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Wall sits can get really boring, despite how good they are for building stability in the legs and knees. I always like to do some variations to keep my mind off the pain and keep myself entertained. 😃👍🏻

Finish your weekend on the perfect note with an online workout to get you ready for the week ahead (and perhaps a little weekend damage control 😉) I feel great after a weekend workout, Im really loving this week's rotation! The "Spring Into Summer Abs Butts And Thighs" workout video is the perfect Workout for today, no matter where in the world you may be!
We will be working through your entire midsection and lower body to really sculpt and tone your body. It's not too late to join us, sign up now: www.pilatesbylisa.com.au

Remember that MMA program I kept talking about a few months ago?
The one that got me excited about working out again and acted as my daily therapy with every punch + kick I threw 👊🏽 Yesterday I got to meet the creators of that program, all for helping others hit their goals. Pretty freaking amazing. And yes, they're both that beautiful in real life 🤗 || #teamriseaboveit

To all my followers that are working on their summer body , come and check out the @bodybossmethod 12-Week Fitness Guide that can whip you into shape in just 12 weeks! 💪🏻 The guide is super easy to follow and you only need 24min to do it! Friday was my first try and I absolutely love it! 🙌🏻💗 #bosseffect #bodyboss #workout #ad #workoutfromhome .
Bom dia, gente! 🤗 Recebi o kit do @bodybossmethod pra testar e contar pra vcs sobre o programa de 12 semanas de exercícios em casa. É uma opção para quem mora aqui nos EUA ou quer praticar o inglês também na hora da saúde (já que o curso é todo em inglês). Eles enviam pro mundo todo, junto com o plano vem o top, o guia e várias outras dicas! 👊🏻💪🏻✌🏻 Tem desculpa não, heim? Quando a gente quer, a gente faz! 🤘🏻 Feliz segunda-feira, meus amores! 💋💋💋

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Week 1 of #stillinit is upon us and for a chance to win a weekly prize, challengers get to show of their favorite supersets, so here is mine y'all. Lats on lats. Pulls and more pulling. I dropped setted pull ups / pulldowns with my supersetted cable rows
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Self-reflection is an important practice to get into; it allows us to see our strengths and the areas we still need to develop. Today I was able to reflect on just how grateful I am for the journey I have been placed on. What started out as just trying to get #healthy and overcome an emotional eating disorder and depression has become a lifestyle of #empowerment and #freedom. And the fact that I have been able to bring others with me on this journey and serve others has made it a #blessing in all ways.
I look forward to continued #progression and #growth. I look forward to becoming the best version of myself with a team of like-minded individuals.
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Healthy morning with @sher_dean and @syafat_sharif #workoutfromhome


American Ninja warrior baby edition! 👶🤸

This was one of my absolute favorite take-aways from my event with Shaun T this morning! We are often so driven by physical transformations (5lbs to lose before a wedding, 10lbs to lose before a holiday, 100lbs to lose to get healthy, 20lbs to lose to fit into your old jeans - sound familiar?!!) that we forget what is truly important, and that is how we actually FEEL along the way. .

If you have followed me for a while, you'll know that I haven't had a crazy physical transformation over the past two years. I do have much stronger abs now and a slightly different body shape, but I wasn't unfit before I started Beachbody. However, I definitely FEEL different since starting the programs and even more so since becoming a fitness coach and instructor. I have more energy (consistently!), I am stronger, I am more confident in all aspects of my life and I have more drive and motivation. .

How about you? How do YOU feel? Maybe you have started your fitness journey, or maybe you are just thinking about getting started (if the latter, the first step is by far the hardest, I promise!). You might be working towards losing 10lbs but feel down on yourself because you aren't there yet, or you might be 50lbs over your 'target weight' but feel great anyway because you are exercising, eating healthy, have zest for life and are enjoying life and working towards your goals. EMBRACE THAT FEELING WHETHER YOU ARE AT YOUR GOAL OR WORKING TOWARDS IT! .

