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I lost track of the day, maybe day 6. #healthyliving #workingonme #healthychallenge

I’m running a 14 Day FREE Challenge Group starting January 22nd and I would LOVE for you to be a part of it.
A challenge group is a private online health & wellness group run either via Facebook or Fitness App.
This group would consist of like minded individuals, led by me as your coach. You would have access to over 600 workouts with nutrition plans and recipes. You would also be provided with support, accountability, and motivation.
Comment “I’M INTERESTED” below or send me an email at emilysterantino.fitness@ gmail.com if any of this sounds like something you might be interested in. I can’t wait to chat!
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Some new exercises today. Funny, I sure felt I was lower to the ground on a couple of these than I actually was. I rested bit between 2 sessions on the stairmaster. This may be how I do this until I can build up some endurance. 9/15 days in gym complete!

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Well I feel old AF today. Not only have my gray roots made their generous appearance again, but I just died in a 40 minute cardio workout.

So I was going to post my post-workout selfie as usual and realized I was taking a million pictures to find one where my bags don’t look too puffy under my eyes, or where you can’t see the zit on my chin, or where I don’t look super awkward. Then I was like.... EFF IT! This.is.me. I haven’t worn makeup in three days, I DO have bags under my eyes, I DO have a zit on my chin, and I am ALWAYS awkward. So here it is, no filter, old AF, awkward AF, 31 year old Ariane after struggling through a workout. It’s not easy.... it’s hard. But I did it, and that’s making me a stronger person inside and out. I don’t really care what everybody else thinks....and neither should you. Happy hump day, people. Day 3/80:✅ #80dayobsession #justbeyourself


#workingonme #🖤 #😝

Because for me, working out used to be a punishment to my body for allllll that over food consuming I did the night before......for how I’d hide in the kitchen and stuff my face with chocolate or chips.
For the thirds I’d have at supper.
For how crappy all that made me feel.
Today, I workout for self therapy.
To love myself more.
To appreciate ME more.
To be the very best version of me I can be....for my family and my fit community.✌🏼 Day 3 in the bag and I didn’t die 💃🏼
#cardiosakilla #getobsessed #giveme80days .
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-Do you feel a nudge to do something more?
-Do you have a passion for helping others?
-Do you love health and fitness?
-Do you crave FREEDOM to be with your family?
-Do you want to generate an stream of income from making an impact?
Coaching these last 4 years has fulfilled ALL of the above for me, and I want to shout it from the rooftops!
When I started in 2013, it was a way to make and extra income while I worked for other people in corporate America. The longer I stayed a coach, the more I saw my peers quitting their jobs to be home with their children! I wanted that so badly for myself, and so I worked to make it a reality. In 2016, I said GOODBYE to my full-time corporate job (where I commuted 2 hrs a day), and came home to be with my little kids and work an at-home business.
I got tired of having to leave my kids with a babysitter, or taking them to grandpa's because I couldn't take them to school. I got tired of asking for PTO when my kids got sick, and worried about the mountains of work I'd come back to. I got tired for waiting for review times to hopefully get a raise, and have a manager dictate my time. Now, I set my own rules, can be as creative as I please, and give myself promotions depending on how hard I'm working!
I want to start this year with a new tribe of coaches ready to learn the ropes.
Is this something you're interested in?
Come join us TODAY, Wednesday, 1/17 at 6:30PM PST where two of my team mates and I will share about this amazing opportunity---how we make a living, what we do on a daily basis, the trainings we offer, the team you would be apart of and how coaching has specifically changed our lives.
Comment below or slide into my DM’s and I’ll get you a link to our video call!
*Available in the US, Canada, UK. If you have a coach already, please reach out to them! And no coaches please*

You won’t always love the workout, but you will love the results!
Week 3 of my commitment to going to the gym!

To be quite honest I prefer my at home Beachbody workouts to the gym, but I committed to trying new things and achieving new goals.
I’m working on strength training and I know if I stay at it the results will come!!! #fitgirl #week3 #goals #weightlifting #cardio #lifestyle #workingonme #keeppushing

Beach days all year around 🌊🙃 📷: @nickjacksonsphotos

After 3 weeks of being tied up with multiple things I was finally able to make it back in the gym! #feelssogood #chivefit #kcchiveson #fitnessgoals #workingonme #workout #chiveon #workhard #playharder #legday #myhumpshurt

To the women who is trying hide her cellulite because it isn’t “attractive”, you are freakin gorgeous!

To the women trying to suck in that Mom pooch, remember you grew a human, be patient with your body!

To the women hiding your stretch marks so they aren’t ridiculed, wear your victory marks with pride, they don’t take away from who you are!

To the women struggling to love your body, there will be another you and you are loved!

To the single moms trying to stay afloat, chin up your kiddo(s) are so proud of you and love you so much for your sacrifice!

To the women struggling to finish your college degree, those long hours will pay off when you see your dreams come go past!

To the women in a life sucking job, your dream job and joy is out there don’t stop looking for it!

To the women suffering with mental and emotional battles we can’t see, you are strong, just because we can’t see the issues does not make them less relevant.

To the women all over the world, we are strong, beautiful and amazing people! Don’t let the world try to take your crown from you!

One year ago TO THE DAY I signed up for this “coaching thing” where I thought - whatever I’ll just try it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ If I’m not successful, I have my degree in teaching to fall back on after my last kiddo has gone off to school.
So much has changed in a year and I’m glad I didn’t wait ANOTHER year to feel so freaking amazing. 🤸🏼‍♂️
I’ve made a ton of new friends. I’ve got a HUGE support system established (did you see that bomb retreat!?! 😳😍) We finally have financial SECURITY. (#studentloanstruggle) I’m the most consistent I’ve ever been on my health and fitness journey. I’m also the most confident and secure girl I’ve ever been because my job literally focuses on ME from the inside out.
If you’re looking for either passion/fulfillment, community, accountability, or financial freedom and could see yourself doing this very job— come join me live tonight to hear my story and how and how I got started. 💓
Be there or be square! 😉

My pre-dinner meal. I’m absolutely loving knowing exactly what to eat and when. No more guessing for me.

Ahhh!! I’m a 365ER! 🤗 Got this surprise in the mail to congratulate me on the healthiest year of my life and I’d have to agree (for SO many reasons)💕 I know I don’t post workouts and meals like I used to, but I commonly get asked if I’m still doing “my workout stuff”. And yes, yes I am 😊 Just haven’t been keeping up with posts 😜 so for a little throwback... 🍻 to #situpsandsmiles

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