Being able to take my office wherever I go definitely has its perks! Today I popped down to my new local to test out the coffee 🙌🏻 It’s also a bar, so it makes for a smooth transition from morning to afternoon work 😂

Love that being mobile allows you to work anywhere anytime... I just couldn't go to an office to work every day. #workremotely #UTBbehindthescenes #utbPD

Burlington, Vermont- great music, comedy, art, beer, people, sunset over Lake Champlain, ECHO-Lake Champlain learning center, cool cats that hang out on backpacks. Today we hiked the highest peak in Vermont- Mount Mansfield, about 8 miles and one of the more technical climbs with limited grips and toe holds up the rocks, but the hike along the ridge line was gorgeous!

Happy Monday! Soaking in the colours of Hong Kong 😍🌈 #monday

Train views in Sri Lanka, courtesy of @mich.lizt and his willingness to lean precariously out the open door to get the perfect pic 📸

Wrapping tonight up with a visit to the animals, a good bath for the kids, and a call with the team. I love ending the week with peaceful surroundings and great people.

#farmlifebestlife #alpacasrule #goodsurroundings

Today, I went to Comuna 13, also known as the San Javier, the neighborhood with the most tumultuous history of the city of Medellín, once labeled the most dangerous community due to its astronomical homicide rates and forced displacement of thousands of residents. No, this was not some guided walking tour or graffiti tour, but purely a journey into parts of the neighborhood most gringos won’t see. I met a paisa that runs a fútbol foundation for the youth of Comuna 13. I met her family, visited her house, and played some fútbol with kids from the neighborhood. This is what I came to Colombia for, a truly heartfelt experience! Thank you 🇨🇴
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Belief about ourselves is so powerful, it determines which paths we take in life.
According to Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. in her book Mindset, those with a fixed mindset feel smart when they don’t make any mistakes, when they finish something fast and perfect, when something is easy for one person and other people can’t do it.
People with a growth mindset feel smart when something is really difficult, and they have to try really hard to master it. A growth mindset person gets excited about learning to do something that they weren’t able to do before.

Take a moment to identify your mindset and honestly evaluate if it has been serving you.  If not, it is never too late to learn and change!

Lots of doggie training this weekend!
But they are worth it!
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Out on Lake Michigan. ⛵️

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That time last year when my brother and mom came to visit me in China and we had two weeks of rapid travel around the most beautiful province of all:Yunnan. We managed to see Lijiang, Dali, Shangri-la and Kunming in this time. Traveling runs in the family I am sure.

A M A Z I N G concert last night 🙌🏻

Chicago? Bean there, done that. 🙃

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Welcome to the Zoo! 🦍✨
Tag a friend who you’d take here! 💫
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Today is my last day of teaching Qkids. What an unbelievable experience. It was always a highlight of my day to wake up and teach my kiddies English. I’m grateful for the opportunity and hope to be able to get back into it in the future 📚⭐️🦄🍎 “When one teaches, two learn.” The students are filled with joy and are so smart! They reminded me to have fun with learning and that with commitment you can learn anything!

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