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Floating around in the Bahamas and ended up in Hog heaven today 😍🥓 These guys are freaking adorable. Responding back to comments and DMs when I can/get back! 🙃 Enjoying my time here while I can
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Feeling kinda blue today

If you’re anything like I was, you find it nearly impossible to gain weight and build muscle. You’re eating everything in sight, hitting the gym 7 days per week, knocking back protein shakes like they’re going out of style, and training in the 8-12 rep range ONLY. And although this half-assed approach could put some size on you, it’s just not idea… and quite frankly, you’re doing too much!
If you want to put inches on your chest and arms and NOT your waistline, then there are only a handful of things that have to happen.
1. Caloric Surplus: You, my friend, do not defy the laws of thermodynamics. If you’re not gaining weight, you’re simply not eating enough on a consistent basis.
2. Proper Protein Intake: I don’t care how much you eat, if you do not have enough bricks (protein) available, you’ll never build the house (muscle)!
3. Build Your Body, Not Your Arms: Focus on the big heavy compound lifts that are going to add overall size… stop trying to bring up weak points, you’re a beginner and your entire body is a weak point.
4. Train for Strength: If you want to get bigger, you’ve got to get better. Go into the gym each day with the goal of doing a little more work than you did the last time. As long as you can continue to increase the load (add reps without sacrificing weight or add weight without sacrificing reps) then your body will have no choice but to adapt and grow.
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👉Let me start today off with post that is possibly one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in terms of training and going to the gym!
🙄A lot of people think they have the “perfect” training plan, or the “most optimal” training plan. Yet they end up sore all the time, or they HATE their training, BUT BRO, I HAVE THE MOST OPTIMAL TRAINING PLAN. Yeah sure, that’s why you hate your training and all you do is complain? Sure it’s optimal.
Or you don’t train every muscle group 2x a week, if you’re not doing this already, go start and do it because you NEED to do this if you’re serious about getting to the gym :)
Or people don’t trust their plan, the amount of mental energy people expend because they don’t trust their plan is immense. The amount of messages I get everyday from people who don’t trust their plan is way too high. People shouldn’t live that way, that’s a way of living that I wish to NOBODY. Nobody should live in doubt because they don’t know whether they’ll achieve their goals. Get yourself a plan to trust. HOW?! Get on a call with me and let’s figure it out for you! I want to give this call to you. Just send me a DM!! I’m dead serious about this. I give this call to you. for free. Dead serious. Just DM me.
Alright, let’s wrap this up. Please make sure you’re not sore all the damn time, this is a sign you’re training too much, or you’re not eating enough protein, it can be a sign of a lot of things, but most of the time your doing too much training volume.
🔥Love your training, train every muscle 2x a week. AND TRUST YOUR DAMN PLAN!!!
💪I hope this was helpful and of course, as per usual, if there’s anything I can do for you… DM me :) And take me up on the offer that I made you in this post!
❤️Much love, Dennis

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Arm day 😳 ya I didn’t wanna feel my arms today anyways 🤣 #embracetheburn

🚨 Extreme Muscle Pump 🚨 •
Incline Bicep Curls with Reciprocal Inhibition •
Science behind it 🔬:

By flexing your triceps you are reciprocally inhibiting your biceps, placing them in a position of total elongation. This activates the stretch reflex, which occurs when your body’s proprioceptors sense too much force on a muscle or tendon. 😰In an effort to avoid injury, the stretched muscle (in this case the biceps) contracts, thereby shortening. 🛑 This leads to a very powerful contraction and more micro-trauma to the muscles when utilized in conjunction with a full bicep curl. This will lead to an incredible pump, and can also be helpful when trying to break out of plateaus. 📈

Setup and Execution:

Lean back on an inclined bench, dumbbells in hand, allowing your arms to hang freely at your sides. •
Next, complete a curl, keeping your palms supinated. 🤲🏼

Slowly control the descent. 🐌 •
Begin to initiate another curl, and then flex your triceps, thereby fully lengthening your biceps. •
Begin your next full curl. •
Repeat. 💯

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Don't let the week drag you down!
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Everyone needs to bring out their inner bad ass
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Don't let the week drag you down!
Happy hump day! 🕺🏽🍍 #humpday #activace #core #fitlife #abworkout #workoutflow #sandbagworkout #gymflow #wednesdaythoughts #motivation #🔥

Guten Morgen schöne Welt. ✨😊
Ich bin gerade. Je zufällig wach geworden und überlege noch ob ich nicht weiter schlafe oder schon produktiv sein will. 🙈😅 ABER ich möchte mich heute bei euch allen bedanken!!DANKE!! ✨💞🎊 10K Follower 😱 ist für mich unglaublich! Ich möchte an der Stelle aber auch sagen, das die Zahl mir nicht so wichtig ist, wie mit euch zu interagieren! Natürlich freue ich mich über jeden der neu hinzukommt und ich hoffe, dass wir uns zu einer schönen kleinen #Community entwickeln. ☺️
Fühlt euch alle gedrückt! Ich Danke EUCH für euer Feedback und eure Meinungen. :)
Habt einen tollen Mittwoch! Die Woche ist damit auch schon fast zur Hälfte rum und der 1. Advent rückt immer näher. 😱😍✨
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Dear obstacles....
I will destroy u.

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