Health and fitness are a LIFE LONG journey and we need to be present and even with the ups and downs, the struggles and setbacks, we must make sure that we do our best to embrace how we feel and make the most of every single step along the way 😍.

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Wow magnificent💪️️️💪
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Getting in some plank work at our #sweatysunday at @ivivva_vaughanmills @Ivivva this morning.
Check out our #sdfit15 vids on our Shane Dennie Fitness YouTube channel! 15 minute workouts. No equipment, no gym needed, just the will...because if there's a will there's a way girl!
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From the time I was in middle school up until recently, my thoughts and my whole life revolved around wanting to be skinny and healthy like other people. I would ALWAYS compare myself to other girls in high school, go on crash diets and then overeat when I didn't lose. This terrible habit continued well into being an adult, and had a huge impact on me.
After MANY years, I finally got to a point where NONE of my clothes fit. I decided to begin an •at home• workout program, use portion control containers to eat right, drink amazing superfood🌱 frappes daily, and join an online accountability group to get healthy. After having a ton of success, I eventually became a coach to share my story and hopefully help others. Coaching saved me in more ways that I can even really put into words. I post every single day for that person who looks in the mirror and doesn't love their reflection. The person who's JUST like I used to be.
My new ONLINE accountability group starts soon and I'm looking for 6️⃣ people to join me! Message or comment below📲💌😍

Planning is everything. So workouts clothes ready to go for a 5:00 am workout. New week! New workout! New goals! Let's slay😜. Are you planning your week? Share! #workoutclothes #workoutfromhome #planning #preparing #preparationiskey #getupandgrind #slay #girlswith6packs #momboss #girlcode #ceo #beyourownboss #ilovemyjob #fitfam #fitat40 #fitwithjeanette

Hey YOU! I’ve got a question for ya... __

How many times have you said “I want to get into better shape”, “I want to take better care of myself’, “I want to eat healthier”, or “I want to feel GOOD about myself”? How many of you do or have done any of the following? ...
-Given up after “falling of the wagon”
⁃Pay $10 a month for a gym membership because it’s cheap but NEVER go because it’s inconvenient, too crowded when you can go, or you don’t have the time
⁃Pay more than $10 a month for a gym membership and don’t go…
⁃Believe that eating healthy is too expensive
⁃Believe that you don’t have time for what it takes

What if for $160 (a FRACTION of a yearly gym membership) you could change ALL of that?

Guess what? You CAN! Here’s what you’ll get: ... ⁃Access to ALL of Beach Body’s programs for 1 year ⁃Meal plan guidance + portion control containers (psst. No calorie counting involved) ⁃A one month supply of a delicious superfood shake ⁃Guidance and accountability from me and a bunch of other women motivated to change their life

Are you ready to CHANGE your LIFE? Comment below with your favorite emoji, message me, or email me at breanna.l.simpson@gmail.com. I’m excited to get you on this journey with me!


Seriously I think about this new accountability group starting, like every single day!!! May 8 can't get here soon enough!!🤗
These were my results from the first time I did this program....
👏🏼Lost 9.8lbs and 13" total
💪🏼I finally started to feel muscle tone in my stomach again #postbabybody 😅My endurance improved and I completed all 30 workouts of the 30 day program
I remember the high I felt and how happy I was when the program was finished. I felt so insanely accomplished and proud of what I did!!
Excited to tackle this program again and while my main goal this time around isn't weight loss, I'm looking to continue working on that midsection in time for summer👙
So what is it??
🥊30-day MMA-inspired workout
👭1:1 coaching with ME!!
🍉Individualized meal plans/recipes
🥛Superfood shake 🎉Group accountability and motivation
If the mixed-martial arts theme intimidates you, that's how I felt the first time I did it. I never took a kickboxing class, I was extremely awkward punching the air🙄 BUT I decided to do something completely different and it challenged me in a whole new way!! Plus it was FUN!!!
Interested?? I am always here to help!! Shoot me a message or comment below!!📲

