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Here's a little beginner core sequence using an exercise ball to work coordination and abs.
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Day 11 of @countryheatdance may or may not happen tonight... it depends on how I feel but swimming did! I was moving like a 🐢 but I did it.
I was super disappointed this morning waking up feeling the same way I have been the last 2 weeks. 😭. I have another chiropractor appointment on Wednesday and I'm hoping maybe by then I can find some relief.
Although I couldn't do what I wanted to today, I'm not going to let it stop me from doing what I CAN do! I swam for 20 minutes (did about a 400) and I will go on a 1-2 mile walk tonight :)
And they say 80% of nutrition is what aids in weight loss. Only 20% is exercise! Time to get it together!!
I hope you all having a wonderful Saturday evening!

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Workout family style 💕 the key to my heart ❤️ #familyworkout #p90x #workoutfromhome #happywife #hefigureditout


I was just like you. I thought there is no way that being a coach could ever be for me. I never thought I could work on my post baby fitness, have support, help with nutrition, and make new friends while getting in shape. Making the extra cash on the side was just a bonus! Being a coach may not be for everyone, but if you want: •to help people with their fitness journey
• have access to 600+ workouts that can be streamed from anywhere
•get help, support, and accountability while getting fit
•make your own hours🕓
•get great nutrition tips🍎
•even make a couple bucks 💵

then why not give coaching a try? I have met some pretty amazing men and women and some are becoming great friends! I get to be part of a community that supports one another and truly cares for each other's fitness goals. We celebrate one other and the accomplishments that we work hard for every day!
If this sounds like a community you'd like to be part of and are interested in making a change in yours and other people's lives, then message me or leave a comment below! I'd love to have you on my team!!

Sunday Run-day! Today I didn't listen to music. My first mile was 8.29 and my last was 7.29 and I think this was partly due to all the thoughts that went through my head as I ran :). Sometimes I like running because I don't think about anything but usually I think about EVERYTHING, make decisions, get motivated and then I run faster :). .
Where are the runners here? Do you listen to music when you run?
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21 days starts today! 💪🏼I'm so excited to be doing this workout with the fabulous ladies who decided to commit to their health and are ready to make a change in their lifestyles. I know they are going to see amazing results. Not to mention, who doesn't love being able to just workout right in their own homes for only 30min?! I still have a couple more spots left if your interested in joining us! Ashleyfitness88@gmail.com ⭐️
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🎊💃🏼GIVE AWAY POST💃🏼🎊 I have a bit of a head cold today and it def took a toll on my workout! But I got it done- no excuses!
Feeling better now than before my workout for sure 👌🏻 Sometimes you do things even though you don't necessarily want to.. its part of life and it's part of going after things you WANT!
I have a new no excuses accountability group starting on the 31st and we would love for you to join us! It's full of fun and results!
Hit me up and I'll hook you up with EVERY SINGLE Beach Body program and a month supply of my fav meal replacement shake!--- I'll be gifting $10 and some workout gear to the next TWO people who join our accountability group with the all access pass! 😘
Better hurry spots fill up fast! *please no coaches are people already working with coaches
*only serious inquires who are wanting to get real results✌🏻 Message me or comment below "I want a spot" tag a friend who wants to do it with you and I'll send you a sample of our performance line with your gifts!

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Over the next couple months you're going to see me posting "I maxed out at...." posts, and I wanted to give you a little explanation.

I'm doing the Insanity Max: 30 program using my Beachbody On Demand membership right now. The workouts are 30 minutes long, and the goal with each one is to make it further than you did the last time before you need a break.
Today's scheduled workout was the Cardio Challenge. Last time through ( I started the program a week ago) I maxed out at 9:08, but after a week of this program, I'm already able to push harder! Today I maxed out at 14:26!

This week is also the first week of adding in an additional ab workout at the end. In the past I've been bad about doing that additional 5-15 minutes, so I started doing abs before the scheduled workout. I totally forgot about that today though. But I still got the ab workout done!

This picture was taken at my max out break. I still had 15 minutes of the regular program and 10 minutes of abs left. By the end, I had my shirt off and a sweat band on! Woah!!!
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I always like to do a long stretching session on Sunday's after I finish my workout. This allows me to work on my mobility and also helps my body recover by lengthening my muscles and getting all the tightness out from a weeks worth of intense working out. Stretching also helps me to prevent injury.
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I didn't feel like starting it but now I'm glad I finished it. 31 minutes ago I felt sluggish and lacked motivation to do ANYTHING (even getting up to make coffee). I managed to press play and 30 minutes later I'm ready to take on the day 💪🏾 Get moving today. You won't regret it.

This is me... doing Pilates with my rambunctious almost 2-Year Old.
Yes- she has her much loved goldfish between her legs, while doing scissor twists. .

Not pictured: the boys in the background wrestling. .

I was jumped on, my video was paused several times (by the 2 year old), and they created a dog pile ON me. But... I'm modeling healthy choices for them and I wouldn't have it any other way. The weather here has been chilly and gloomy (what happened to spring??), so at least this helped them work off some energy!

W12D1, P90X3, MMX
Uppercut, hook, snap kick
Watch closely & u will see that I forget what to do next & then almost lose my balance. Hot mess this am
I stumble
I lose my balance often
I take breaks
I moan & groan during hard moves
I curse often during my workout🙊
I was not feeling my workout this am

BUT... I never regret during a workout & taking 30 mins out of my day to focus on my health. I refuse to live a life full of regret. I want to be happy & healthy so I can do just that. The healthy choices that I make now will insure a long & healthy future. Take care of your health now or pay 💰 the price later!

No lazy Sundays here
✔️Hairs a mess, ✔️sweat is dripping, ✔️arms are shaking=Successful workout.
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#SDFit15 Glide Away ✔ and Strength, Cardio +Core ✔
I've been following the SDFit15 weekly workout program. "Glide Away" was not scheduled for today, but I did it anyways because it's my new fav!

Grab a set of paper plates and #pressplay on this FREE 15 minute workout video! My core got a serious burn and it's fun!
30 minutes of movement done. Now heading outside to get some fresh air. Happy Sunday!

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Sweaty Sunday 🏃🏽‍♀️
Try this circuit that I added into my run on Friday. Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Repeat 3x
Butt Kicks
Forward/Backward Lunge
Jumping Jacks
Side Lunge with Kick
Push Up-full or modified
High Knees

Rainy, cold yucky day but nothing a little chocolatey goodness can't fix!!🍫
Happy Sunday!!💕

With workouts like the Lower Body Burn and the Water Bottle Workout, Tone & Sculpt has got it all for full body toning perfection! Sign up today: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/tonesculpt
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What are you doing on this glorious first Sunday of spring?

For me, Sunday's are for..... Sipping up my "yellow juice" and getting my sweat on before anything else. It gives me patience as a mama, understanding as a wife, confidence as a woman, strength as a human, and energy as a coach! Basically, all the #superhero powers I need to be this damn awesome!

This #fitmombod isn't going to shape itself!

Afterwards, I've got meal prep, a trip to the park, and a team meeting on the agenda!
#gymandjuice #supermom #itswhatido #sundayfunday

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