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As the post says :) A number of roles open across engineering, commercial and content. Check mixcloud.com/jobs and spread the word yo. #werehiring #mixcloud #workatmixcloud #workintech

Homeoffice and last working day in 2016; can't wait for 2017 - day 48 #50days #techlife #workingintech #workintech #zwick

Bye for this time Munich! #50days #WorkInTech

Sunrise in Hammersmith this morning ☀️ #InsideShazam #WorkInTech

#PiktoTakeover (1/5) | Hey, folks! My name is Churchill and I’m a Javascript Developer for the front-end team in Piktochart. I’m from Kuching, Sarawak (located in East Malaysia) and I’ve been with Piktochart since November 2015.
After my graduation, I came across Piktochart and the things that stood out most to me were the fun culture, amazing people, and an innovative product. I’ve never made more than 2 cover letters, but I poured my heart into applying to Piktochart and I was accepted as an intern. A few months later, I got upgraded into a full-time role and I’m proud to be part of the front-end code warriors!

Happy birthday to me! 20 years something have passed since this photo.. thank god for that. #50days #workInTech

When both Mark in LA AND Bronwyn in SD get the same memo 📝 #TheyGotTheMemo #FlowerPower #SpringHasSprung #InsideShazam #WorkInTech #GetTheMemo


When both Mark in LA AND Bronwyn in SD get the same memo 📝 #TheyGotTheMemo #FlowerPower #SpringHasSprung #InsideShazam #WorkInTech #GetTheMemo

All-Piktochart Badminton Championship 🏸
Last week, our team took their passion to the court for our very first badminton tournament. Everyone came out of it with a good sporting and team spirit which makes everyone a winner! 🏆

Have you checked out our new video with @jobbio yet? Thats what these guys are doing. Link in bio 😎

We want your big ideas! Using the @microsoft #ecosystem, your ideas become real #solutions for our #clients. Check out where we can use your #ideas and expertise today by heading to the bio on our profile!

The full interview with @stemxuk is live! Check it out here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3F4CVOzHMQM&feature=youtu.be (link also in bio) @shazam #WorkInTech

The hits keep coming! 🎤 Singing our hearts out to celebrate another major milestone! 🎶

Here's me talking to the lovely people @stemxuk about all things hiring for @shazam last week. Full video to come ✨🌱✨ #InsideShazam #WorkInTech

Easter #PotLuck @insideshazam Redwood City last week ✨🐰✨

Sunrise in Hammersmith this morning ☀️ #InsideShazam #WorkInTech

#PiktoTakeover (5/5) | Being one of the culture club committee members at Piktochart, I get the opportunity to organise our company’s monthly activity. We’re also given the privilege to invite our our family to join in the fun.
Here’s one of the outings which I brought my children along and it was a cycling trip in which we cycled through the paddy fields and mangrove to watch the sunset in the southwest part of Penang island 🌅
The opportunity to be spending time outside of work with the Piktofamily and my own family is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my work life ❤️ That’s all for my #PiktoTakeover and thank you for following my story!

#PiktoTakeover (4/5) | On the weekend, I travel back to my hometown, Alor Star to visit my parents. Throughout the one hour journey by car, my kids will creatively convert the backseat of the car into their personal playground by role playing with each other or singing.
I enjoy spending time with my parents and go around with them for food hunting. This is also the time when I become a technology specialist where I help my parents to solve technical problems with their smartphones 😄
Here is a picture of my dad’s garden and my kids having lunch at the hut. My dad is a DIY man so he will find activities for my kids such as sweeping the garden, watering the plants, or some painting work.

#PiktoTakeover (3/5) | One of my memorable trips was to Korea with my husband, Andy 🇰🇷 We love the kimchi and garlic that is served with every meal, and our favourite food is bibimbap and ssambap. We’re amazed by the local’s dedication in preparing the small dishes that accompany the main meals.
I’m so grateful for Andy who is a supportive, loving, and caring husband. He is very patient with the kids and my children adores him. He is also a great listener and always bring out the best in me — we have been together for 19 years! ❤️ Thank you bunny for your unconditional love and all the things that you have done for me! (bunny is his pet name) 😉

#PiktoTakeover (2/5) | I’m blessed with two children, my daughter Ai Rees and my son Joe Ern. I enjoy spending time with them after work listening to their stories of what happened in school and that gives me the opportunity to guide them. They both love swimming, cycling, or anything at all that involves play 😄
I appreciate that here at Piktochart, we get to work from home every Friday. I usually take them for cycling after work every Friday as I get to spend more time at home. Both my children have taught me to be a more patient mother and seeing them laugh at the little things in life makes me appreciate my life more.

#PiktoTakeover (1/5) | Hi everyone, I’m Shen Dee, the HR Officer of Piktochart based in our HQ in Penang, Malaysia. I help to develop our leaders in the company so that they can be effective partners to employees in their professional development. Here at Piktochart, we hope to build an empowering environment where our employees feel safe to share information and make decisions.
Coming to my second year now, I’m HOPEFUL to be working alongside with loving and passionate teammates who cares a lot about our product and our people — that’s important to me! I enjoy being with people and listening to everyone’s own unique stories because I find inspiration in them.
If I were to choose a place to escape, the beach is my place to go! 🏖 The sound of the waves hitting the shore is very soothing and helps me to achieve a state of calmness. I can spend hours on the beach reading or just lying down enjoying the nature. This picture was taken in Phuket when my husband and I celebrated our 10th year anniversary! 😄

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