The plan is made. Measurements taken. Food is prepped. Before pictures snapped. Tomorrow is go time!!!!! #liift4 #liift4testgroup @joelfreemanfitness I’m so excited to hang out for the next 8 weeks! 🙊🙌🏻 💦 🏋️‍♀️ 💃🏼

Workout Calendar ✔️
Progress Tracker ✔️
Meal Plan ✔️
Accountability Group ✔️

👋🏻 Hey you! Yes... you! The one reading this!!! This is your last chance to join the new 8 Week Challenge group that starts tomorrow! —-
Join us- Men and Women- as we Lift, Hiit, and sweat our way to a stronger and healthier body. 💪🏻 —
If you are sitting on the fence about starting a fitness program- this is the one to start with!
What’s Included? ☑️ 4 30-40 minute workouts per week ☑️ Flexible meal plan- which includes a cheat day 🙆🏼‍♀️
☑️ Online group to keep you accountable and motivated ☑️ Your choice of either a Superfood shake or Pre and Post Workout Supplements ☑️ Me- your personal cheerleader and fitness coach (really that in itself is priceless-just ask my friends 🤣🤣)
☑️ 1 year of unlimited Fitness videos and meal plans —-
You in? ——
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I was too much tired to go to the gym. So I decided to go in my basement and do my workout there. It's not easy to find the motivation but I did it!
Pas facile de s'entraîner aprèa un week-end sur la route. Mais je l'ai fait! Pas au gym mais à la maison. J'ai bougé et c'est ce qui compte! Maintenant on remet le cap sur la bonne nutrition parce que hiiiiiiii que la fin se semaine a été dure.

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Starts tomorrow!! There’s still time to join!!! #kicksugar #onlineaccountability #fitover50women #youcandoit

Desliza para ver cada ejercicio y repeticiones recomendadas👀.
Bienvenida a la semana numero 5, en la cual si haz sido de l@s que inicio desde semana 1, te daras cuenta que cada semana fue ascendente, con mas retos, y con la finalidad de que tuvieras nocion de cada parte de tu cuerpo, y que cada semana aprendieras algo nuevo de ti y de lo que tu cuerpo es capaz de hacer😉👌.
Terminemos el reto de forma epica, incrementando la complejidad, y como propuesta te tengo cuadriceps, gluteos y hombros.
*OJO* Aprende a escuchar a tus músculos, si no sientes el trabajo en los músculos que te menciono, hay que trabajar en mejorar postura antes de subir tu peso.
Recuerda que si lo haces en casa puedes usar bandas de resistencia o botellas con agua o lo que sea que se te atraviese, si lo haces en gimnasio, puedes usar las pesas o aparatos que simulen los movimientos que aquí te presento.
Hay tres puntos que te recomiendo para evitar lesiones, y que no termines tan adolorido nivel “no me puedo mover😭
* Calienta antes de hacer tu rutina 10 minutos incluso cuando trabajas la parte superior de brazo, es mejor calentar🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️.
* Lo hagas en casa o gimnasio, retate pero identifica el peso adecuado para terminar las repeticiones y con la mejor ejecución posible🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️.
* Después de la rutina se recomienda estirar para evitar no solo molestias que puedas sentir al día siguiente, sino también evitar calambres🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️.
Recuerda que puedes agregarlo a tu rutina y complementar haciendo cardio como a ti te guste!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️.
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💕🙌Soooo proud of this amazing woman!! She started her journey with myself and her sister, Ashley... a year ago and hasn’t looked back since!🙌💕
Yes... there have been setbacks and struggles.. (who doesn’t face those)..BUT she always gets back up and goes again, With the help of our accountability groups and constant love and support! She is a busy dentist, wife, momma of 2, and is a TRUE inspiration! I am FOREVER grateful that she and Ashley were brought into my life!! My life has changed so much, because of them and our new friendships!💕💕💕💕💕 Please give Courtney 'Rohrig' Molettiere some love!! She deserves it ALL!🙌🙌🥂 Thanks for trusting in this and NOW paying it forward, as a coach on our team!! You are a ROCKSTAR!🙌🙌 This is NOT our opportunity.. but our responsibility!🙌🙌 Just a couple spots left in our JULY GROUP!!
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I've got an incredible line-up of ladies starting Prep week on 7/23!
They are ready to change their life!
Are you?

