Day 2 progress. I’m the rebel...everyone else worked on a painting from one of their pictures taken of the Lewis Creek Falls today. I like to finish what I started. #art #artist #artretreat #painting #watercolor #watercolorpainting #workinprogress #leaves #lovetopaint #angelwingbegonias

A toast to you dear friends—thank you for being here and following me! Your support means the world to me!! And a toast to this crazy Seattle summer day, that happens to have occurred in April. Chin chin! And now it’s time to head to the studio and work on purple.

Going to let it rest but I realized what was missing was JOY! Of all things. I was not feeling joy when I painting with purple. I was feeling less than, intimidated, like a total phony. Well, no wonder the paint didn’t flow for me. Well that and purple is really hard to work with. So I loaded up a big brush and cranked up the music and went for it. And now it’s time for sleeps. It’s been a long day with a purple glimmer of hope at the end.

This saturday ~ Craft Market #cadaques

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