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This morning I went back to my favorite booty exercise, the elevated sumo squats using two kettlebells.
Today I added two new variations I wanted to share with you guys.. 💪🏾 The first is while still using two kettlebells you drop one kettlebell at the time. The second I was going down to a stiff deadlifts, then dropping my booty down to squats, then booty back up to the stiff deadlift position and stand up straight. Just watch 👀👀
☝🏽☝🏽 If you are going to try them? Start with light light till you feel comfortable with the movements. You should always do that. Safety first ❤❤
Happy Thursday!!
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I look super tall but I'm like 5'4 even with heels on 🌼

God morgen fintfolk👋🏻 Snart helg og snart sommer 👉🏻☀️👙🥂Har du kommet i gang med treningen? Jeg kan hjelpe deg💪🏻 Det er aldri for sent og mye kan skje på 2 mnd💁👊🏻 😁
Nå kan du skreddersy ditt medlemskap i SATS ELIXIA utifra dine ønsker og ditt behov! Keen?😏 Send meg en PM. #satselixia #satselixianorge #getstarted #workit #fitmotivation #shapeurbody #bebetter #justdoit #snartsommer🤸‍♀️👌🏻

I ate more food and got leaner... That got your attention 😏 it's true I literally spent my week in Melbourne eating predominaste anything I wanted. I made good choices for most of the day, then by the evening I had burgers, ice cream, chocolate, doughnuts, more doughnuts.. 🍔🍟🍦🍩🍩🍪and I was leaner by the time I got home. How?

Well usually we place a huge emphasis on reducing calories when you want to lose fat. And yes you do need to be in a caloric deficit, but not forever. Diet breaks play a huge roll in keeping your progress going and reducing metabolic and hormonal adaptations. So this week by reducing cardio and increasing calories it reduced stress on my body. My waist measurements went down and my weight was about the same maybe slightly lower than the week prior.
Don't be afraid of food, food is not the enemy. -

Food is your frannndd 🤗🤗🤗 Less food and more training is definitely not always the answer, your body is smarter than you think, you need to work with it not against it 🙌🏻🙌🏻 ____

Let me help you! Coaching and questions email me 📧 enquiries@ninasilic.com

You'll start seeing #results when you STOP making #Excuses 👊🏻 No todo es tan fácil si lo fuera todos lo tuvieran 💪🏻😜 #TambiénSudo #Gym #WorkIt #No Excuses


I had the pleasure of photographing one of designer @marinaortman newest leather pieces made for the @hearttruthyyc fashion show last month. I am SO IN LOVE with her work. This jacket was even more beautiful and intricate up close. Thanks to model and HMUA @jaia.talisman.stylist for showcasing it so well!
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#WorkIt #SummerBody Loading 🔜

Bun shaper one-on-one tonight. #workit 🍑

Baby girl wanted to give all the TRI Fitters out there who are making 8ng healthy, balanced choices a virtual 🖐HIGH FIVE🖐 today!! Comment below what YOU did today to earn yours!

SO MANY EXCITING THINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY! Our Masterclass "Work It" with @builtbydylan is next Saturday the 1st of April & our #BB6weekchallenge "Transform" will be starting on April 18th! WOOOHOOOOOO HAPPY FRIDAY BB BABES ❤️ #workit #friday #balletbody #bb6weekchallenge

I hate morning sess 🐝

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