Breaking out of your comfort zone is scary but the accomplishment of pushing heavier weight is SO WORTH it. GO HEAVY, try a new exercise and try these leg day moves utilizing a barbell and the Smith machine! ❤️ Save this workout to give your lil peach a killer workout!

Who wants to be sore with me tomorrow & give this a go?! SUPERSET 1
1️⃣ 8 to 10/each leg smith machine step ups
2️⃣ 12 good morning

3️⃣ 12 Close stance Smith machine squat
4️⃣ 15 bench sit jump squats

Couldn't video the following but add these into your leg day for the workout I did tonight:
▪️8 smith machine stationary lunges (go heavy!)
▪️12 negative sumo squats ▪️20 leg curls
X4 sets for everything!


Do you constantly wonder why the weekdays take forever to go by yet the weekend comes and goes in the blink of an eye?

Does the thought of Monday getting closer make you feel stressed and de-energized?

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to take proper control of your life?

I used to feel that way too.

Once I started incorporating a SUNDAY ROUTINE consistently, week after week I became more productive and started seeing results all around me!

To give you an idea, My Sunday’s consist of:
1️⃣PURPOSEFUL PLANNING✨- Preparing myself for the new week allows me to have mental clarity on a daily basis and keeps me aligned with my goals. An agenda or google calendar are great tools that you can use for this!

2️⃣EXERCISE🏃‍♀️- nourishing my body. Whether it is an intense weight lifting session or simply a nice afternoon walk with my dogs, I always aim to stay active in order to keep my brain function at its prime!

3️⃣SLEEP😴 - always a priority of mine because it allows me to feel fresh and clear minded throughout the day. Getting to bed in time so that I can atleast get 7-8 hours of sleep is essential and a PRIORITY of mine!

4️⃣READING📚 - Reading books is one of my favorite activities when it comes down to kicking back and relaxing for a bit. If you’re needing some unwinding before the start of a busy week, a nice read in a quiet, relaxing spot might be just what you need! DM me if you need book recommendations💛! I got you.

5️⃣RELAXING🧘‍♀️- best way to prepare and energize for the new week? Put yourself in a mentally good and relaxed place. Whether it’s getting a massage, going out for a delicious meal, taking a nap or simply going out for a quick walk. Always treat yourself to activities that energize and bring the best out of you!

I am sure these will help some of you out on this upcoming week! Hope you all have a great one 😊

What are other Sunday Essentials that you incorporate into your weekly routine? I’m curious! Let me know in the comments ⬇️

Mental Strength - the real reason why people don’t train their legs: it’s physically & mentally challenging. Leg workouts will build your mental endurance like no other exercise.
And no it's not about looking good (well it is a little bit...)! It's not bikini 👙 season, it's #Christmas 🎄time and we will enjoy food 😜 So mostly it's about how you FEEL! 👌🏼💪🏼🙌🏼
Also it's about my sore arm muscles 💪🏼 that still hurt 😭 but I don't give up and I train legs 🙈🙌🏼
Did you move today? 😉
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Between yesterday’s dirty 30, 3 hours of roller skating , spin & shred this am.... my body is toast 🤪 .
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The only thing I looooooove is lifting and that to deadlifting♥️🔥
One thing I have realised in my life is that everything doesn’t stay the same, not every day is the same but there’s something good in every day. Somedays you feel motivated enough to make it through your workout and the other day you get distracted but
No matter what, you got to push yourself in your workout sessions because the goal is to be #thick .
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Lunge variations
1️⃣Lunge sit backs
2️⃣Hip Opener Lunge
3️⃣Diagonal Lunge
4️⃣Overhead Split Lunge
5️⃣Lunge Jumps •

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You don’t have to spend hours and hours in the gym to see progress‼️ You don’t have to go 7 days a week to reach your goal.

More than likely, you are just overwhelming yourself with all these thoughts and the “all-or-nothing” mentality.

Instead of stressing it, start by figuring out how many days you know you can FOR SURE make it there.

So what if that’s only 3 days?🤦‍♀️

That’s better than stressing yourself out to the point that you dread the thought of going and end up not even going.
Can you relate?

Do what works for you.

C O N S I S T E N C Y is what makes the progress 🙌 3 days a week for a year is WAY better than 6 days a week for just a month.

You got this!

How many days will you make it to the gym this upcoming week? Let me know below ⬇️

P I E V I E N O J I E S🤸🏼‍♂️
#workoutforwomen #healthyliving

Seriously contemplating whether I want this degree.. because I'd rather be anywhere than at home writing two essays! 😞

Never miss a leg day 🙈
So these are kattlebell swings for growing your #booty for #summer2019 because this summer you ought to have a perfect #bikinibody ♥️
Work for your body goals✨
#legday #bodygoals #workoutforwomen #workout #kettlebellworkout #exercisemotivation #workforit #gym

Smith Machine Workout 🏋🏻‍♀️

If you’re tired of doing the sammeeeee stuff on the smith machine & you want to switch your workout up, try this 🤓

video tips 😎:
1️⃣: make sure you squeeze your 🍑 on the way up & keep core engaged
2️⃣: slightly bend knees and keep back straight, don’t hunch over
3️⃣: knees past shoulder width , wider stance & keep core tight.. this one is 🔥
4️⃣: slightly bend knees, keep back straight and squeeze your peach at the end
5️⃣: make sure you aren’t using your neck to keep you up. Squeeze your bootya when you get to the top :-) • •

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But first, let me take a boomerang 😜

Our thoughts become our actions,
Our actions become our habits,
Our habits become our character,
A character becomes our life. 💗
Read this yesterday and fell in love 😍 I also read this years ago and it didn’t seem to make sense. .
It’s funny how as we grow and learn new things about ourselves on the journey to self love how important our internal belief is. Our thoughts 💭 are truly everything. They are the creators of this magical life we live.!.!.!. .
Ok ok ok I know totally deep for this beautiful Saturday so I leave it there but on a side note! I’m obsessed and loving this colour!!! Pinks and purples are seriously my jam at the moment 💜💗
Who else is liking the hues of pinks and purples? .
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