After 1 week of the Ultimate Reset, I have lost👇🏼4lbs.
I am not doing the reset to lose weight but rather to "clean" out my body & rid it of all the toxins from poor eating habits over the last couple of months. Super stoked about my progress!
Head on over to my like page for daily videos about the reset. Link in bio👉🏼👉🏼

So proud of myself for finishing this program. I didn't miss a singe workout. Only 1 time I had to switch my rest day because of traveling. .
Daily exercise has definitely become a habit for me. And trust me, this was not always the case. But as your body gets healthier and feeling better and you have more energy, it becomes easier. .
You don't have to be perfect right away, as long as you're taking steps in the right direction. Come join me and lets do this together. Message me and I can help you get started! 💪🏋

I am so excited that my next accountability group is starting up again tomorrow!!! I took a few weeks off from hosting groups and it is so evident that I NEED this group just as much as anyone else!!! No, the next three weeks won't be easy and I'll still have to put in the effort, but it will be so much better with the incredible encouragement and support of the people in this group!! I do so much better when I am connected to others and am reminded that I am not alone in this.
While I still hit snags in the journey, I have been much more motivated and consistent since doing these at home work outs, with the best and most motivating ladies in my corner! Along with everything you physically get with these packages you also get a HUGE support system!! 👉🏻One that motivates you when you just don't feel like it
👉🏻One that pushes your harder and further than you ever imagined
👉🏻One that is always positive and supporting you!
It has made such a positive impact on my life that I want to help pay it forward and help you reach your goals!! I'm taking THREE more ladies that are ready to set their excuses aside and
AND get a $10 gift card!! Comment below or shoot me a message for details!

En route to our farewell reception + the last night here with our coaching fam! We will be staying one extra day but won't have the same company surrounding us ;) oh so grateful for this opportunity and every second here -- it's honestly been a life changing experience and I cannot wait for the many more trips to come! Coach life is the best life 🙌🏽 || #teamriseaboveit

First workout in nearly 2 weeks other than a walk or a jog, & I am dying!! Maybe I should've just done some yoga instead of trying Cardio Challenge from Insanity Max 30.
But taking it easy doesn't get results. Happy I pressed play, even if I had to huff and puff to keep up with the modifier (most of the time!) Determined to increase my cardio capabilities!
Tomorrow is the 1st of May and a great time to really dial it in to get your shorts/swimsuit body ready! :) Don't spend the summer wishing you felt better - get started with me now!

A LITTLE MID WORKOUT MOTIVATION! New challenge group starting 5/8 🔥 Just shoot me a message and I'll save your spot 😍 peep my story for today's workout 👀😜

May is gonna be a great month(one of my favorites☺️)and it's almost summertime!🌞🏖 I'm so excited for our May challenge group to kick off tomorrow, that I'm gonna open up two more spots!! It's not too late to join us. So, if you're thinking about living a healthier lifestyle or wanting to start an exercise routine this is perfect for you.💗 Message💌 me or click the link in my bio👆🏼for more information and let's start working towards our goals together! 👭👭👭
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Home workout series: back #1
I used 5 lb ankle weights for each of these exercises! Building strength isn't always about lifting heavy. Lean muscles are built with high reps, not weight! Plus it's MUCH easier to focus on form when your not struggling to push the weight. 😋
Exercise 1: x20
Squeeze those lats all the way up and all the way down!
Exercise 2: x10/side
Keep the core tight to protect the back from arching. Move slowly from one position to the other to optimize the work!
Exercise 3: x20
Squeeeeze those shoulder blades together as you pull the weight back. Core tight and spine straight! 👊🏻
More home workouts to come!! 😃❣️

Na een polsblessure helaas een tijdje stilgezeten, maar vanaf morgen gaan we weer keihard aan het werk!
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