We have those moments were we start to doubt ourselves. I’ve had those moments plenty of times but doubting yourself can hurt you from growing, progressing, and learning. The people who have won in life or gain success in life are winners who at one point have lost and learned but never gave up. When you give up that’s when you lose in life. Don’t create self doubt. I tell myself you may have sucked today but you know what you need to do to be better. Failure you learn from, doubt you’ve lost yourself.

Auroras and rainbows.
Movies and TV shows. 💕 ~Kashika Sharma

There will be something special about the way
He'll put a ring on her finger
The way his eyes will shimmer
The way his face will glimmer
And how he'll cutely blush
When after all he'll get to marry his crush ~Kashika Sharma

SQUAT GONE WRONG!!!! 😱⚠️⚠️⛔️🌍 Bar just disappeared😭! .
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