You know where to find me! This is your chance to see what all the hype is about in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Program!

Link in profile or DM me to sign up!
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So, I bought this tank top last summer and today I finally added some vinyl to it....what do you think?
It’s so true, because I’m definitely not the same person I was when I started this journey. The old me had given up on anything working and had lost all hope. And if you’ve been there you know what a sad feeling that is. You think it’s never gonna get better, and slowly you start to accept that this is just how it’s gonna be.
But you know what, forget that!! It doesn’t have to be that way. Right now to can decide enough is ENOUGH!! You can decide YOU ARE WORTH IT! You can decide you deserve to be HAPPY! Do you see a theme here...YOU GET TO DECIDE!!! You either choose to stay the same or you decide to change!! Message me, it’s not to late to get into my new Bootcamp👊🏻!!

Making a commitment to myself starting tomorrow. I’m ready for a change.
It hasn’t been easy these last few months. I’ve fallen back into some of the old habits I swore I gave up on. Changing my clothes 12 times before I leave the house because “nothing looks good.” Beating myself up when I have a cookie. Talking down to myself when I look in the mirror.
I need a change. I’m hungry for that change.
I’ve watched myself try and fail 1,000 times over and I’m sure some of you reading this have picked up on that too. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I firmly believe that the success I’ll see in 8 weeks will be so much sweeter knowing that I didn’t give up on myself this time.
What matters most is that I believe in myself. And I believe in you too. Whether you’re starting with me tomorrow or not. Whether you’re waiting until your next paycheck or skeptical as hell about these at home programs. Just know that I believe in you.

8 weeks from now, I know I’m going to be overflowing with confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and just sincere happiness. But even more so, I’m going to fall back in love with this process (and more importantly, myself) along the way.
And who wouldn’t want that? Let’s do this y’all.📲

Listened today about being ready for blessings. Too often God grants our prayers, only it’s not the way WE expect it, so we complain. 🤷🏼‍♀️ We fall into the habit of the Israelites and say we’re tired of eating bread + meat, we want something different. Nevermind that God delivered us as we asked, we’re tired of eating the same things. 🙈 Crazy, right? We get those blessings BUT we’re unhappy that God didn’t deliver the way we thought He should. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I think it’s time we suck it up. Sometimes life can just be hard, and things don’t go the way we expect, but you know what? It could be a blessing in disguise and it certainly doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you any LESS. So suck it up, change your MINDset, and be ready to have a thankful & grateful heart. ✨

Are you more committed to your dreams or your drama? 😊❤️👊
Tonight I really feel grateful for where I’m at in my journey. Am I where I want to be ultimately? Nope, but I can really see how far I’ve come and I know I’m on the right path. It’s a good feeling when you know that day by day you’re meeting your goals. 😊❤️💪👊 #ontherighttrack #bettereveryday ✨Are you where you want to be with your health and fitness? If not, shoot me a message and let me help you see the success I’ve seen! My next fitness accountability group starts tomorrow, 7/16! 😊❤️💪👊
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Check out my co-worker... he’s pretty handsome AND all about working on his puppy fitness 🐾
I’m not going to lie, the freedom to come home from a fun bachelorette weekend and still be able to help people sign up for my summer fitness challenge is a blessing! I don’t have to feel guilty for having some fun because I can work from my phone or my computer ON MY OWN TIME 🙌🏻 with my dog by my side
My side gig is pretty great, how’s yours??

