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Maturity is the ability to live a life of response-ability, not reaction. When I learn to manage my emotions and practice self-control, pain ceases to be a trigger for my panic reaction. #maturityisagoodthing #workonyou #nomorereactionmode #liveintheresponsemode #responsibility #relationships

Today we're taking about co-parenting. l say start by treating the other parent like you guys are co-workers at Starbucks! But that’s just the beginning...❤️ Leave your thoughts and questions below. (Shot by @rwonderment)

Everyday i feel more & more like myself 👽
Y’all, I use to live such a restricted life.
i had a list of Do’s & Dont’s a mile long, all in hopes of feeling better yet i was miserable in the process.
i lived in a vicious cycle of
falling off track >> staying off for a while >> beating myself up for it >> recommitting >> doing good for a few days >> repeat.
I was convinced that in order to be “fit” i would have to do all these impossible things.. like not be able to go grab margs w/ my friends ever again hahahah really tho
But I've realized that I don't have to beat my body up in order to feel like I put in the work & that food is my friend.
I eat twice as much as I did before, workout half the amount of time & still drink beer/grub on sweets when I feel like it.
I don't count calories, I don't weigh my food.
I'm educated on what my body needs to function at it's full capacity with the workouts I do (whatever that may be at the time)
I just feel so free 🌿🤸🏻‍♀️
I'm happy. I'm at ease. I'm confident. I'm healthy.
And I'm inviting you to start your journey to becoming all those thing & some.
Today is the LAST DAY to join my Now or Never challenge, there's a link in my bio waiting for you ✨🦋 #ttyl

#workonyou 💕

Pocket full of sunshine || #modelbehavior

Avec mes faces bizarres, mes grimaces et du Cindy à 100%, voici ce que j'ai pour toi ❤️ Allez... Ça suffit, viens m'écrire! J'ai hâte de ROCKER la fin de l'année avec toi 🙌🏼🎉 #workonyou

Guten Abend #fitfam ‼️ Gestern habe ich mir ein paar neue Trainingsklamotten im Nike Outlet Nike besorgt und war danach noch mit @lempi12 bei CleverFit 💪🏼 Macht euch noch einen schönen Dienstag Abend und kommt gut durch die Woche 🎉

#fitfam #fitfamde #fitness #fitlife #training #trainingday #workout #workoutmotivation #fightforyourdreams #muscles #biceps #workonit #workonyou #addicted #dreams #cleverfit #rostock #germany

If you don’t do what’s best for your body, your the one who comes up on the short end.
#workonyou #herbafinest #over50andfit


If you can’t love yourself...... how the hell do you expect to truly love anyone else. #workonyou #loveyourself #getclosertogod #innerpeace#alwaysworkingonme

The competition is still going at the end of the year. Don’t stop now! #EAmindset

Peppermint schnapps & marshmallows in my cocoa.
Christmas movie marathon on tv.
Blanket fort filled with every pillow & throw we have in the house.
This is how you take care of your inner child during the holidays💜
How are you practicing self care right now?

#weareunveiled #mothernature #documentyourdays #goodvibes #trusttheprocess #getoutside #darlingmovement #liveauthentic #lifelivedbeautifully #flashesofdelight #nothingisordinary #happynow #inbeautyandchaos #womenwholead #namaste #morningslikethese #selfcare #intentionalliving #strongwomen #theartofslowliving #lovewins #livefolk #chasinglight #exploremore #workonyou #pnwvibes #pnwonderland #beyoubravely #seattlephotographer

😱🙏🏼26,000 visitas en @spotify @spotifylatinos

I think I might be a bad wife! 🙎👨‍🚒I turned this guy on to my addiction!!! This is his 3 bowl🍓🍇🍌 this week!!! I wonder when it’s time to get real that you have a problem.🤣

Get a Jump Start on 2018. Black Friday Deals and Gift Certificates are available!! #blackfriday #workonyou #lift #weights #letswork

"If you had
One shot
Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture
Or just let it slip?" 🕶👖🎓
#workonyou #keepdreaming #goodvibes #thowback #casualstyle #mycityisbetterthanyours #porto #oporto
#roadtrip #fieldtrip

Ik I’m #beautiful and ik I’m gonna make it places just #rememberthat #supportthosewhosupportyou #blackisbeautiful #thegrind #workonyou #loveyourself #dontquit #haitian 💖DON’T LET A SINGLE PERSON CHANGE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT YOURSELF💖

