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De hoje 😌💦 So consegui postar agora! Hoje o dia foi mais que especial, vem muita coisa boa para mim e para vcs!!! Não faço nada sem pensar em vcs. Mais de sete meses fazendo reuniões e planejando tudo com muito carinho! Hoje senti aquela sensação de que tudo que fiz e vivi foi pra estar exatamente onde estou 😳 Alguém já sentiu isso?! Às vezes parece que existe uma ligação entre tudo, a gente não faz nada atoa na vida. Tudo é um aprendizado, uma lição. Gratidao por cada pessoa que passou na minha vida, ninguém entra na nossa vida em vão. Hoje posso dizer que eu fiz as escolhas certas! Obrigada por fazerem parte da minha vida. 8️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ Mil pessoas amadas por mim 😊❤️🙌🏻 #Workout #Gym #mylifeStyle #Fitness #Love #Abs

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. It's always going to come down to doing that extra rep, eating that extra meal, waking up an hour earlier to do cardio, and refusal to let the distractions all around you get the best of you.
Its all about having goals, not just any goals though, goals that seem unrealistic,and doing what others won't, so you can live the rest of your life like others can't. Don't feel bad for the people that don't get what you're trying to accomplish either, your journey isn't meant for them, it's meant for you and only you.
Another day doing what I love to do and killing this workout, remember that you are in control of your life. Don't like where you're at? Change something. Can't change it? Change your attitude towards your situation. Those who think positive will have positive outcomes. Those who are negative, will be affected negatively. Focus on the moment, and what you're doing every day to build a solid foundation for your future, trust me.
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Latinas At The Super Market Be Like.🙄😍🍑👀😂I suddenly love grocery shopping.💁lol
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Everybody you meet has a part to play in your story. And while some may take a chapter, others a paragraph, most will be no more than scribbled notes in the margins. But, someday, you'll meet someone who will become so integral in your life, you'll put their name in the title. #love ❤️ @eddy_active

Definitely needed this reminder this week -- In order to change your life, you have to change your mindset. You have to welcome, both, the good & the bad & then learn from them equally. Life never promised itself to be easy.. but I do believe when you treat yourself good & look at life in a positive manner -- you get the best out of it (biddy). xoxo have a good night ❤
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TAG A FRIEND who L👀KS too hard.... So I guess this video made @sportscenter / @espn earlier this week.... So here is a repost in honor of #ThrowBackThursday @tbabylove2


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Trust your journey! No matter how far away you are from your health goals, every step is one step closer to achieving what you once thought was out of your reach. Check out heart.org/healthyliving for our tips! #forourhearts #quote #quotes #motivation #motivationalquotes #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspirationquotes #workhard #instafit #gymlife #gym #train #training #fitfam #instafitness #gym #trainhard #eatclean #grow #focus #dedication #strength #fitspo #workout #lifestyle #picoftheday #photooftheday

Here is the first of two #booty building exercises since I missed posting yesterday.

I do this one at the gym as well as at #home. All you need are ankle weights and a flat surface that has somewhere that you can hold onto keeping your body stable. At the gym I use a flat bench and hold to the bottom portion of the bench. Here I'm doing the exercise at home using one of my ottomans and I'm holding onto my dance pole for stability. You'll want to use any ankle weights that make the exercise difficult. I use two 5lb weights and find it extremely difficult.
The first two movement are just a contraction bringing my quads/hams parallell with my torso and my shins perpendicular to the ground. These can also be done with a dumbbell in between your feet. It's important to make sure your hip bones are stable against the surface you use so that your lower back isn't doing the work as well as at to try and lock your legs together as you continue through the move. The reason I use ankle weights is so I can do the second portion where I extend each leg out individually. Since I find these difficult I usually do 4 sets each until fatigue. Which is usually 3-4 extensions on each leg.

Remember to keep your abdomen contracted and breathe through the movement. Also a nice hold at the top of the contraction is always a nice one..... Have fun!

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my gf's birthday.
a post for her even though she's not in it 'cause she nearly killed me when i tried to remake this photo :))
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I sure hope so because today was a baaaad day. 😔 I'm sick, exhausted, and stressed so no workout today and it's Taco Bell for dinner. 😒 Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day. 🙏🏻 #todaysucked #carssuck