #workshopbuild

Almost ready for the @thejerkyls Sunday Slide next Sunday at Nepean Raceway. The Jamieson Project is nearly done, just needs the seat installed and rear tyre grooved for extra traction. We are organising a ride leaving from RSW Sunday morning, if you want to spectate feel free to join us!!! For those going, we are going to be hydrating, caffeinating and feeding you all!!! #sundayslider #turnleft #workshopbuild

That makes for a pretty good day - four cabinets made and installed. The cabinet on the left will house the radial arm saw, hence the lower top. Borrowing the modular drawer approach from Jeremy Schmidt (@jers_woodshop). Have a great evening!
#workshopstorage #woodworking #cabinets #cabinetmaking #workshopbuild

"Aside from a few little bits, the walls are insulated. Went for R24 on the interior, with an additional R6 on the exterior."⠀

#roxul #insulation #workshopbuild Nice work from @thegreatplannedescape

We love seeing how you are using #ROXUL in your projects.⠀
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Piano piano e con pazienza si allarga il laboratorio... #workshopbuild #lavorasolo #tantolegno #civuolpazienza

It was a dark and stormy day. So I worked on the workshop. Added the bench to the left, covered new and old with a layer of plywood, and built a shop towel rack for the French cleat system. The day went fast. #workshop #workshopbuild #frenchcleat #diy

Trying to wire in a consumer unit for the workshop 🤔bloody hate wiring 😩 let's hope I don't fry the street or myself #wiring #workshopbuild #workshop #consumerunit #killmenow

First load of tools and machines moved over from the old shop. Still in disbelief that this is happening. 😀

#workshopbuild #workshopmove


5.30pm, end of day 1. Tomorrow, first up, on goes the roof. Then doors and decking. The electician will also be here to do a little prep work. #lookingood #elamooreworkshop #endofday1

It is now 3.15pm on day one of the 3day build. Walls are going up and that is the frame work for the double doors. A little bit of sunshine but that wind is icy cold 💨 #day1 #workshopbuild

Expression when you stir up two Yellow Jacket nests during a deck build.
#deckbuild #decking #diydeck #beesnest #garagebuild #workshopbuild

1 up 1 down. Been ill for a week. Feeling better I put up the greenhouse we had gifted from a neighbour and made a 2 level bench for seed trays. Also started destroying the old shed that was rotten and falling apart. If all goes well I'll replace it with a larger roundwood timber framed workshop and home office. Might take some time though. Fingers crossed 🤞

Brand skylights being changed through our factory complex....my turn this morning.

5" and 6" flexible PVC hose for the dust collector, in 10' lengths. Need to keep the lengths to a minimum, as they restrict airflow. The 5" will be cut in half and used for the two ports on the bandsaw. The 6" will have 8' (ish) for the thicknesser/jointer, and 12" (ish) for the tablesaw.

#workshopbuild #dustcollection

Ha! Guess who remembered where the wire for the ceiling mount air cleaner was? This guy!

Cutting into the pine ceiling was a little nervewracking... #electrical #workshopbuild #pine #pineceiling

This is all the duct work for my workshop. When I started researching dust collection, I learned that 6" is the minimum dust size that should be used in order to maintain proper air flow. There were a lot of recommendations to use PVC as it is supposedly less expensive than steel. When I looked into it, a 10' length of PVC was $90, whereas a 10' length of 26 gauge steel spiral duct was $23. At that point, it was a no brainer. PVC would have cost over $1500, plus the headache of grounding it. The steel was $350. For dust collection, 26 gauge is the minimum thickness that should be used, otherwise it could collapse.

Now, where are my leather gloves... #workshopbuild #ductwork #dustcollection #dustcollector

After the sweeping fail, pulled out the big guns. All hail the vac king!
#evenourhooverhaschrome #cleaning #dusty #westmidlands #workshop #workshopbuild #bigguns #newbusiness #nowthefunbegins

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