✨UPDATE:: the demand has been CRAZY, and I only have 3 left😱 I’ll make a store trip to try to restock my supplies in the next couple days!!✨
Really excited to do this again- I have had a few of you ask me the past two years if I was selling, and was sad to say no, so this year I’m back at it🤗
Message me privately with your email & shipping address to order ❤
🎄all ornaments made on assorted small wood rounds with twine danglers; they will be slightly varied in size & shape
🎄$6 each OR...
🎄 set of 4 for $20
🎄all orders will ship on December 4th, so they should arrive in plenty of time to enjoy them on your tree. Orders must be in no later than November 28th.
➕”peace on earth”
➕”God with us”
➕”merry & bright”
➕”comfort & joy”
➕SET of all 4
no customized ornaments available this year, sorry!

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Dire que lorsque j'ai commencé beachbody j'étais persuadée que s'entrainer à la maison ne serait pas aussi efficace que d'aller au gym😅
J'avais tord sur un temps🤦🏼‍♀️ Mon programme ne nécessite aucun équipement, je sculpte mon corps avec le poids de mon corps tout simplement. Certains sont septiques au départ. Je te confirme que depuis hier j'ai de la difficulté à marcher tellement je suis raquée... oui, c'est TRÈS efficace😂 🚫Un an et demi que je n'ai pas mis les pieds dans un gym. 🏠Un an et demi que je ne fais QUE les programmes à la maison
🕢Un an et demi que je sauve un temps fou de déplacement et que je n'ai besoin que de 30 minutes par jour

Meilleure décision que j'ai prise et je ne compte pas arrêter😊
#beachbody#beacbodyondemand#health#healthylifestyle#feelinggood#postworkout#workoutmotivation#coach#mtl#workonyou 🙌🏻

The most significant changes happen on the INSIDE ✨

I'm not looking at the camera in either pic... I can still see the emptiness on the left tho 💔 I had every excuse in the world to stay the same... even tho I was miserable... sometimes even when we aren't happy it feels safer than the unknown of change 🤷🏼‍♀️ Change is scary and it's hard... I needed A TON of support and love... but I also had to push myself and take some responsibility!! Today I know I can get thru life and be okay! I can look in the mirror and love what I see 😍 I'm free 🕊 always here to help you too 👭

"Sleep doesn't help if its your soul that's tired." So far what I've learned about myself on this journey of mine: ☆I am stronger than I ever imagined.
☆I am SO capable of accomplishing the same things as those fit women I wish I was everyday!!
☆I know what's important to me, I know what my soul needs & how to fill my cup.

No matter how many times I've "started over", I've ALWAYS grown from it.

#growthisprogress #tiredofbeingweak #fitnotskinny #doingthisformyself #workonyou #gym #workout #quads&;calves #getitdone #fillyourcup #neverstop

Never miss a opportunity to better yourself 💪💪💪 I had a busy day, and I could have just skipped my workout especially this one 😂😂😂 upper fix extreme is tough 😥😥😥 Most people don't know about our accountability groups. I am part of a couple and just went to check in before I did my own workout and today had some posts that were such a inspiration to me ❤❤❤ 🔥🔥 67 year old man who has heart issues and started with the Body Beast and has lost 24lbs and 14 inches 💪💪💪 He said that he will never be in a body building championship but what he did achieve was a great checkup with his cardiologist ❤❤❤ he could totally end up hitting the championship but that is not his goal 😘 🔥🔥 a woman who started off with Beachbody needing to lose weight for herself. She felt like 💩💩 and just wanted to be happy. Well she has achieved those goals and is now seriously cut!! She has hit the goals that I am pushing for!! Who doesn't want a seriously defined body?? You know?? They both did these things by eating right, working out, and by having groups of people motivating them everyday ❤❤ The next time you doubt that you can do it to, just remember that we all started at day one and felt the same way xo.
#accountabilityiskey #workonyou #onedayatatime

Let's face it, this time of year can be a slippery slope when it comes to eating...
One of the tools I have used the past couple years to give myself a jump start back on track is this quick three day program. .
This photo of me is when I did it this past summer and I am thinking of doing it after Thanksgiving this year, I will be hosting a group the week after Thanksgiving for anyone who wants to beat the bloat and needs a little extra structure and accountability to get back on track. .
Comment below or message me if you want me to save you a spot, or you want more information.

Upper Fix done...in my skirt...because I felt like it 😂 Since I workout at home I can wear whatever the hell I want 😜

Working on myself everyday ❤️ #workonyou

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