For a gym chick it was lovely getting out in the sun to exercise today with the girls and get my fix of vitamin D 🌞

Benefits of training outside include:
✔️ More calories are burnt because your body needs to regulate its temperature being outside
✔️ Your agility abilities get better due to uneven ground
✔️ Vitamin D and good bacteria enter your bodily system due to being outside which strengthens your immune system and is great for bone and blood health
Different types of exercises have different benefits and effects on the body and same goes with WHERE you train aswell 😊

I challenge you to switch up your training location this week!
The beach, stairs, hills, at the park, your bedroom or a gym! Whatever you’re used to switch it up with something else and who knows, you might just find a new found love! ✨🌸


Proses bersauna sebagai pemangkin bagi menggerakkan anggota dalaman badan kita untuk melancarkan peredaran darah, proses mengeluarkan peluh yang menyebabkan badan kita seolah olah sedang ‘bersenam’ secara selamat dan istirehat.
Semasa proses sauna, tenaga diperlukan untuk menjalankan proses pengeluaran peluh dan peredaran darah. Setiap kali badan kita menggunakan tenaga maka ia akan membakar kalori..Semasa bersauna kalori akan membakar 700-1000KJ setiap sesi.
Penurunan berat badan bukan kerana wap panas atau pemanas infrared tetapi kerana proses pengeluaran peluh dan peredaran darah semasa bersauna. Oleh sebab itu selepas bersauna anda akan rasa jantung bergerak pantas dan berasa seperti baru lepas bersenam dan anda rasa lebih segar, tenang dan ringan.
Malahan bersauna bukan sahaja mengeluarkan peluh tetapi ia mengeluarkan toksik-toksik, garam-garam buangan yang tidak diperlukan dan lain-lain kotoran dalaman hasil daripada makanan yang jika berada lama dalam badan boleh menyebabkan pelbagai penyakit senyap seperti kanser, darah tinggi, kencing manis, heart attack dan sebagainya.


Tomorrow is Day 1 of my brand new program! 4 days I workout, 3 days I rest! It’s a combo of Lifting & HIIT and I’m super pumped!! It’s all happening from home! If your looking for a program that fits in your schedule...this is it! Who wants to join me? From your living room of course 🤣
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TOMORROW!! I start tomorrow, and I’d love to have you join me in my first exclusive test group. I have spent so many periods in my life where I was so concerned about when I would eat and exactly what I eat. It dictated my entire life. It’s not a fun way to live.
Fitness should compliment your life, ENHANCE it. Is shouldn’t BE your life. Fitness should bring freedom and opportunities to LIVE. Not limit you. Your fitness thrives in community with encouragement and positive influence. It shouldn’t isolate you from others. Your fitness should reveal your God-given potential...not leaving you feeling defeated. ☀️
So many people are overtraining and not allowing adequate rest and recovery time, so they’re not actually getting the results they want even though they’re working HARD! You’ve seen people like that at the gym (and maybe you’ve been one of them). My friend, Lauren👇🏽, was worried about going from 6-days/week workouts to 4-days/week workouts. But she trusted the process, went all in, and fell in love with the simplicity of it. 30-40 minute HIIT and lifting workouts - perfect for summer and travel season. These workouts are THE most efficient and have always been my favorite for fat loss. Hypertrophic training and a very simple meal plan with a built in treat day once a week. Sustainable for life. Girl, you have to eat and feed those muscles! And you can’t argue with these abs, right?! ☀️ I’m looking for women who want to lose weight or get shredded by Labor Day (did you see the pic?!👇🏽😵) and just surprise the heck outta themselves, unlocking potential and change while working out only 4 days a week for 30-40 mins and following a simple meal plan while also RESTING (or running/biking/or doing some other activity you love and don’t wanna give up) and LIVING LIFE.
Be a part of my VIP group, Sisterhood of Summer Shred. My coaching is always complimentary to you. ALWAYS. You’d have to purchase some supplies for yourself, so a little self-care investment is necessary. And if you don’t love your results, you can get a refund. Literally no risk. First come, first served. Drop your 🙋🏼‍♀️🙌🏼👙below. Sharing experience, passion, and motivation daily!

L A S T C A L L!
Nobody should be missing out on this program launching tomorrow!! I’ve been waiting months for it to come out and I’ve got 5 girls committing with me to work for some change!
•30-40 min workouts
•only four days a week (hello freedom!)
•An easy clean eating meal plan
•Cheat meals because we know it’s summer and we have BBQs and summer outings!
We start T O M O R R O W! For all you procrastinators who have been thinking about it I’m giving you one last chance! All you need is weights and a band (included when you sign up!) Plus you get 700 other workouts available on demand when you sign up!
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